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  1. The Jimny is a cracking little truck, very capable. It's my daily and offers more creature comforts and toys than the Land Rover. It's the SZ5 spec with the bells and whistles. One major drawback is that it is a little compact.. it's a jimny after all! But it's size means I can take it places I wouldn't take the landrover and it's great around town.
  2. I swear by and will now always keep a medical sterilised stapler in my med kit. I've had to use it on the dog and myself in the past now! I wouldn't go anywhere without it, it'll hold as a temporary suture or in the dogs case when he has a minor skin tear from a barbed wire fence and we were able to clean him up and patch him whilst on holiday and in the middle of nowhere. Some good quality anti septic, some basic dressings and a medi stapler are the 3 must haves imo. Humans and K9's!!
  3. After every shoot, give the barrels a good clean (I use Napier VC90 spray) and then give the barrels a generous rub down with a smear of high carbon oil (clean engine oil works well). Blued surfaces need to be oiled to lock in the colour, as the bluing process itself is a form of corrosion. I re-blued my SxS's barrels last year and that gun is used in all weather conditions, I'll oil the barrels and then store the gun barrels down in the cabinet and let it soak for a few days before wiping off any excess. You'll find once you've done this hand full of times, it won't be required every time you clean the gun and the barrels will have a very high resistance to moisture and corrosion.
  4. I don't know whether you've all seen the latest on the news.. According to the IOPC, this individual had his Section 2 licence and firearms confiscated in December due to an assault. He was then returned his licence and firearm in July by the local force... Thats very recent, very concerning and no doubt the officers involved will feel a sense of responsibility. I think that does go on to confirm though that this is a freak case of UK gun law gone wrong, the system for the most part works its current form. They obviously confiscated his firearms for the right reasons in December? just sadly decided to return them.
  5. Thanks for all the replies guys. I think it's fair to say it was probably a lack of awareness, not being able to inspect his ear canal that allowed it to get to the point where the Vets were needed. There seems to be a whole choice of ear cleaners available on the market, stretching from Natural oil remedies to anti bacterial cleaners direct from the Vet. Hopefully after a course of antibiotics and thereafter regular cleaning, this won't rear it's head again. Our vet who had a good appreciation for working dogs (and dogs that think they're part submarine), recommended a quick squirt every time they've been in the river. We've always given our dog monthly spot on treatment (frontline) since he was a pup to protect against mites and flees, I'll keep that up too.
  6. I fear that the large western democracies have brokered a "deal" with the Taliban. There was talk during the Trump administration of something to that effect, to facilitate the troop withdrawal on the condition that the Taliban dealt with extremist groups such as ISIS and continued "cooperating" in national peace talks. Sounds like they've essentially been given the power do to as they please.. 'the lesser of two evils' (arks back to the Saddam Hussain era..)? That part of the world has always been tribal in terms of the amount of little factions all trying to seize power for themselves. I think it's time the neighbouring super powers stepped in to take control and the west stayed well away. Like it or not every time that part of the world has seen stability, there's been someone unsavoury running the country. I'm not sure I'd go as far as saying that the last 20 years have been wasted, Afghanistan has had a taste of the western world, society has changed, women are entitled to an education and they've had a injection of 21st century infrastructure. I guess the question is will the Taliban take the country forwards or backwards? We'll have to wait and see..
  7. Mungler I've used and recommended plumb-world countless times, Huge range, well priced & good quality. I'd recommend b&q's free design service, but their suites are a bit meh. https://www.plumbworld.co.uk
  8. Thanks for all the golden advice. Goes to show that despite all the drying and wiping of the outer ear, the real problem spot is the ear canal in warmer weather when the dog's wet. How frequently would you use 'said' ear cleaner gents? once a week, daily, each time the dogs been subject to wet conditions/in the river?
  9. Morning all, I'm hoping to gain some advice regarding Spaniel ear hygiene. My Spaniel was diagnosed yesterday with a nasty ear infection in both ears, he's been prescribed with some antibiotic gel at source and seems better already. His outer ears looked OK, so it was very deceiving, I could tell he was uncomfortable around the ear that morning so that was my only prompt. I'm always really diligent with his hygiene, when get get back from the field I always dry his ears thoroughly and check his outer ear for dirt/wax and will clean if necessary. I usually do the same with his eyes and will flush them out with saline if there are grass seeds in his lids etc. Is this just rotten luck or is there more that I can do after a day in the field? What I will say is that he's always been a swimmer and loves the water, we regularly incorporate the local Yeo freshwater river into his training regime. With the up and coming season and some sporting lined up, I want to ensure I'm doing everything I can to keep him tip top. Pic for attention! (Badger is 16 months old now, he was 8 months old in this picture)
  10. I won't be trading either of my vehicles in for the new defender any time soon. No doubt it's a cracking modern SUV, but it's not in the same league as other body on frame work-horses.
  11. Beautiful collection, I'm sure you'll sell them all with the current submariner waiting lists... I've got a couple of friends that collect these, I'll ask around for you.
  12. If it's a true single phase motor, just reverse the polarity of the motor by switching wires A1 & A2. Not sure what those two Brown's are for..
  13. @Centrepin I stand corrected, The barrels are fluer de lys stamped, just not where I'd expected. Another string to this workhorses bow then in that it's pretty well future proofed! on each barrel underneath the CIP marking there is a fluer de lys symbol.
  14. Mine was picked up new last week, I'm assuming it was Avalon Guns 2021 stock. I did quiz Tony who ran the local shop regarding the absence of fluer de lys proof marking, he responded saying that the current B525 range and MK range aren't. I checked the proof markings last weekend after the gun was cleaned and I couldn't see it, but I'll get a photo tomorrow for the benefit of conversation perhaps I was mistaken? I'm a little confused now because this quote is taken from the browning website applicable to Miroku and Winchester shotguns also. "All hunting or sporting shotguns (over-and-under or semi-auto guns) by Browning, Winchester and Miroku fitted with the original chokes (Invector, Steel Invector Plus, Stainless steel Invector Plus, Teague, Briley, Midas, Diamond, Signature chokes) can fire "high performance" steel shot cartridges.Tested at the Liège test bench (high performance 1370 bars) in accordance with European law on the use of steel shot."
  15. I picked up a Gd5 Miroku MK38 Teauge Sporter a few days ago. It's an epic piece of kit, for the money you'll struggle to find a prettier gun that shoots as well. I was attracted to it because its a tried and tested 'store wart' of a workhorse along with the fact that it wouldn't look out of place on a sporting day. It's chambered for 2 3/4 & 3" and proofed for REGULAR steel shot. However it doesn't have the 'fleur de lis' High performance steel proof markings so if that's a game changer for you then it's not suitable. Browning sell a B525 'HUNTER' laminated game O/U which has a tough laminated stock, partnered with the reliable 525 action, that gun was my second choice.. Had I been primarily after a working gun that would have been my choice. Of all the O/U brownings and Mirokus that I looked at in that category, none of them were proofed for High performance steel. All of the M/C variants could however comfortably shoot regular steel shot. See below, my teague Sporter does in fact feature the fluer de lys proof marking. I can't speak for the fixed choke game variants though.
  16. Freelander 1's avoid the petrol K-Series engines, they were absolute chocolate. Head gaskets were regular service items.. I've currently got a facelift Discovery 2 TD5, I love it to pieces but only because I've put the graft in and got it well sorted. It's essentially a well maintained triggers broom now.... and it required a new half chassis as the rear half's on D2's are notorious for rot sadly. If you're willing to put the time in or spend more money on a tidy one, they're fantastic off roaders and towing vehicles, if you were to find one that's had a new Galvanised chassis you probably won't find a better vehicle.. Failing that go for something Japanese, Hilux, Daihatsu four track etc..
  17. I'm intrigued what they've done with the old 3 core's cpc's.... can't see them terminated anywhere. Probably just cut off flush with the sheath, and terminated at the switch back box end only. 🤷‍♂️
  18. No mate, I think you're getting a little high and mighty. Any young dog <14 months (Your Arnie included) whether they've seen game or not, been handed a feather dummy during training WILL get excited on their first shoot with live game running around everywhere regardless! Everyone has to start somewhere, that includes young dogs. If you haven't got anything constructive to say, don't bother saying anything. Everyone else of this thread is trying to be helpful.
  19. Teauge Invector Plus Chokes ^^ These would be the after market options for us having just picked up a new Miroku. Other than one being flush and the other being extended I don't see what harm it would do running an experiment on a pattern plate before you spend the money of replacements.
  20. Just for my own awareness centrepin, because I'm in the same boat as jezzer having just picked up my mk38.. Other than it looking odd, whats the reason for not being able to use a teague extended choke in tandem with an investor plus flush? what sort of issues would that cause?
  21. You seem to be on a bit of a bashing session at the moment Lloyd. Any gamekeeper/shoot captain worth his salt would want an introduction with you and the dog that you were wanting to get involved, so that goes without saying. Friends who have taken young or first time spaniels out beating have also been asked to keep them leaded until everyone, the dog included has the same degree of confidence.
  22. It could be old three core, but I can't see where the two remaining CPC's are? Two CPC's have been sheathed and are going to one block connector. So making the assumption based on not being able to see a CPC on either of the old three core, someone has used old 3+e and used the yellow as CPC. Alternatively I suppose that could be a shared neutral for the 2-way switch? In which case I would leave it be, just swap the block connectors for Wago's to avoid opening a can of worms wiring up everything exactly as it is now. New LED light, brown live to centre (switch live) and blue negative to the right hand black neutrals. Earth off the two sheathed cpc's (assuming your new LED batton has an earth, most don't these days). I would personally put all of that lot (birds nest) into a single plastic pattress box mounted to the ceiling. Bring down a single T+e feed to your new light, much neater and easier to maintain in future. https://www.screwfix.com/p/schneider-electric-4-entry-rectangular-junction-box-with-knockouts/63295
  23. I guess so.. You could fit imp. mod (teague) with flush full. It would just look a bit odd 🤣. Who cares if you're breaking everything in your path!! May be worth a go on the a pattern plate or on the clay before you decide to spend £40ish quid on a new teague choke.
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