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  1. Wheat or chicken feed
  2. Hi Crossy, I am interested in this, but would like to know some more on it please. whats the hours, condition, how many owners. does everything work as it should. have you any more pictures showing all round and inside the cab please. also, how fast a sale you looking for as this lockdown thing is looking like it will create havoc for us. pm if you prefer. cheers, Rob.
  3. Miles wear things out, sitting around seizes things up and causes niggles, take your choice. i got an 06 van that hadn’t That had done 50k and had been sorn for 7 years without been started, I was warned of a multitude of horrors, after putting a battery and fuel in it, she started, straight through the mot, and never missed a beat since, now on 120k.
  4. Agreed,I love working with dogs As much as the shooting
  5. I bought one brand new, put about 70 carts through it and don’t get on with it, sits in the cabinet now, will try it again when I have some more time, it may be up for sale after that
  6. Not me personally but the next door farmer has one and he rates it quite well, he says it’s not the same quality as ranger/dmax but it does everything he needs and asks of it, had it about 4 yrs now and it’s never broke down or gone wrong, he doesn’t do great mileage In it, just around the farm and a few local villages, but he also doesn’t look after motors and they get some off road stick.
  7. Oh sound, I enjoy my sea fishing, don’t get out as much as I would like due to work and weather, think the boats only been wet twice this year. i pretty much enjoy most field sports as well.
  8. Hi, I’m a bit towards Bedford from you, what are you into ?
  9. Thanks. i have looked at AA and A1 sites. i already have a decent smallish pair of bins.
  10. Hi. are you willing to drive a bit ? I’m in Bedford and have some ground I could share if that’s of interest.
  11. Flea beetle is a right royal pain in the **** and can wreck a crop very rapid. a lot of my farming friends have either given up on it or cut right back, on a brighter note, when we get a hard winter with less natural food about, anyone with osr on thier perms will be bagging up.
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