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  1. Blast, too late again. if you happen to find another Similar one that is surplus to requirements...........
  2. I put mine in about 5 year back now, as said above it’s fairly straight forward with a few regs to be met. i used a twin wall flue liner, Met all he fire regs regarding space around the stove, and carbon monoxide detectors. Also supposed to check air flow but as my house has more gaps than a wicker basket I knew it would have plenty. If it’s a rental I would guess the install needs signing off as with most things.
  3. I really wasn’t thinking about any more projects, but for some sadistic reason I miss my Landy and even more strange I miss working on them. so. can you send me a comprehensive list of everything that’s left to do, what the chassis like, dumb irons, out riggers, what condition is the bulkhead in. starts and runs ok, did it go through all the gears ok, 4wd all work, ? Im expecting some finishing obviously, but want to grasp what sort of level is needed. cheers Rob
  4. All good kit, your dad had good taste as they may be a bit older now but they were deffo the tools to have, still got all those in my shed 👍
  5. I would have had it bar the travelling, just not got time or reason to be coming that way. i have the 410 and it’s a superb little gun
  6. Yeah I have a few sets the same, supposed to be worth a bit now.
  7. Go on then, I will try it now I’ve lost some timber 😆
  8. Free range Rob


    Exactly what I told them when they pushed for one at mine, said I already have ten thanks, called fingers and I switch stuff off when I don’t need it
  9. Wheat or chicken feed
  10. Hi Crossy, I am interested in this, but would like to know some more on it please. whats the hours, condition, how many owners. does everything work as it should. have you any more pictures showing all round and inside the cab please. also, how fast a sale you looking for as this lockdown thing is looking like it will create havoc for us. pm if you prefer. cheers, Rob.
  11. Miles wear things out, sitting around seizes things up and causes niggles, take your choice. i got an 06 van that hadn’t That had done 50k and had been sorn for 7 years without been started, I was warned of a multitude of horrors, after putting a battery and fuel in it, she started, straight through the mot, and never missed a beat since, now on 120k.
  12. Agreed,I love working with dogs As much as the shooting
  13. I bought one brand new, put about 70 carts through it and don’t get on with it, sits in the cabinet now, will try it again when I have some more time, it may be up for sale after that
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