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  1. Hi mate.

    After reading your post on the 97k , how did you get on after fitting the kit. thinking about doing the same to my mates.???



    1. chubbus

      Valuemax VMX.

      Hi Stonepark. Thanks for that clip and info , now i can see whats what in that trigger. Chubbs.
    2. chubbus

      Valuemax VMX.

      Hi folks. Has anyone tried to adjust the trigger pull on these . my mate has just got one for his son and there is a hell of a lot of pull on it . he has done the adjust screw right up and it has made no difference at all, tried to find a trigger drawing to but no luck. any help will be appreceated Chubbs.
    3. Hi . I am in the process of making a big loading & swaging press, and i need to know the overall dieameter size across the threads of a 1 1/4" x 12 tpi Die ( caliber does not matter) , so if anyone has a suitable die and a micrometer or vernier calipers can you please help me out ? . Thanks Chubbs.
    4. Hi Davyo 180 FULL COMP Adrian Flux 500 Forman. been with them quite a few years, Chubbs.
    5. Hi Jolly. £30 A kit . Pay pal is o k by me . Chubbs.
    6. I do still have just a few left if anone is interessted . When there gone there gone. Chubbs.
    7. I still have a few of these Lense kits for sale chaps , when there gone there gone, £30 deliverd. Thanks to those that have orderd, Chubbs.
    8. Hi Tony. No prob mate,only thing is i did forget to mention the P & P charges ,i guess that it will be about 4 or 5 quid so i will meet you halfway on that mate.If you put £32 into Paypal we have a deal. if you stil want it my email add is ==== dont forget to include your name & address. Any further info come back to me . Thanks. Chubbs.
    9. Anybody interessted in a brand new Ruger BX25 Mag unopend from new £30 . P M me Thanks. Chubbs.
    10. Hi LX.

      £30 per set deliverd mate. (cheque to==

      My add


      Roxburgh Bungalow.

      Abercarn Mountain Rd.,





      NP11 5AP


      1. Send me details for lenses, cheers

        1. I am now in a position to start sending out these Lenses & Spacers to anyone that wants them, as i said before £30 per set deliverd. Please P M me for details those that havnt yet. Thanks Chubbs.
        2. Already sorted mate ..

          Many thanks

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