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  1. Hi Nobodylmportant I use a fair brand 28gauge shotgun. I bought it about fifteen years ago it branded Lincoln in the U.K. l know it’s a fair brand as l purchased chokes for it from Italy under the fair make. I have used it a lot and it’s never had a fault.l don’t know about combination guns but I like the 28gauge it’s also on a scaled down action. I cut the stock down and my friend lengthened it again. I use 28gauge as my main gun. I show a picture of the first waterfowl I shot with it on the start of our season .
  2. The last couple of years pigeons are feeding on wheat a lot more than barley. This year I shot a lot on oats. The wheat doesn’t go flat the pigeons land in the tramlines . I find this a lot easier to shoot than laid crops and find the dead pigeons as they are in the tramlines and the short wheat makes it better to find them. Pigeons will fly in and land in the tramlines, a few times other shooters have seen this and said that’s easy shooting, my friend said it’s not he just makes it look easy. This is the time to shoot pigeons and shoot them hard. When the first crops are cut l leave the pigeons to feed on the stubble and keep shooting the growing crops. Large numbers are shot in the area over growing crops. I do shoot pigeons over stubble fields and flighting. The last couple of weeks I have been shooting over grubbed up fields and flighting pigeons going to new drilled rape. The last crop of barley has not long been cut and I will start shooting the stubbles now. It’s not just pigeons on the stubble fields I have been shooting rabbits and Canada geese. Another crop i shoot pigeons on is clover, new or cut clover is a good crop for pigeons. I also use air guns and rim fire to shoot pigeons. If shot with air guns l can give them to friends. The rim fire I use segmented rounds and they can’t be used to much damage.This is why I think more pigeons will be shot if there is no market for them . When I’ve shot the pigeons my friend, he’s turned Eighty, cuts off the feet and wings and I use the wings for decoys l push skewer through two wings and set them out. I’ve been doing this since the early sixties my brother would tie them to the decoys we had or make a cardboard tube to tie them to. Then we just used the wings tied together with wool using a darning needle, now I use skewers to pin them together put them on the wheat each side of the tramlines. My friend collected rubber bands that the post man dropped one day and used them to fix the wings to the crop .I use wings for decoys on any crop l shoot over.I think I shoot more pigeons over growing crops is because I shoot over them for longer each year.the farms I shoot don’t have game shooting or gamekeeper.l grew up wild-fowling and not wasting what I shot I still look after the pigeons I shoot . If they are no longer needed I would still shoot them. I shoot over rape and move the large flocks with rockets it’s a waste of time trying to shoot large flocks of pigeons. .I don’t think pigeons or game will go into the food market for much longer. I would give away pigeons to local people who came over when I finished shooting. A man would bring a bowl and a knife and breast them in the field. No one asks for a couple of pigeons now.
  3. Hi it looks like it’s from the moderator . A lot of hard bits are in the moderator . As London Best said it will be dropping down the barrel. If you take the moderator of and give it a knock you will know if it’s the same grit. Take it off when you store your gun.
  4. Hi marsh man . the time l shoot most pigeons is when the cereal crops are still growing and the pigeons are nesting. A lot of pigeons are shot in the area by other shooters and farmers over growing crops. The number of pigeons increases each year the local bto ringers know how many are shot and they know the numbers are still increasing. They think it’s about the lack of squirrels and predators the eggs and chicks are surviving when one of the pairs are shot and the nest is left unattended. I know if I stopped shooting over growing cereal crops a lot more pigeons and there offspring would be flying around . If I didn’t collect and take care of the pigeons I shot l could spend more time shooting more of them. I think more pigeons will be shot and more will be ditched because no one wants them. I wouldn’t carry pigeons to a dealer and be paid ten pence for each one. I don’t know any other shooters who would.When the first crops are cut l leave the pigeons on them. We have a lot more ivy now and hundreds of pigeons feed on it in winter. I don’t shoot them as it keeps them away from the rape fields. I think shooting pigeons on stubble fields is more about numbers shot, they call it a ton or two ton.
  5. Temperature does effect pigeons and all wildlife. The pigeons yesterday were sitting in the shade of oak trees and none of the pigeons l shot had acorn in there crops. When the nights get longer than the days pigeons will feed early and longer. This year pigeons where on oats,standing and laid. They are still on the oat stubble more than the wheat on the surrounding fields. Oats are normally safe from pigeons. The pigeons flying over the pea field won’t be able to see the amount of peas jdog show’s on his photo. They know where they are feeding and they will keep going. A friend checked a cut bean field for two weeks and not a pigeon on it. He gave up and a couple of days later the pigeons were on it.
  6. Hi marsh man I’ve used a few game dealers for pigeon over the years. I used one from Chesterfield for a long time until till they stopped trading, they collected on Thursdays when they were delivering to Blackpool . I have used a game dealer from the Wirral, he would give two or three cartridges for each pigeon . He would pay me as I didn’t use 12gauge cartridges. For about ten years I’ve been using steel shot and the pigeons go to animal feed (collected). Any young pigeons or pigeon shot with air guns go to friends. A few years ago it was rabbits that were wanted for dog food. Whole frozen rabbits are fed skin still on the dog will chew it like eating a jubly ,can’t remember how to spell it, I don’t shoot pigeons to sell ,I just sell or give away what I shoot, If there was no demand for the pigeons or rabbits l shoot I would still shoot them, if I stopped it would be unfair to my farmer friends. It’s a lot easier to (dump)pigeons than to keep them cool and keep the flies away and then cool and freeze them.I’m in my seventies my friends are in their eighties after a lifetime of shooting if a farmer calls and asks me to shoot pigeons I couldn’t say sorry but no one wants dead pigeons. I also shot rats and corvids, no one wants them. I think people forget it’s about pest control. I don’t think we will ever be given cartridges by the government. I have been given cartridges from farmers. The numbers of pigeons are increasing every year. It’s the urban pigeon taking over they are sitting on lampposts and roofs all over the country.
  7. Pigeons soon find food. For many years they have been feeding on the local salt marshes alongside teal and Canada geese in the winter. But different flocks still fed on rape. The pigeons roosted close to the salt marsh and flew in to feed very early and the noise and the flight of the geese never stopped them feeding. Pigeons from further away would fly in about 30 minutes later. The pigeons feed on small seeds that the teal feed on. On a spring tide l have seen pigeons walking away from the water still feeding as they moved.
  8. Hi I’ve seen pigeons avoiding pea fields many times, a farmer once said to me would you eat them dried up things. The pigeons are feeding on grubbed stubble as soon as it is worked.They followed the tractor almost as fast as the gulls. Pigeons have been in large flocks for a month, sitting in trees most of the day and feeding later in the afternoon. I was shooting pigeons today, they flew around low and fast and didn’t go far unusual for this time of the year.They flew like racing pigeons flying around the loft. The best time for me to decoy is late afternoon, the pigeons have been feeding till very late. It’s like they all get hungry at the same time. I’ve not had any pigeons with acorns in the crop, mainly small seed and grain. A few today with (new) rape leaves. Hard grain and peas must need a lot of grit for the pigeons to digest it .
  9. Hi if it’s of interest to anyone I wrote to Bioammo a couple of weeks ago regarding 20gauge steel bio cartridges. They informed me that they will have them at the end of this year , and will be making other gauge cartridges.. Rio cartridges have steel cartridges with bio wads, they advertise them as better patterns, less recoil, and up to 15% faster speed due to the elasticity of the wad. Also the wads are high quality fertiliser to help nourish your hunting ground. The only thing missing is (recommended by Mr C P ) . I also use Eley bio cartridges but in 20gauge in 4shot, they do the job and reload in my semi auto.
  10. Hi weather can move woodpigeon but it uses a lot of its energy to keep flying for a couple of hours in winter.I’ve seen large numbers sitting it out without feeding for a two days in freezing weather. A lot of the large flocks seen flying high in winter are forced to move on. When large numbers arrive at a field of rape they have to feed and it will be very difficult to move them. They have used a lot of energy to get to feed. The only way to move large flocks is to let them feed the next morning ,and when they go back to rest we use rockets and shotguns to keep them on the wing. They will fly like starlings ,fly high then go into the distance and gone. Anyone seeing them wouldn’t know were they came from or going to. This happens a lot up and down the country. The urban woodpigeon are feeding more on rape more now. It must be because of the large numbers as the last food they turn to is rape. The woodpigeon shot by highlander shows how the urban woodpigeon survive better. When a flocks arrived with a (white) woodpigeon it was easy to follow them. It would be good to be able to track woodpigeon with the devices used on other birds then we would know for sure.
  11. Hi sitsinhedges I’ve used this for 15years it does the job and is very quiet. As you can see it goes into my berlingo van. Charge it up when I get home and ready to use again. It’s great for shooting rabbits at night and will carry them back to the van. The maximum user weight is 40stone ,l bought it from a large gentleman from Blackpool , I weigh about 10stone and it doesn’t struggle. It’s very good for a hide just reverse into the undergrowth and away you go in comfort. I have more photos of it, l will ask the kids to put them on. Another photo
  12. Hi l think a lot of shooters don’t report ringed woodpigeon they have shot. The letter F on the ring is the size of the ring. The address on the ring (if it was large enough) was British Museum London. Just them three words on the letter would get the ring information back from anywhere in the world , it’s now got a website as well. I have shot other woodpigeon and crow that were ringed, the four in the photo were from the same field. The reports on wildfowl let you know how far birds can fly. The people who ring the birds are grateful for the ring recovery, that’s how they gather information on bird movements. When the urban woodpigeon flocked up people would ask were did they come from. When they have been here all the time.
  13. Two more reports of ringed woodpigeon from the same field. The one from last year says shot to protect food stuff.
  14. Hi marsh man in the 90s a survey of woodpigeon was done around Merseyside. It recorded urban and farm woodpigeon . They monitored woodpigeon on Hale estate , large woods, and Sefton park and Prince’s park in Liverpool. The urban woodpigeon survived better than the farm woodpigeon. The ringers were surprised at the numbers of urban woodpigeon shot locally. I have shot a number of woodpigeon ringed in Liverpool over the years. I have shot four in the same field. I enclose a photo of two l shot the same day. I will look for any more reports I have. I could have shot more ringed woodpigeonand not known . A man used to collect woodpigeon from the field when I was still shooting he could have taken woodpigeon that had been ringed.
  15. Thanks for the reply . I’m sure on the recovery report’s for wildfowl it stated, freshly shot dead. I think a lot of woodpigeon are still ringed around the country.
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