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  1. I was going to say, the broods that I have seen raised around the place have all been cocks. We seem to have an even split between hens and cocks but by the looks of it too many males.
  2. Thanks for the replies. That's what I was expecting from our own experience. On our few acres we've had a few hens rear broods this year. Our main resident cock has been around the place for a couple of years and is constantly fighting others off.
  3. A bit more detail. https://www.policeprofessional.com/news/proposals-to-strengthen-firearms-law-and-crackdown-on-air-weapons-unveiled/ This bit is also interesting "The public consultation will also seek views on how to increase security measures around powerful firearms, described as high-muzzle energy rifles, and how to strengthen controls on ammunition parts to prevent the unlawful manufacture of full rounds." Looks like more tightening up of reloading components.
  4. Check before you buy but a quick look shows it should be proofed for high performance steel so proofed to a higher pressure. (Which is good).
  5. Can't argue with that. I use mainly fibre wads but have shot a hundred or so plaswads and never had a problem or any plastic bits. Still you are warned to be careful. What cartridges do you use and what shot size? I am puzzled that some subsonic .410 cartridges only come in size 5 shot.
  6. I've never had a problem and it's not unusual to see a pair in the woods that are a few meters away from our house. On a different note, I saw what I think was a young tawny in another woodland and it was being mobbed and chased off by a pair of jays and then a pair of magpies. This was mid morning.
  7. Good idea, I should really make one as well as we've got plenty of tawnies about and often see the fledged young. I wouldn't risk treating the box, but I'd use something like larch which will last a fairly long time. Plenty of plans about, this warning from the Barn Owl trust is worth noting: "It’s worth remembering that Tawny Owls are highly territorial and will protect the nest site fiercely so full face and head protection is recommended even outside the breeding season." https://www.barnowltrust.org.uk/barn-owl-nestbox/tawny-owl-nestbox/ BTO plans also look helpful. https:/
  8. A fraction over 34", it's about 50 1/2" from pad to the end of the can. I'm not disagreeing but I'm curious to know why? I don't have a problem with the handling of my fully shrouded gun. I would expect it to loose some velocity of the shot with the holes drilled in the barrel. Do they recommend you only use fibre wads in your end mod or can you happily use plastic?
  9. It might be worth chatting to the people at the Saddlery and Gunroom if you can't get an answer. I have a single barrel Baikal .410 hushpower and with the Eley 3" subsonic I don't hear a bang just a a bit of a thud and a mechanical noise of the shot. So, very quiet. A couple of points, it's also a long gun and only just fits into my cabinet. I am also concerned what I will be able to use in it after the lead ban as there's no non-toxic shot about and I don't know if there will be anything suitable produced for the moderated .410s as they recommend you don't use plastic wads.
  10. Date information is at the bottom of this page: http://www.shotguns.se/html/spain.html I would assume 2010?
  11. Top one looks like a Parasol mushroom, probably a Shaggy Parasol, and the bottom pics look like various wax caps.
  12. Useful link for dating Spanish guns: http://www.shotguns.se/html/spain.html
  13. Thanks for that. The 'Zero’ shot sounds interesting - "Made from an alloy of bismuth, aluminium, zinc and tin, it will be suitable for use in any vintage gun with any choke constriction."
  14. It would be interesting to hear their reason. If a similar warning doesn't appear on their lead loads then I assume they're worried the steel loads stress the case too much to reload it? Anyone fancy emailing them?
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