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  1. Yes I have a rare Co2 shotgun fetish 🤪 unobtainable you say? i know the person who’s got it😁 It takes the same ammo as the Crosman Trapmaster 😎
  2. OMG *** has someone done to that?!? i think they was going for the “Ranger” look that was a shorter barrel, folding stock version i have three, two .177 & one .22 i recently restored my .22 i also have the repeater tubes for my .177’s that are rare, they didn’t make repeaters in .22 unfortunately
  3. Lee5159

    Crosman 622

    I’m looking for a Crosman 622 co2 pellet repeater
  4. Tbh he’s also unsure to what cert is required?
  5. Yes that’s the one, I’ve been told it’s not a conversion as the materials used are all wrong for that?
  6. Yes hard to find nowadays but I do know someone who’s selling one😁
  7. Can you send link please, see if it’s same one
  8. What are the legalities of ownership in the UK? Do you need an FAC or even a SGC to own one of these?
  9. Has anyone ever heard of these? all I know it’s made in Spain & the Co2 goes into the stock apparently it takes the Crosman trapmaster 380 shells?
  10. I’m looking for an ANICS A-9000s Beretta .177 co2 pistol. Hard to come by nowadays New, used, old, in bits I don’t mind I need it to go with my A-3000 skiff I was lucky to find the skiff on here a while back thanks to @Newbie to this
  11. I managed to get the co2 pistol, thanks again @Newbie to this👍🏻
  12. Thanks for the info @Zapp👍🏻
  13. I’m new to the forum, I can’t seem to start new thread in wanted section. Is it because I’m new, I have to wait or something?
  14. Thank you, much appreciated. Let’s hope it’s still available 👍🏻
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