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  1. I’ve got an absolutely superb one that’s been very well sorted, just back from a full service with Liam at air fective. it does depend on your budget though as it won’t be a cheap rifle. It’s in .22
  2. I just looked and cannot see that for sale in the uk, looks like it’s more than humans it was banned for.
  3. I use the 40’s for fox off the combine If your passing BedfOrd on way to Essex (pretty sure you will be) and interested in £180 I would take them.
  4. If he isn’t that experienced or confident as he says I would not be advising nutting them, boiler room may not be bang flop every time but it’s more guaranteed to drop them and build the confidence, that’s what you need to be nutting them.
  5. I will take the t3x knob if that’s posted price.
  6. Excellent choice of dog if you are willing to put the work in with them, you will not find a more loyal breed that would die for you if needed, but they do need lots of time and stimulation, NEVER leave them to their own devices as they will hatch plans to amuse themselves the devil would be proud of.
  7. Have you used bravecto ? I’ve heard this can be a cause for fits. Best of luck and hope all ends well.
  8. I think I should have a few hundred 243 left over that I’m unlikely to use again.
  9. Just to add to the confusion, it also depends on the tenancy agreement between two parties. I have thrown guns off rented land for the landowners, against the farmers wishes, it was clear in the tenancy they had no right to pest control of any kind, however the owner was liable for it . I also rent land and sone of my tenancies expresses I am liable to keep all pest control in hand myself and any liability lies with me. Certainly not the case, a lot is done between land agents and owner-tennant never talk or meet, and every farmer I know wants vermin control done, even if they only saw one pigeon. thankfully, most tennant-owner relationships are pretty amicable, and it would take quite an issue to make this scenario arise.
  10. ****, if I had sold mine I would have had this
  11. Or perhaps it was built to encourage wildlife, newts, grass snakes etc ? Or just built by someone who wanted a rockery with no thought for best positioning
  12. Your from wales and worried about rain 🤣🤣🤣
  13. I have the early one and love it. By god it’s had some shells through it with minimal maintenance and never missed a beat. whats changed on them as I’m toying with another semi. I saw those today and was very tempted at the price, then I saw the warranty 👍👍👍
  14. Can’t help with the kit, but what a great hobby, fair play to her. ive just had a bee man start keeping at my place now.
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