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  1. yea ..... done a bit of that, and tweaked the gun fit etc. Not had a coach though, a bit pricy, i was quoted £85 Thanks 👍 I'll see how I get on with the Two eye's to One... bang ! Roj
  2. Huh ! .... that sounds very familar ! And i do premount, as I'm fairly new to 12 bores and clays but not new to shooting. Thanks ! .... interesting... Roj
  3. Yeah, known of a couple if people drivi g with one eye. One of them an army guy that had driven army trucks and HGVs intil the EU came along !!!
  4. 😂😂😂 On the rare occasion i hit one they're so far away, trust me, dust isn't a problem. Althougjh, now I momentarily close one eye, there is more dust than there was !!!! Thanks all for your replies Roj
  5. Oh yeah ! Elf n safty rules..... *** 😂😂😂
  6. Not got a monstrosity yet ! 😂 but watch this space ..... Thanks Roj
  7. Thanks ! All comments and thoughts welcome. Ta Roj
  8. Thanks to All ! Much appreciated Roj
  9. Hi Y'all i'm looking for tips and advice or anyone else who shoots clays using "rifle style" i.e. one eye closed when shooting clays. My results with both eyes open are abysmal but one shut, fairly good. Any thought ? Thanks Roj
  10. Thanks 👍👍👍 Yeah, been to Toplands a couple of times and one on the back lanes of Longton somewhere. Ta Roj
  11. Oh right ! Thanks ! That's just down the road from our kids place. Excellent 👍
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