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  1. If mild steel zinc plated ! Not galv will be full of crud and likely bent with distortion. Anodising is what you do to aluminium alloys not steel as a house sight would normally become in Personally speaking I like copper for this kind of work especially well aged in the weather
  2. I make my own . Its really not hard to make them if you can weld half way decent. You buy in all the wheels from the likes of TR maker and vfd from invotek (the later are genuinely made in the uk and highly regarded world over ) . Imo making a lot of knives each month and using the grinder in other fabrication work you do not need a flip 90 type in fact consider a workpiece flying high speed at centre body mass height I suggest you think real carefully. I work so things come off downwards or directly away if I screw up . Belts smart a bit if or rather when you bust one and make damb sure you get an airfed visor because metal fringing dust and such fills the air very rapid , it will also fill lungs
  3. Small game andre knife SGR in a full cover European style shieth
  4. Most have been opened up for steel . However wad slitting changes will give you more control on pattern than choke by a long way in a ten shooting steel !
  5. Small game and roe knife wearing red white and blue pearlised resin
  6. Pressure is your enemy in 410 it's very high as it is to be pushing the velocity window which is important with steel , especially with smaller shot required to fill out those patterns . Tss by accounts of people I know and trust is awesome in the 410 but then at the sheer cost of the material you want to be firing a small charge of that stuff . Frankly speaking the chinese will send out anything and there have already been many problems with dangerously high radon active carbon steels and wrong carbon content in a multi billion power station dome on a French nuclear plant . Do I trust them to tend me safe shot as described ? Not much at all frankly ! You watch how things develop after the Hawaii thing
  7. Haven't bought factory Cf for well over a decade never had an issue at renewals bullets , primers , powder etc dont go on your ticket and so long as you have valid land for use available at renewals there should never be an issue . Never has with mine The bullet use thing comes often enough when your an occasional club shooter who keeps a lot of firearms .
  8. Farriers rasp knives in red stag
  9. One each of my most popular SGR and SLH deerstalking knives in thier kydex shieths one s out style belt carry the other neck carry
  10. Red stag , hu term style rasp knife
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