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  1. Thanks for the confirmation guys - Good to know that most perms seem to follow this rule, I dropped him a text to confirm and turns out you're all bang on the money.
  2. Hi guys Thought I would give you a bit of an update as you took the time to give me some advice. Went to the permission yesterday and it looks perfect for me starting out with rabbits. It's a collection of 4-5 adjoining fields with shrubs and woodland around the perimeter. Each field is roughly 200-250 yards across and the land is littered with rabbits coming in from all directions. The owner told me there was a cull on nearby quarry which has pushed more rabbits his way. Being that no one has been shooting them for a little bit they're not too shy either so getting within 30 yards
  3. Okay, that sounds like sound advice! From the brief chat we had on the phone it's his land and he's not shooting on it himself, Will get more info tomorrow I'm sure. Thanks for the reply and the welcome
  4. Hi Guys I've (luckily) managed to secure a permission with a friend of a friend. He's told me he has loads of rabbits running about and I'd be helping him out if I could reduce the numbers. I'm pretty new to game shooting and with this being my first permission and wanting to make a good impression/ not look a fool - I was wondering if you guys had any advice as to, essential equipment, general prep and considerations of what to take with me and ask? So far I'm thinking to take a land permission form detailing the relevant info and what is permissible or not for me to
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys! Was there something specific I should pick up mate? - I've been working through the *MUST READ* postings at the top of the threads I'm likely to post in but if there's anything else?? Cheers for the forewarning Bruno! 😆
  6. Hey all New to the site but having had a look through some of the threads it's clear you lot have a wealth of experience!, being brand new I plan to absorb as much as I can! 😄 Look forward to catching you all in the forums! Cheers Kieran
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