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  1. As suggested, what is the twist rate of the barrel? A quick google suggests a 1 in 8 would be better than a 1 in 10 for 100gr bullets. Worth looking into?
  2. 0.212" max is says online, which is 5.3848mm. Just measured my CCI 300s and they come in at 5.35mm Edit to add, I'm not sure what you mean by "Not the outer rim but the bit that pushes into the cartridge" as the whole primer will push flush to the brass case.
  3. What cases are you loading? I know the Magtech cases take a large pistol primer.
  4. It's been the Consumer Rights Act since 2015. You would also need to claim against the seller not the manufacturer and being 2nd hand also complicates it.
  5. You often get a different set of data in a reloading manual compared to the powder data. Different bullet makes, different barrel lengths, different cases & primers. Worth looking at both IMO.
  6. As I understand it this is old technology where the petrol engine charges the battery along with energy recovery from breaking etc. So, once the battery is exhausted the petrol engine will run, even if you never exceed 40.
  7. Of course not, but what about the sunflower seeds, niger seeds, peanuts etc etc, are you claiming they are all completely waste products, not even fit for biofuel? There are also other problems with feeding, many people don't clean bird feeders regularly which spreads disease. I gather this is one possible reason for the demise of greenfinches?
  8. I hardly ever feed the birds around here but concentrate on allowing natural food sources to flourish, for example allowing thistles and dandelions to go to seed. (I don't have any near neighbours to annoy). At this time of year there's hundreds of finches about the place. When I read the article I thought it was about time someone questioned the amount of feeding of wilds birds and the imbalances it makes. I also wonder what damage is done to the environment with all the land taken up growing bird seed.
  9. Have you chronoed other carts? The Eley 2.5"s are listed as 1300 fps at the muzzle. They do seem to be as quiet as the 3" subsonic load in my modded .410, the normal 3" carts are noticeably louder (and are listed as 1375 fps)
  10. I think that's the related American plant. This is more likely to be Viburnum opulus i.e. guelder rose,
  11. I don't know if you're agreeing with me or having a go. 🤣 To clarify my point. I know what @Sprucey wrote but I'm querying did he actually mean 'refused' in a legal, insurance, meaning? I.e. will DL still insure the vehicle if cartridges are not carried? I will also add, did the call centre person mean what they said? More than once I've been told the wrong thing so I would ask to speak to a manager or underwriter to clarify exactly what is covered. There may also be confusion over words such as 'transported' as they may think you're delivering cartridges as opposed to personal use.
  12. I know, but there's a difference between what someone says off the cuff and a legal definition. Most, if not all, insurance companies will exclude things (such as racing) but that doesn't mean they refuse cover.
  13. It doesn't like he has been refused cover, they will just not cover the carriage of shotgun cartridges which, if correct, would apply to all Direct Line customers and possibly many other companies.
  14. I've been trying to sort something similar out with the NFU for years. There does seem to be a reason to limit the carriage of certain items but I don't think the insurance people understand what they are doing. To answer the OP, I don't know what policy you have but looking at the policy booklet online does not show any exclusions for cartridges or explosives so I would go back to them and ask them to point out where the exclusion is documented. NFU used to exclude more than 2,000 bullets/cartridges unless you asked to carry more. Now they've changed the wording yet again it it does not make sense. Their current policy now states "WE will not pay for any claim if YOUR CAR or TRAILER is being used for the transportation of high explosives such as nitro-glycerine, dynamite or other similar explosive. This does not apply to the carriage of live shotgun cartridges for FIELD SPORT ACTIVITIES". As far as I understand cartridges, bullets and reloading powders can be described as explosive but not high explosive so I can carry them. Which makes the reference to 'live shotgun cartridges' pointless.
  15. Is there much difference these days? Aren't most primers, powder, wads, shot and cases made abroad even if the cartridge is assembled in the UK?
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