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  1. I wonder when the topping off with grease/lube first started then? I use my own home made beeswax and veg oil mix and quite like the smell. It can get messy and I've started to use a syringe which speeds up loading and keeps the mess down. I've shot 1,000s through mine without issue. As for those starting out, I can recommend finding a club which has several people shooting them as you can get advice of what to buy, what to avoid and you can get to borrow equipment. Just remember to stand upwind if you're in a line of people shooting a rapid string of 6.
  2. You wouldn't need that much grease and if you mix fat and wax it can tolerate heat well. It wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't often used though as the risk of flash over would be less than getting shot. However, modern guns do use it. Here's the bit from my manual
  3. I've never heard grease at the front increases the risk of flash over. The instructions tend to tell you to grease the front of the cylinder and I'm sure that's what was normally done. That's what most people I know do and I've never seen a flash over in 1,000s of shots. I agree the balls need to shave a ring of lead for a good seal. I also gather that there is a risk of flash over from the percussion caps, especially as some people suggest you should squeeze them first. (You should never squeeze them, if they fall off you are either using the wrong size caps, you've not pushed them on ha
  4. Harsh crowd. Does everyone think the Government would not have tried to ban lead sooner if it was not for the voluntary ban? Does 'live quarry' not also include pest species, pigeons etc?
  5. In my Baikal hushpower .410 the Eley magnums are noticeably louder than the Eley 3" subsonics. Still fairly quiet so unless you're after something as quiet as possible worth considering a box? As for a stockist, you could call the Saddlery & Gunroom in Westerham, they may have some or you could ask if they know anywhere?
  6. Yep, millions of people still have lead mains pipe and I expect there's still a huge amount of lead solder in copper pipe. I was told this was fine unless the pipes are disturbed. As for shot in game, it's a shame the BBC didn't bother to ask for scientific evidence to show how much of the lead in the game is absorbed once eaten. I gather it's virtually nil so there would be little or no risk in humans consuming game?
  7. These threads often don't mention the difference between high performance steel and standard steel. Unless I'm mistaken, a steel proofed gun will be proofed to a higher pressure so can cope with the high performance steel. A nitro proofed gun can cope with standard steel provided you follow the manufactures recommendation, e.g. choke and shot size. After that it's up to the owner to decide what they use.
  8. I think you're a bit stuffed now,the MSA120 RRP seems to have risen by £50 over the last month, COVID or Brexit related? It used to be common to see it around £220 INC VAT now it's around £260 and the RRP is £299!!!!
  9. I've had a 352 for over 5 years and it's cut a large amount without problem. Takes a couple of tanks to loosen up. Mines not an auto-choke but it's the easiest saw I've ever tried to start. The only downsides are parts can be a bit harder to get hold of and I'm not overly keen on the large teeth on the VXL chain as it can be a bit grabby on a small saw.
  10. I wouldn't disagree but I still think you need to know what your licensing dept want. Don't some want an mentor, DSC1 etc? Thinking about this, if deer are a problem wouldn't you really need to apply for something to cover all deer, so .243? I don't know Essex that well but I would have thought you'd have Roe, Fallow and even Red as well?
  11. Does this not depend on your local licensing dept? I have my own 10 acre wood and that was cleared for anything. I did mention the use of high seats but not exact positions.
  12. Which model is that? If it's the MSA120 that's a very good price. It's usually around £220ish inc VAT for the saw, battery and charger. I've had mine now for a couple of years and it's been great. Not as powerful as the 170 but very useful for small jobs. Mines done a large amount of work and still goes well.
  13. The knife and sword definitions in the surrender bill are a bit confusing. Anyone else know that pea-shooters are now illegal to own? I.e. 'a hollow tube out of which hard pellets or darts are shot by the use of breath'
  14. I know a fair bit about it. I would have thought someone would know if their firearm was a lever release or MARS action. Note, it's not a lever action such as a Marlin but a small lever that releases the bolt that locks back when the rifle is fired. The surrender scheme documents can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/offensive-weapons-act-surrender-and-compensation-scheme
  15. What about the EU's REACH ban which may well be enacted in UK law? One of the bits I read says it'll ban the use or even carrying of lead shot within 100m of standing water which can include puddles. Wouldn't this mean no one can really use lead shot, even clay grounds or target (PSG) shooters? https://basc.org.uk/eu-lead-shot-ban-has-implications-for-uk/
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