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  1. hippi


    thanks guys owe you
  2. hippi


    hi guys this may not be the right place to put this topic up on but a friend of mine does a lot of fishing and on one of his lakes he has a cormorant problem i know they are not on gerenal licence, have emailed local firearms officer and mp. my questions (help if you can please) are: how do i get cormorant added to my licence who do i contact to get it and what weapon/ammo do i need to take them thanks for your help
  3. hi guys have sent letter to mp do we have anymore info as a friend of mine has major problem with cormorants also sent email to local firearms dept about getting a specfic licence cheers how do i go about getting the specific licence to shoot cormorants
  4. hi guys have sent letter to mp do we have nymore info as a friend of mine has major problem with cormorants also sent email to local firearms dept about getting a specfic licence cheers
  5. hi again sorry to get my back up earlier as i explained i am a static shooter have been for a long while and good at it (shold be have been trained) i dont mind sitting in or behind a hide but a lot of the farms like most of them have a lot of natural hides and i like to yomp and walk about so again sorry for all the S*$t but i tend to get my back up a bit sometimes happy shooting and good luck hippi
  6. hippi


    forget this messed up
  7. hutchie the white rabbit and p@**take 500 dont quite understand why you are on this forum all you do is take the mick you may be the best hunters/shooters in the world (or in your cases your worlds) but some of us dom wish to find out the secrets for good shooting not just to take the mick. if you have no valuable info to input to this forum then dont say anything. We are all not retired have vast amounts of money to be able to go and do something we enjoy. so could you please keep your sarcatic comments to yourselves sorry about taken the mick out of your names but cant see you face to face to be able so say anything else
  8. happy birthday baby jesus
  9. get some canes but not the thin ones. my own suggestion with the field is sit on the edge but it also depends how far the middle of the field is from where you are on the edge. is it a squareish field or does it have a dog leg or jutt out anywhere. if it jutts out put your hide there with trees etc behind you only my ideas more experienced shot gun users on this site someone will come up with an answer. as one of them said on this thread experiment try things out all the best and good shooting. oh i went out last nite stood by some trees with jeans and a blue tshirt on and bagged 4 birds in an hour again all the best and good shooting
  10. hi ultimate and others i have been a static shooter for some time and am good at it laying there in wait not moving when it comes to shotguns i am useless as i aim for the moving target have had some lessons done some (well lots ) of clays take everyones advice whether they take the mick i have had it taken out of me a few times if i had that amount of guns when i was 15 i would be bloody good as for hides as they all say keep trying different ways out i have and am now hitting half the birds the advice is sit still wait then bang anyway gonna shut up now good shooting have fun and enjoy the great sport of all types of shooting
  11. hippi


    thanks guys as i said have done a lot of static shooting went out last night got 7 woodies well happy about that only problem was shooting over maize of some sort and only managed to find one bird and most of them were a ways out so im happy. thanks to the farmer i can practice as much as i want so again thanks oh they were shoot with 1/4 and 3/4 chokes cheers hippi the happy shooter
  12. hi peeps what be the best chokes for pigeons have been informed 1/2 and 3/4 have a lanber been playing got some close one and a few high problem with me as i am a static shooter (done some sniper work in the past) have had shot guns for 3 years done loads of clays getting about 30 - 35 out of 50 but cant seem to t~@t the birds any info would help cheers hippi
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