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  1. Never worn, gift from States but unfortunately too big. Beretta Upland Waistcoat with orange blaze safety feature. Extremely comfortable and well made. Comes with shotgun cartridge holders on pockets and rear poachers pocket for game. Size UK XXL. Perfect for rough shooters or dog training/dog trials. £90 plus postage
  2. Anyone seen young squirrels out yet? I'm sure usually I am shooting some by now but not seen one at all yet
  3. Anyone know of somewhere in Devon that sells Winchester Blindside cartridges? Would like to try some. They are the cartridges with the hexagonal shaped pellets
  4. Anyone have any tucked away they want to sell? 2013 editions or earlier please
  5. Anyone have a black U Caller call card for geese? Not for shooting purposes it's for a theatrical demonstration we are putting on that requires the sound of Canada geese
  6. Anyone else had disappointing service from Bushwear? My first time buying from them and I saw in the Boxing Day sales they had sillosock decoys at half price. Ordered 12 and waited for them. On the Friday a package arrived and held 3 decoys. I emailed for clarification to the whereabouts of the remaining were and nothing. Another email over the weekend sent and nothing. I phoned them this Tuesday and was told they sent what they had and to expect the others next week. No apology for the delay or total lack of communication. Last night received an email informing me my order was now cancelled due to lack of stock and to email them if any issues. Emailed them straight back to ask why I had not been informed sooner and whether I would be refunded and again, nothing. Very very upset from a company I thought were meant to be very good.
  7. We have a few wet fields that attract Snipe. Has anyone waited and shot them coming back to the fields after being flushed?
  8. Anyone have these collecting dust that are willing to sell to me please for my son? He loves looking through the one I have and learning about the different makes and models
  9. Are the Hevi Shot range of cartridges still available in the UK does anyone know?
  10. Anyone know who imports them? The 28 gauge ones were mustard and I am after some more
  11. Anyone seen these before? Have about 5 or 6 boxes of them. All no 4 shot 20 bore
  12. 16BoreFan

    Pard 008

    Lightly used Pard 008. This model is the one before they reduced the laser strength so arguably a better version. Comes with all leads, rails and battery, inc an additional battery charger and battery. Fully working great bit of kit, just need funds for new shotgun! Price £550 + postage can be sorted
  13. For sale lightly used Photon RT 4.5x42 night vision scope with battery pack £450
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