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  1. 223 rounds are cheaper and there's far less recoil than a 308.
  2. Do you honestly think whatever BASC did/does would/will change much? I've no idea if their voluntary move has hastened the HSE consultation or delayed it but it would have happened sooner or later.
  3. No, but I couldnt blame just one organisation. I thought this review was going to happen a few years ago, so not caused by the 'voluntary' lead ban.
  4. I'm not the one moaning, I am surprised by the attitudes as said. And TC, I thought my comment about not supporting the ban would answer your question before you asked it?
  5. What in your experience do people shoot wildfowl with in England? I only know a couple and they use steel. If lead shot was banned for live quarry then there would only be clay lead loads would everyone use these rather than more suitable steel loads? Then the game dealers, would they just ignore lead, would shoots risk it? I don't support the lead ban but I'm disappointed by attitude of some here which seems worse than the antis and orgs they are moaning about.
  6. Yes there is, the same thing that stops responsible shooters from shooting game out of season and following all the other firearms laws. I know people moan here about the shooting organisations, wild justice etc but saying shooters can't be trusted is just as bad.
  7. Is there anything on your cert about selling firearms? You obviously can sell a firearm and I was under the impression you could sell factory loads but not homeloads. I didn't see anything specific in the guidance when I looked.
  8. Have you tried Kranks? I know a few people who use a 7.62x54r but it will be a while before I see them again. No idea what primers PPU would use either.
  9. Aquilegia, aka columbine. Possibly Aquilegia chrysantha by the looks of it.
  10. I've found 22rf often passes through quarry, and that's just subsonic hollow point. One of the reasons why I'm going to try the lead free stuff as it's meant to break up better. Shame it'll be far noisier and less accurate.
  11. This was the first one that cropped up with a google, obviously check it's a 100 box. As said, I've no idea if they are any good. https://www.reloading.co.uk/lehigh-defense-match-solid-308-cal-150grn-bullet-100-pack.html I think that's an important point. I wonder how much more a copper bullet costs to manufacture compared to a lead core one. I think a fair bit of the price of copper bullets at the moment is down to the fact they are a low volume item, if lead is banned perhaps the copper price will drop as sales volume increases?
  12. Yep, 100 packs and currently in stock, well at time of posting. No idea if they are any good.
  13. Yep, for copper. Just had another look for 150gr 308s, 70p each vs about 50p for jacketed lead. I agree having to find something that works could be a pain and prices do vary. I'm not defending the ban in any way, I'm just not giving up yet. What would be useful is hearing people's experience of lead free bullets.
  14. I'm not sure lead free bullets will stop long range target shooting. If everyone is using lead free then you'll be competing fairly so I'm not sure any lack of accuracy (if any) matters. As for cost, a quick look suggests 20p a round more, as powder and primers have risen by a similar amount going lead isn't the only factor in costs. Shorter range gallery rifle shooting could well suffer as competitors can shoot 1,000s of rounds a year of .22 or cast lead .38/357/44 etc where costs could well matter and I'm not sure there are any suitable alternatives yet. (Just had a look for lead free .357s and they seem to be about 10 times the price in the US!)
  15. Have you had a problem with the site alluded to? I've not ordered from them but like many others they c!early show what's in stock and even the number of boxes they have. Never had a problem with similar shops as long as I order what's showing as in stock.
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