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  1. Hello all hope everyone’s fit an well with all that’s going on with this COVID-19. Anyway what I want to know is . Is there any place open either Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire as I’m on the border of both for me to go clay pigeon shooting only got my license a few weeks ago fetched a new gun and this happened. So not used it and not even fired it yet . So need to get out with it ? thanks Karl
  2. How you getting on with it I fetched a browning 725 going door knocking this weekend as need to start using it . Have you found any permissions yet not far from you ?
  3. Paul after the net poles and the bag Seen on face book that your Chucking a caller in with it as well for free and it’s a bit cheaper lol hope you don’t think I’m being cheeky but just starting out and need everything so after bargains how do I pay for this stuff and it is free postage?
  4. Pleased to hear it hope I get mine sorted then it’s time to try and get some permission. Will do a bit of clay shooting to get used to it first
  5. Are you enjoying it so far? Had my visit Wednesday so just waiting to see if I’m allowed one .
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