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  1. IIRC it's only there to stop you cross threading the threads, it shouldn't ever touch the barrel. I'd email them and ask if you're unsure, when I got mine they told me "leave a 4 thou clearance which is just enough to get a piece of paper through"
  2. Still think you can destroy them yourself and notify. https://www.shootinguk.co.uk/answers/legal-answers/destroy-a-shotgun-93202
  3. What makes you think that? You can't use them for stoats but you can for rats is my understanding. https://www.gwct.org.uk/advisory/faqs/aihts/
  4. I'll happily shoot and eat a pheasant but I'm not keen on seeing them splatted across the roads (even less keep on having one split a bumber several years ago) or worse seeing a half dead one limping about. I've also picked up a kestrel that was hit by a car (I'll wear gloves next time...) and took it to a rescue center where it was inspected by a vet and then dispatched. Don't think there's anything wrong in at least trying to help is there? Someone moaning about shooting game whilst eating a battery farmed bit of chicken on the other hand are complete idiots.
  5. I would agree with that. I buy a few old tools at my local auctions and people do seem to spend money on the wooden cabinets. I think if everything was sold as one lot it would go for less than if the cabinet was sold as one item and the variuos tools were split up into several lots. I've picked up a few micrometers over the years and even old and heavily used ones seem to be accurate. On a good day I'd say there's more than £150 worth of stuff there. If you register with something like www.easyliveauction.com you can see historical prices of previous lots, might give you an idea of value if you have any rarer items.
  6. I know where your coming from and I agree there's a lot of people who aren't technically insured driving around as they don't meet the conditions on their policy. I was mainly pointing this out to the original poster, as it's a game keeper vehicle I think it would be wise to ensure any shooting activities are covered. In your case it's up to you, it'll be a very small risk, but if you have an acident that's your fault and you have cartridges in the car then you do run the risk of not being covered for any claims against you. You could argue what's the point of insurance at all.
  7. Wasn't there a thread a while back that said Direct Line did't cover the carriage of cartridges etc?
  8. Is the barrel recess the extractor claw sits in completely clean and free from waxy build up? After that you may have to clean the chamber if you've not already done so or look to see if there's a better cleaner/solvent?
  9. Is the extractor claw clean? Also worth checking the claw hasn't worn too much.
  10. I shoot patched round ball from a muzzleloader and that surprised me how accurate it can be. I'd be using the Lee 7/8oz slugs for comps which tend to shoot from 25m down, they should be accurate from 50m+ I gather.
  11. Range is mostly going to be 25m to 10m, but would be interested to see how they would do out to 50m.
  12. Rather than start a new thread I thought I'd resurrect and old one. I've picked up a Lee 7/8 mould and tried a few home loads. Accuracey seems reasonable so curious to know if anyone loads these Lee 7/8oz slugs with easily obtainable UK components. I've been using Viht N320, as I have it available and based the data on the Guiliandi data here: http://www.gualandi.it/en/tables.html I know some will say that powder is too fast but there is slug data there. Still working out a decent load and wad and filler combination.
  13. There's some on the Gualandi site, if you click yes on this link and go to page 8. http://www.gualandi.it/en/tables.html
  14. The only one listed in my casting book is the Lyman 44g mold number 225438 which I assume you are aware of? Doesn't even seem to be in stock in the US though. Perhaps someone has one knocking around they don't need?
  15. This may be of interest for a little background knowledge, a simple blog from Henry Krank ( https://www.henrykrank.com/blog/handloading-black-powder-cartridges.html )
  16. Would it not? I've often wondered about the legality of making your own black powder if you have a black powder licence. Owning a few acres of alder, one of the best gun powder charcoal woods, helps. On the other hand, as someone who casts a fair few round balls and bullets, I though using lead from a battery was not recommended? Did you have any problems @NoBodyImportant
  17. I'd second getting your dog looked at by a vet, and one that's experienced in joint pain. Our elderly Lab has been prescribed Onsior once daily. It seems to work but isn't cheap.
  18. It's a matter of need. When the laws tightened up PSG people argued the need a high capacity shotgun and so did some pest controllers. But there must havve been little or no demand for game shooting.
  19. One thing I would add about keeping the safe in the loft is take great care carrying the gun up and down. I would put it in a very well padded case as I've known someone drop theirs from the loft.
  20. I don't think they are legal for game shooting. PSG, clays and pest controll only as far as I know.
  21. No. New you can buy either a modded barrel or a modded barrel and spare plain barrel for and extra £200. Out of stock at the moment.
  22. I can't see why it can't be done insitu. You do want to make sure you're not drilling close to the edge of a block. Depending on the resin instructions, something like a 10mm hole and a 8mm thredded bar. I'd used a large heavy duty washer inside the safe and then a nut. Other fixings may also be suitable.
  23. You could always email/phone your FEO before the visit. At the end of the day it's up to them to approve. I've known a simple cable to be accepted but not heard anyone use glue. Not sure rawl bolts would be the best option in this case either. To fix into light weight blocks I would drill a hole in the back of the safe and then use threaded metal rod fixed in place in the blocks with a chemical resin and bolted inside the safe. But I'm sure your FEO will have seen loads of different fixings and be happy to advise.
  24. I didn't send either one their way. But using your analogy, if your were in the middle of sorting our a difficult lambing would you just drop everything and happily spend an hour with the bobby going through everything whilst the lamb died? Would you happily cancel a days shooting because they turned up out the blue? And then when you read the cert it's wrong and you post it back and get the replacent in the post! It is not always convienet to drop everything. Again using your annalogy, would you welcome someone in plain clothes you had no idea who they were just as long as they said "I'm your bobby"?
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