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  1. This for me. With no other size reference this absolutely ticks the boxes 👍
  2. The wireless ones are a bit pointless as they generally require a wire to supply power! We have used the cheap wired ones off EBay or Amazon, picture is acceptable but you can’t remote view without extra tech. The PoE type are more expensive but provide a better quality picture and can be viewed via an App anywhere you can get a signal on your mobile.
  3. If the “Safety cameras” purpose is to reduce accidents then by highlighting its position you are making the road safer. People will likely slow down now making that accident black spot less dangerous. By not making its presence perfectly clear in the first place, which would actively encourage you to be aware of your speed, you can see why people might reach the conclusion that these “Safety Cameras” are in fact just there to generate revenue……. Its still your fault for speeding!
  4. Doesn’t work here either mate 👎
  5. (I appreciate this is a bit limited, especially if your not childish like me, but…..) Try searching for a celebrity soundboard on a 2nd device (ipad, tablet etc) and save several of the clips. You can then at least have the satisfaction of winding up these irritating cretins up by responding to their questions with one of the downloaded clips. Used to work brilliantly with fonejacker app but I no longer have that.
  6. I assume “Strawbailer” is a derogatory term for someone?
  7. Stopping the ridiculously wasteful commercial fishing practices we have in place could help to allow fish stocks to start recovering. I am in agreement with you in that all the mega-trawlers should be stopped and only small scale boats allowed. All catch should kept for sale and consumption. Chucking fish back dead or dying because they are not part of a quota is moronic. We simply cannot carry on as we are. As for our burgeoning population imagine trying to feed 32 billion! Soylent green doesn’t seem so science fiction now....
  8. I reckon they are slightly misguided then as a lot of land that animals occupy is unsuitable for crops. What evidence is there that the population is reducing? This might be true for the west but I’m sure I read somewhere that some emerging nations are having several children thus increasing the population. Simply switching to a plant based diet is not a magic wand.
  9. I watched it. The overfishing and wasteful practices of the commercial sector are no surprise having fished from the beach for over 40 years on and off and seen the massive decline in catches first hand. Be interesting to know from those that think a plant based diet is the answer where, exactly, are we going to grow all these crops when the ever expanding human population and the houses they need to live in are taking up more and more of the land? 🤔
  10. Did the vehicle come with those steel wheels?
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