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  1. yea ..... done a bit of that, and tweaked the gun fit etc. Not had a coach though, a bit pricy, i was quoted £85 Thanks 👍 I'll see how I get on with the Two eye's to One... bang ! Roj
  2. Huh ! .... that sounds very familar ! And i do premount, as I'm fairly new to 12 bores and clays but not new to shooting. Thanks ! .... interesting... Roj
  3. Yeah, known of a couple if people drivi g with one eye. One of them an army guy that had driven army trucks and HGVs intil the EU came along !!!
  4. 😂😂😂 On the rare occasion i hit one they're so far away, trust me, dust isn't a problem. Althougjh, now I momentarily close one eye, there is more dust than there was !!!! Thanks all for your replies Roj
  5. Oh yeah ! Elf n safty rules..... *** 😂😂😂
  6. Not got a monstrosity yet ! 😂 but watch this space ..... Thanks Roj
  7. Thanks ! All comments and thoughts welcome. Ta Roj
  8. Thanks to All ! Much appreciated Roj
  9. Hi Y'all i'm looking for tips and advice or anyone else who shoots clays using "rifle style" i.e. one eye closed when shooting clays. My results with both eyes open are abysmal but one shut, fairly good. Any thought ? Thanks Roj
  10. Thanks 👍👍👍 Yeah, been to Toplands a couple of times and one on the back lanes of Longton somewhere. Ta Roj
  11. Oh right ! Thanks ! That's just down the road from our kids place. Excellent 👍
  12. Yeah great place, me n our kid go, but he lives up Kendal way and can't always make it, so sometimes I go just to put some smoke up the barrel. Thanks for telling me its challenging !!! Just the excuse I was looking for. Cheers Roj Camo Maxus, / white 5 series BM
  13. Wow !!! Some serious gezzers on here ! I hesitate to even write, except to say, ( in my defence.... I'm new on ere !!! And relatively new to shotguns 😁) Got a new maxus myself about 9.month ago, love it, though I've only put a few boxes through it so far, mainly at clays and the crow or two, and grey tree rats. I was looking on here for some thoughts on patterning. I've done a few at 20 30 yds with 1/2 and 3/4 choke, using cheddite 7 1/2 28s and 6s 32gram. Just to see whats going on. Im using Fibre wads. Even at 20 and 30 yds the results are slightly gappy to my mind, i.e
  14. I know the feeling, been looking for a perm'ish for years. Had a small one a few months before builders bought it for houses. Lancashires a building site, ridiculous. I go to Bpl Sporting Clays at Greenhalgh sometimes. Roj
  15. Hiya !!! That wo quick ! And just up the road. Are you a Hunter or Clays. I do a bit of both, badly.
  16. Hello and Hi, Roj here from Preston, North Lancs. Been shooting a long time but relatively new to shotguns. Hoping to find a bit of useful info, thoughts and opinions on all things hunting n clays, cartridges and the like, and tap into anyone from the local area. Cheers Roj 👍
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