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  1. To see anything with any clarity and detail, there’s no cheap fix. I was a stargazer for a couple of months and bought a Celestron Starsense explorer, that connected to my phone, to allow sky mapping. This worked like satnav, where arrows would point to Saturn, (for example) on my phone, which was physically attached to the scope. Move the scope in the direction of the arrows and bingo, there was Saturn. I paid £ 400 for that scope and never saw anything but the moon’s craters. Astronomy isn’t easy, it’s hard enough landing on a clay 50 yards away, hitting a planet millions of miles away is a nightmare and unless you’re prepared to spend time and money on it, it’ll leave you disappointed. Id look at the second hand market, more scope for your money. A refractor is the best for beginners.
  2. I’d try Browning USA, if they were unhelpful go to https://www.bbb.org American companies have a meltdown when you get bbb involved. It’s like checkatrade over there, but seems to have some serious poke. I’ve filed a complaint before now after not even getting a response from American Airlines, I got a reply, apology and resolution within the week. Gotta be worth a try.
  3. There’s a Labour day sale on Shotkams, if anyone’s interested. Down from £ 579 to £ 429, a £ 150 saving, plus free p&p.
  4. Perch is delicious, very boney, but well worth the effort.
  5. There’s a lot of it about…..
  6. How does the murder of a three year old child, get blown out of proportion ? This looks like a horrific incident, where several,innocent people have been callously murdered, our thought should be with them. The impact on our hobby is quite insignificant at this time. Nice that you dedicated five words to the victims though.
  7. My cousin lives in Switzerland and told me about the need to maintain shooting practice. He took me to see the local range, which for some bizarre reason, has a busy road running through it. Bullets literally wiz overhead lol. Very similar to this……
  8. “According to the sun” was the end for me, I tend to lose interest around then. But it wouldn’t surprise me, it’s what they do.
  9. Bee keepers suit I think. Like I said, lesson learnt. It’ll be boiler suit over chainmail in future 😂😂
  10. I had a trip to Worsley on Friday morning, for my first attempt at a solo shoot. As I pulled up in the car park, a fella warned me about the horse flies and that I was gonna regret the shorts and t-shirt. I went and signed in, got my clay card and was again warned, “the flies are like piranhas lately, you need some deterrent”. I bought some Avon Skin Soft off them, more to be polite than anything and give myself a modest douse with it, I didn’t fancy going home to the wife, smelling of Avon cosmetics, so didn’t go mad. I came away unscathed. Fast forward to Saturday. I went again, with a pal and his daughter. I passed on the local knowledge, and I again gave myself a cursory spraying. 11 I’ve got, great big angry, ridiculously itchy, rock hard lumps, all on covered parts of my body. They got me through my clothing, big daft slow flying horse flies. I’ve never had so many insect bites in one day, not even on a red flag day in the Everglades. Absolutely horrific. So anyone heading to Worsley, slather yourself up, the guys on the car park and the folks in the shop aren’t exaggerating. Lesson learnt.
  11. Thanks for all the replies chaps, some food for thought there. I’m gonna leave the fore bead for now and see how I get on. Cheers.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I’m not looking to get into “the bead” debate, I don’t know enough about it. So I’ll remove em in the way that’s been advised and crack on with my coaches methodology, it seems to be working thus far. I can always put em back on at a later date, once Ive got my own system locked down. The fella I see is a CPSA coaching instructor and an ICSI member, so knows a bit more than me at this stage. Once again, cheers !
  13. I meant to do just that while I was there, but they were mad busy and due to close. Probably the best option though, cheers 👍 I’m a novice and the guy giving me instruction tells me they’re evil, so I’m keen to remove and like you said, put them somewhere safe…..cheers 👍
  14. Do any of you experienced guys know how to remove beads ? Ive bought a 725 sporter 3, that has a fore and mid bead that I’d like to take off. Normally I’d have a go, but I bought this gun new, only last week and don’t wanna set about it with the Stihl saw and gas axe just yet. I’d imagine they just unscrew, the white bead and black housings. Id appreciate any help from the more knowledgeable chaps on here.
  15. I messaged them telling them my tale of woe, the guy replied to me saying he knew most heads of licensing and would ask for some info. He then got back to me saying he’d been in touch, they’d checked on my application and I was due to get my visit appointment within the next fortnight. I think having an official body, with a history of criticising forces and taking them to task, might have made them a little more helpful. The trouble is, when you contact them, your email or call goes to a caseworker, they just trot out the party line. Your enquiry never gets as far as the people who can actually answer your questions. I asked the guy at BASC if it was worth complaining to speed things up, he said they’d suspend my application, while they looked into my complaint. If I were you, I’d try to find out your forces head of licensing, then either write to him direct, or ask to speak to him. The caseworkers are there as a buffer it seems.
  16. I had my home visit last Wednesday and my cert dropped yesterday morning. So effectively 5 and a bit days from the visit. All in all 32 weeks to the day, the whole process took, 224 days. Not a great service, but all things considered, I got there in the end. GMP are one of the five worst performing forces in the country, so some of you guys have every right to be frustrated if even GMP are out performing your force. Credit to BASC though, they really helped me out. Good luck to you guys still waiting, I feel your pain.
  17. Oh they specifically highlighted the part that said “don’t send them to us” 😂 Fair point, they’ve clearly not thought this through.
  18. Exactly my first thought, with my luck, I’d find myself in an ID parade with an elderly Aldi cashier scrutinising me.
  19. Greater Manchester. Yeah it’s a shotgun cert. No you’re on the right tree, they just say the samples will help generate a forensic profile.
  20. So at long last, my cert has finally landed, after eight months of thumb twiddling. Amongst the forms and paperwork were two ziplock bags and a letter, asking me to put a spent cartridge from each barrel in the two bags. Then keep them safe, so they can be used, in the event of any gun I have getting stolen, in a forensic examination. I don’t see why this would be a bad thing, I’m just surprised I’ve never heard of it before. Is it common ? New ? Do all forces ask cert holders to do this ? I’m probably going to go along with it, can you lot see any reason why it’s a bad thing ?
  21. The FEO guy told me that they’re “prioritising renewals, for obvious reasons, but are keen to get all grants processed before they start accepting new ones, on the 21st”. He also said I should get my cert within a fortnight, but if after 3 weeks it’s not landed, to give him a ring. Seems like GMP are keen to up their game.
  22. It’s not just a hobby for some though, is it and it’s easy to say that, when you’ve got your cert in hand. I got in touch with BACS, they chased it up for me Friday 21st, FAO phoned me last Thursday, got my home visit next Wednesday, the 2nd. My mate, a fellow applicant at the same time, has got his an hour after mine. Yours will come pal 👍
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