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  1. Hi mchughcb you should use your loading data , please don’t just change the shot in your commercial cartridges ,with steel wads then use packers and Mylar wraps to suit your loads .The wraps are good for adjusting the amount of space in the wad . 28grams of TSS shot will fill two thirds of a 28gauge TPS wad and about half of a 20gauge Steel wad. . Hi island gun TSS is a game changer. The 28gauge keeps a tight pattern for a long way. The difference between 15 grams of steel and 18 grams of TSS or power shot is unbelievable. ITM shot will pattern better in 8gauge and 10gauge. TSS and power sh
  2. Hi loading data is available on Clay and Game website . It’s on the tungsten shot page. I use Mylar 125 or 190 microns and cut them so they over lap about 5 mm. When using more than one l keep the (joints) opposite each other. I use Mylar 125 microns when loading steel shot.
  3. Hi in 28gauge with TSS I use 70mm case and TPS wads. The wads fit the cases , for a good crimp, but take more packing under the shot. I also use Gualandi h37 with three Mylar wraps and Gualandi h30 wad over the power as a spacer this was the load I patterned. I buy Mylar in A 4 sheet and cut to size. 18 grams of TSS will kill Canada geese . I’m sure 28 grams in any gauge will kill a fox . In 20 gauge you could use b and p steel wads with Mylar wraps or TPS wads . Mylar wraps will help to fill the wad, less packers ( under the shot not over it). These small pellets have a lot of energy and th
  4. Hi l do shoot near towns and around large forest. I would say most of the pigeons flying high are from this country. More pigeons are nesting in towns and cities and numbers are increasing, the farmland pigeons are decreasing in numbers. The beaters on the estates near Southport and St Helens have noticed reduce numbers of pigeons in roosting woods. In winter a lot of pigeons are moving around the country. We move on large numbers of pigeons in winter, they mostly go south east, when the flock starts to get higher they don’t come back. Ducks and geese will move around the country, when wigeon
  5. Hi oldun the where have the pigeons gone, has been disgusted for years. The question l am asked is where have they come from. When l shoot in July and August l would say the pigeons are manly from the town and city . The smaller darker pigeons on winter rape could be migrating pigeons. The (healthy) pigeons that feed in small flocks and feed through out the day on rape will be urban pigeons. The farmland pigeons will move from farm to farm and travel many miles in the winter. I would say that the flocks of pigeons flying high in winter could be farmland pigeons moving or chased around the coun
  6. Hi I’m not sure if this is the right topic, but the 2021 general license conditions are available on Defra website. The conditions may be of interest to many shooters. Sorry if it’s the wrong topic.
  7. Hi centrepin I have just seen your reply. I showed this photo on another topic It was taken for my friends family when they came from Scotland to visit and came out for a shot. As we shoot birds my friend will take off the wings and away we go. I’ve done it this way from the early 60s the same with rook wings. 50 to 100 wings on a rape field and we have had a large flock land on top of them. They are as light as a ( feather) easy to setup, we put them in the centre of the tramlines sit in the wheeling let them land in the wheeling and fire. No looking for birds. When we first used them we woul
  8. Hi one more, I have good photos of 60ish rook wings on a grass field it’s great, rooks just land with them. My friend is looking for the photos.
  9. Hi I agree about flight lines. I’ve seen pigeons using motorways as flight lines for years, any field of rape near a motorway will have problems with pigeons. We always have large numbers of pigeons, more this year than any one can remember. The pigeons were in large flocks in the summer due to ( falconers) chasing pigeons from field to field. Falcons are the new greyhound now. Most of the pigeons I shoot are town and city pigeons , I have shot a number of ringed birds over the years all from Sefton Park or Princess Park Liverpool ,I shot two in one day .I always report the birds and follow th
  10. Hi the shooting of large numbers of pigeons, and other birds, right or wrong has been around for years. It can become an obsession to shoot more than the last best day. I used a magnet once when they (came out ) years ago, I used one a couple of years ago to stop pigeons landing in the tree at the bottom of a field. It’s interesting to see the decoys and magnets used and carrying dead birds back to the field for decoys .I’ve used the same type of decoys since we learned how in the winter of 62/63 . Depending on the crop 20 to 50 will have pigeons or other birds landing next to them all day. Wh
  11. Hi houseplant when reading about your hunting in New Zealand I thought of my dad telling me how good the country is. Dad served in the New Zealand navy during the war, he talked of good shooting and the best countryside in the world. He always said we should all go there. He served on a ( corvette) the Kiwi , in 1943 it rammed and sank a Japanese submarine of the Solomon Island’s ,the code books found on the submarine lead to the shooting down of admiral Yamamoto plane. When they got back to Auckland the crew was treated with a parade and a meal at the ( Town Hall) we came across the menu and
  12. Hi muncher l use Gemini chokes. I use the 50mm extended and 20mm extended in 28gauge, and 20mm extended in 20gauge. All are steel proof. I haven’t had any problems with coming loose. The 28gauge chokes have had many thousands of steel cartridges through them, and tungsten types of shot, with no problems. The 50mm chokes are about 100mm long and throw tight patterns. The company makes chokes for a lot of different makes of shotguns. I ordered my chokes on a Sunday evening and they were delivered on the following Tuesday morning. It’s hard to find steel proof chokes for small gauge shotguns in t
  13. Hi l patterned 28gauge tss load today, no rain or wind. The load was with A1 powder and 18 grams of tss 18 no 7 shot the range was 53 meters / 58 yards. The choke was steel proof,50mm extended improved modified . I shot a bit left. Even with a more open choke very straight shooting would be required to hit moving targets. The circle is 30inch the paper is two piece of backing paper taped together. These small pellets have a lot of energy, on wildfowl they don’t take feathers into the flesh.
  14. Hi when loading steel shot it’s about pattern and penetration/energy. Hard round shot will pattern better than soft lead shot. Good loading data is available, and more data will follow. Steel is a lightweight pellet and will have a limited (range) when I watched my dad and his friends loading for hand guns they would say, double the weight double the energy, double the speed quadruple the energy. The way to test penetration is with ballistic gel, it doesn’t have to be to military standards, it’s for comparison. Fire a good commercial cartridge at the gel push a coloured straw into the pellet h
  15. Hi iamspuddy the 47 buffer is recommended for the steel data . Hi Dave the BPD are a thicker walled wad, I found in the non split type if the cuts are not long enough it won’t open. When I load with ITM I cut it the full length with four cuts. I use TPS for steel and power shot and BPD for ITM.
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