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  1. Hi l wanted steel chokes for my 28gauge . Non in U.K. found a store in the USA but they were not allowed to export them . I found a manufacturer in Italy ordered on Sunday evening and they were delivered Tuesday morning. That’s good service.
  2. Gas seal


    Hi l had a aya guns one was a 10gauge matador. One was a 12gauge it was the same as the 10gauge, same fore end and pistol grip, it was single trigger and two and three quarter chamber. Would it be called a matador. I had a similar 12gauge that had a three inch chamber but it was a double trigger. I didn’t know that there were so many models. My friend had a over and under aya.
  3. Hi the English.410 will be a well built balanced shot gun. The Winchester Cooey and Belgian hammer guns we shared are what we used. It shouldn’t matter what style of gun you prefer . My good friend uses side by side 16gauge . English gun maker are now making steel proof guns. The.410 shotguns made now can be side by side, over and under, single shot,pump action, semi auto maybe muzzle loader ,triple barrel revolver ect. Plenty of choice. The question was about lead shot killing the.410. Lead shot gun pellets are prohibited on foreshore and sssi’s . The General license should be drafted now and
  4. .410 cartridges have come a long way since the Eley paper four longs. Cartridge manufacturers make good.410 cartridges now. The guns are (proper) guns now. There are over and under with screw in chokes even steel chokes. The guns aren’t expensive and the cartridges don’t cost a lot more than 12gauge if you aren’t shooting thousands of them. They can be a fun gun to shoot at clays or what ever you shoot at. Yes l think the.410 has been overlooked .
  5. Hi yes the tss shot will change the small gauge shot gun. The cost of the shot is high but less can be used ,but the.410 wads cost £160 a thousand. You could try the new type bismuth. In New Zealand l think the.410 is ok to use lead. If it’s the shot or the wads cartridges will be more expensive. I don’t think it’s the end of the.410 . I loaded 10 grams of steel for the.410 but it’s the cost of the wads. Maybe the shooting organisations should try the New Zealand way of thinking.
  6. Hi it looks like the shot column is a bit high. You could try trimming the fibre wad if it’s ok you could see if any smaller wads are available.lt can only be a small amount. I think this is why USA data used over powder card under the crimp. I use a card under the crimp in 10gauge when l use buffer. 10gauge crimp is easier to adjust. I would keep at it you will get there.
  7. Hi you’re right about the cases it may be the pressure’s in the.410 . Pre-crimp makes a difference. The us data used Fiocchi and Cheddite cases and a lot use over shot cards. Sometimes you can feel when the cartridges are right before the handle reaches its full cycle. I didn’t crimp.410 just rto. I think if you persevere you will get there. It’s a great cartridge.
  8. Hi the Cheddite cases I have are a bit shorter than the Fiocchi cases. Cheddite loaded with fibre or mini bior wads Swell the plastic. When I reload them l couldn’t chamber them in a Mossburg.410 I’m sure the chamber is tighter. I was given once fired 65mm Eley trap cases and l put a rto on them they were ok in the Mossburg. I find with the Mossburg its the crimp that could be slightly bulged. You could try a new loaded Fiocchi Cartridge to set up your final crimp. With small adjustment you should have a good crimp. I’ve chambered cartridges in a Yildiz but they didn’t chamber in the Mossberg
  9. Hi maybe the re-prime punch isn’t (pushing) the case out of the re-sizing ring on the upstroke . It could be set for 65mm cases with shorter brass and doesn’t clear the longer brass. . It’s better to do small adjustments at a time. I bought the re-size and re-prime parts for .410 for a MEC junior and rto. I find Fiocchi cases better. Once fired Cheddite cases with fibre wads seems to swell and l couldn’t get the plastic to re-size. I find if you sit back and give it a good coat of looking at you will see the problems. Good luck.
  10. Hi Scully l reload steel cartridges because l couldn’t buy 28gauge Steel cartridges. I only shoot steel . If l could buy steel in 28gauge l would. 20gauge bio cartridges are available 28gauge should be next. Cartridges will change sooner or later. We may have to use non lead when we see the new general licence in a few weeks. I’ve never seen so many issues in such a short time.
  11. Rbrownings2 Hi bio wads is international. The USA have bio cartridge manufacturers. In Europe a cartridge manufacturer has built a large new factory to make bio cartridges. The.410 cartridges are the hardest to produce for all of the companies but they still make them. The 16gauge and 28gauge are more popular in Europe and USA. If a business man builds a new factory to make bio cartridges he isn’t going to limit it to 12gauge he will make all gauges .Single use plastic is a worldwide problem not just in the U.K. it won’t be long before plastic wads and cases are prohibited. About 15 years ago
  12. Bio wads are on the way and will be in all gauges. We have on order 20gauge Steel with bio wads. Most cartridge components come from Italy and they must be trying out new wads. When gamebore/Kent made ITM cartridges they passed the cold weather test in the USA . Gamebore are ahead with their wildfowling cartridges. The manufacturers in Europe produced all the components for their bio cartridges in lead and steel. Different gauges won’t be a problem for them. A lot of small gauge shot guns are used on the Continent and in USA. We have used steel and heavy types of shot in .410 to 10gauge so I’m
  13. Re .410 I’m sure in New Zealand it’s exempt and allowed to use lead. 28gauge bio wads will come sometime. I have used many thousands of steel cartridges in 28gauge for more than 10 years. If lead is banned people will still shoot and manufacturers will still make cartridges. I’m not up to using 12gauge and 10gauge now so l went with small gauge. A change of pellets in the cartridges won’t stop me shooting. It shouldn’t stop anyone shooting.
  14. Hi the bill or proposed bill referred to,the banning of lead shot gun pellets, for environmental reasons. Steel shot isn’t in question. If shooters insist steel pellets are no alternative they will also be banned. There is a new type of bismuth,sphero, that can be used in all guns. I can’t believe any anti shooter would take up your invite to watch any wildlife killed or injured. The type of ammunition used would be up to the individual.
  15. Hi yes it wouldn’t do them harm but when the cats left them l wouldn’t give them to the ferrets. Maybe a few months of eating rape their crop went sour. The town or City pigeons are healthy. We find more town pigeons feeding on winter rape. It could be down to bird tables made pigeon or squirrel proof. These birds are different to the large flocks ,they don’t feed solely on rape and a lot heavier. I don’t know how the big flocks survive the winter. A lot of them must die in the roost at night.
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