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  1. I’ve had the exact same response this morning, “we have only just started processing applications received in February 2020....blah blah blah” so five months after your generic reply, they’re still pumping out the same one. No wonder GMP is in special measures, they’re not fit for purpose.
  2. I would never buy anything Chinese, that relied on its structural integrity to keep me safe, they can’t even make omelettes that stay intact, they disintegrate and get called Fu Yung. I’d rather walk.
  3. I phoned my doctors this morning, to enquire how much longer it’s gonna take to sign my forms. They’ve had it since 16/09, so a 15 minute job, that pays £ 35, takes at least three weeks. GP’s aren’t busy right now, practices aren’t taking appointments, unless serious. I got through to an answer phone message, informing me that as a member of the practice staff had tested positive for Covid, all staff are now isolating, pending test results, with some showing symptoms. I have the utmost sympathy for all affected and wish them a speedy recovery, but this just sums up my luck, wit
  4. That’s a super generous offer. A pal of mine keeps inviting me over there, he has a Beretta sp he’s offered to let me try. But your offer would make the trip over with him even more worthwhile. Is it ok to pm you if and when I can arrange a day out with my mate and see if we can meet up for a try ?
  5. That looks like just the place and only an hour away, cheers Scully, top fella.
  6. I am in the process of applying for my first SGC, currently being held up by my massively over worked GP (despite the surgery being shut, for all but the most serious of emergencies, who are then told to go to A&E anyway). But assuming he finds fifteen minutes to tick and sign my boxes, and enjoys his £ 35 fee, I’ll be good to submit my application and wait at the mercy of GMP. In many months from now, I’ll be in the market for a gun. I’m leaning towards a B525, I’ve handled one with a trap forend which suited my huge hands, it felt as “right” as it could to a total novice. However,
  7. It’s a racket. There are loads of sites around at the moment, they all offer free P&P over £ 33, in whichever currency they target. Everything is about a 1/3 of the RRP. Theyre based in Vietnam and there are literally scores of sites, Maystorec.com Is one and they all have the same format and wording. AVOID at all costs pal !
  8. I paid with a credit card, that will refund my money too, I think. Dodgy times.
  9. Has anyone used this site ? They have loads of sporting goods, at too good to be true prices. I tried a cheap test purchase and sure enough, I’m still waiting. Buyers beware, it would appear Maystorec.com is a scam.
  10. Dangerous those explosive dogs 😉
  11. Please tell me that wasn’t GMP Oldham ? Ive just applied, so only 11 months to go then 🙄🙄
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