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  1. Remember your training a hound ! Nose on ears off ! Dogs learn boundaries by correction . However no matter how good you think they are that , certain stimulus will trump the training so that makes it a management issue as much as a training one .
  2. Tungsten not from China is rare and already std steel shipments have set of radioactivity meters at Dock etc . They aint good at the honesty and health and safety bit let's face it
  3. Aluminium transmits heat very , very fast ! For that reason and its low melting point we consider it none forging . You can hower cold work it but you need to keep annealing it by putting oil on it and heating it with a module flame as it work hardens Machine out a billet of a reasonable grade will be the answer , oh don't bother grinding ! Just machine , then finish with a file made for ally which only has single line cut . Going to be a ****** to buff if thats what your client is expecting , even if you do it will just oxidise, so shiny means off to the anodising plant I s
  4. Unknown steels give unknown results . You might get lucky thats about it
  5. 440 is one of a few stainless cutlery steels that is relatively easy to heat treat to a degree . In a forge with proper control and soak . It benefits from crio but as you say oil will work . Austenitic cannot be hardened at all as regards a knife
  6. Very bad idea to remove the guard especially cutting curves in hc steels ! Most of the discs that fly off won't hurt you but one day one will and it can be very nasty! Deaths have occurred! The most common injury though is a deep gouge into the back of your trigger finger ! It will take many months to heal at least and I have one i did over 30 years ago when we all did crazy stuff like that in industry . Get caught doing it today and you will be sent home and for good reason Different models give different grip . Try them but for gods sake put the guard back on and wear a visor an
  7. The above plug in 13 amp male plug with appropriate 13 amp fuse with a trailing 16 amp female plug it the way to weld of std mains on a temporary basis . I would usually chose the cooker circuit or a dedicated outside circuit . I also keep half a dozen new 13 amp fuses in the truck . A modern inverter can manage 120 amp 3.2 mm electrode off this a small carry around mig . Mostly you will trip out at the fuse box on starts but you definitely need those 13vamp plug fuses .
  8. They are junk , plenty of aftermarket drop mag kits available for them now using the AI mags . Very much recommend that route I built one a good few years back when you could only get Badger Ordinance from the USA but there are British made ones now
  9. How on earth are you doing the heat treatment then ?
  10. Always surprises me how many shooters don't actually know the basics of disassembly and cleaning of thier own firearms . If you don't know today there is u tube
  11. you dont see them because the ones that visit us begger off late summer , but just be wary of early teal
  12. Can buy it cheap enough in 25 kg sacks shipped from USA. Stuff the EU ! Frankly the uk is the biggest closest buyer of eu made products . With thier deficiet the thing they fear most is us getting a better deal with the USA or better access to the east / China via Australia, top tips for our next trade envoy seems to be the ex pm of Australia so don't sweat
  13. I have a 1/2 choke for the sx3 i could let go , no key available though , most rfds will have one to fit but they are easy to make
  14. I would if I was prepared to make a new screw TIG an Allen key to it and screw it out
  15. have a mate who breeds and works them to falcons. Them dogs can really run they ain't no hpr
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