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  1. hello people I am wanting to reload 357 magnum bullets however the Lee reloading kit I’m told does not have the correct ‘bullet seating’ die can any one tell me if this is true or do I have to purchase a separate die for this operation? 🍻 I would also like to add that the ‘reseating die is the main problem as I will be casting lead bullets!
  2. Thank you all for your advice, I will certainly be taking it! I have fired factory ammunition through the rifle and it performed very well.
  3. Hi there, as I have explained before I am very new to pigeonwatch and appreciate all the advice I receive however I have a new question. I have just reloaded my first batch of .303 ammunition, after following all the data books and watching countless videos I have decided to put the question out there before I actually shoot any of these rounds. I am using the Lee turret press for the complete operation. The brass I am using is new PPU, my Lee book says that the OAL of the case should be 2.222 in, my brass is coming in at 2.204. The bullet head is PPU FMJ BT 174 gr. I am using Ramsh
  4. Thank you mate for coming back to me👍 It is a Mk11 says so on the side, nice condition and am very happy to add it to my collection. The reason I wanted this particular gun is the ‘Martini action’ great fun!
  5. hi I’m very new to this site and having just brought myself a ‘Greener’ 12g under lever was wondering if anyone could help me to date my gun? The stamp number is:- G81 020. grateful for any help
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