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  1. Let me have a look later, I may still have one
  2. I use a sealey 160 mig and it’s spot on, between that and the inverter I can do everything from tacking sills to putting up grain stores.
  3. Camo s1 wanted, what’s out there
  4. Where are you based, can’t see it on your ad or profile, ive a s1 slot I am looking to fill.
  5. You can still move/sell them but not have gatherings or bird sales (fur and feather markets)
  6. I’ve got a bag full, if interested I will have a look and see what’s what
  7. Where in bucks ? I am beds and can help out if that’s not too far for you.
  8. Free range Rob


    How much you after for them if the op isn’t interested ?
  9. Yes, I used to run a few strings a few year back when we had problems with the numbers, I had about 100 traps out and regularly getting 70/75, rarely less than 30 and anything in between. however, some weeks I would hardly get 3 or4, and when I started it took a week to ten days before I caught one, but cleared the ground up, almost too well as don’t see many on there now.
  10. Regulator for the taipan veteran, brand new still in original packaging, never been opened or fitted, even still complete with the original envelope form Huma 😆Suitable for .177, .22 or the .25Part noTAI02£70 posted
  11. Lincs have always had a bad reputation on licencing, approach an org if your a member or get a legal involved as you will need it.
  12. It’s a concrete base I assume ? get that level, the rest is just timber framework, cladding and doors, roof trusses (I done a cut roof on mine with overhang along the front), board the roof out then roof sheets,. tape measure, chopsaw, screwdriver and nail gun, it honestly isn’t as difficult as everyone has you believe. 👍 If it makes it any easier, break it down into square panels, mine are 12ft x 7ft panels. cost wise, you won’t save a fortune over buying them, but what you will do is build a much better spec out of better materials, mine is all 4x2 and the usual bought ones are 3x2, twice as many roof rafters @6” as opposed to the normal 4”, doors and vents where they worked for me, and as mine is going to be for poultry I done built in nest boxes, feeders, water tanks etc, so a full custome build that would have cost me an arm and leg off the shelf.
  13. Just crack on and build a stable, materials shortage whilst true won’t stop it. ive just built a 24 foot x 12ft mobile stable block and all materials were available within 5 miles from the field. took me 4 days building mostly on my own with a little help. longest bit was making the skids and sending them off for galv. by the time you **** around making a temporary stable, and the cost of bits to do it, your halfway to the proper job.
  14. Or splash the cash and buy one for about 30k on ebay and still have equity to sell on next summer when your all sorted.
  15. Bloody typical, was looking for one of these and couldn’t find one so bought an 85 just over a week ago.
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