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  1. Almost, again it’s the terms and conditions quoted any of the above may not be able to use it. The license is quite specific as to who can use it. Maybe we are discussing different licenses, l refer to the English licence. This is really interesting for such a simple question. All he had to do is Google it, He could have done that in the field on his phone. That’s what the kids are always telling me just Google it. I hope he gets sorted, he’s had enough answers.
  2. Hi 70 odd replies and the answer is still yes with authority and no without. The man who asked the question hasn’t replied to any one. Maybe he quit his job or got the sack, but he could have replied. Could a member who can use a computer better than me please print the part of the licence that says ( who can use this licence) thanks. It should help the man . He could have just read it himself.
  3. The man asked if jays can be shot on a driven pheasant shoot. The only answer is yes if they have authority. No if they don’t. The first question always asked by the police will be have you got a gun license and have you got authority to kill the birds. Has anyone looked at the license to see who can use it . When it can be used. And were it can be used. This is the only reason why the license works. This was the first thing I looked for and noticed that it was for two years. The license is no trap it gives immunity from prosecution.
  4. The man who shot the jay knows the law. The man who killed the jay didn’t . If the jay was killed on a commercial shoot the game keeper is responsible for giving authority to kill jays. BASC refers to a shooting industry employing many people. The man should have been told that he would be picking up and killing jays and he had authority to do so. The general license is only for people with authority to use. The license is very specific. For years the BASC refers to pigeon shooting as a (grey area). Now at last it’s black and white. Jays can be shot all day ,nests and eggs can be destroyed or shoot them on their nests. But I would make sure l have authority to kill the birds on the license. It’s to late when your told you were only supposed to be shooting pigeons. And be sure that the person giving you authority has the authority to do so. I’ve seen this happen many times. Now that the BASC have no grey areas they should just highlight( who can use this license ) . No one can use any of the licenses with out authority( for the bird to be killed). That’s the law. I would ask the man who asked the question about the jays to ask his shooting organisation to confirm this before he goes back to his shoot .
  5. There is no reference on the general license, it’s for everyone. The license sets out who can use it, where it can be used, and when it can be used. The license always refers to (you) as the license holder or user. The rest is just conditions . If the man who shot the jay was paying to shoot on the land he should know what to shoot. If the man who picks up the dead or wounded birds was employed he should have been told what birds will be shot. And treated with a bit more respect.
  6. The man who shot the jay by law has to have authority and a license. He doesn’t have to apply for the license. The license isn’t for everyone it’s for the person to kill the specific bird they have authority to kill. The man who shot the jay told the man who picked it up and killed it that it’s against the law. To me he had no license. It’s called a general license, but it’s only for the individual who uses it ,and to decide the license he needs to use and how to use it. The way l see it is a protected bird was shot and that’s not good for anyone.
  7. Hi tightchoke do you have to pay to shoot jays before the pheasants fly.Thanks Old Farrier it would have been cheaper to have missed them. Do any other game shooting members pay to shoot jays. I never new jays were shot during driven game shooting.
  8. The question asked was “ is it ok to shoot jays on a driven pheasant day “ . I would say that depends on what he is paying to shoot. Would killing a jay cost more or less than a game bird. The shooters and the owner don’t need a licence to kill game, it was called a kill game license, but they need a license to kill a jay. The person who shot the jay should know what he is allowed to shoot, the cost to shoot it, has he and the person he is paying got a license to kill the jay.
  9. Hi pigeon basher oz the ones you missed was down to operator error, not the gun.
  10. Hi Richg no supply of the bangers, l believe none coming from China. Bangers were used in woods at night to move rooks and to stop them nesting. You could try advertising in the farming media, you should sell them easier. I use gas guns to move pigeons about and pyrotechnics to move them away. Two of my gas guns are over 30 years old and still working. I would enquire about posting explosives, l don’t think the post office allows explosives. You could try to sell them to a local farmer growing rape , and ask him if you can shoot the pigeons.
  11. Hi we use hay it doesn’t fall apart like straw. They look a bit rough after a while, but the duck nest in them .
  12. When Ian Charlton ( Clay and Game) was supplying the cardboard shot cups I’m sure he said they weren’t suitable for the Grey lag eight gauge. I would enquire about suitable wads especially if using non lead pellets. Clay and game supply card board shot cups and plastic wads. I would them for advice.
  13. Hi scarter I’ve seen a few of these guns over the years. I’m sure they are a ten gauge bored out to eight gauge and sold by Elderkin gun shop. You could ask if anyone local to you reloads for advice before having a go. I would ask if they have had the chokes opened and the type of cartridges they were using. It’s not difficult to reload. I hope this helps you.
  14. The old license needed to be changed that’s why we have a new one, and it’s for two years now. The license we are discussing is to prevent serious damage to crops, and contains details how to use it. I don’t think anything is left out, it details the fire arms and country side laws. When the license was rightly revoked we all wanted a new one. Now we have one we seem to be looking for loopholes to be able to use it. When starlings came off the license and Canada geese were included on the license not many shooters new about it or even new about the license. I’ve been approached by the police many times and explained what I was doing it’s not a problem it’s their job. I don’t need a license to shoot game ,but l need a license to shoot pigeons because pigeons are protected by law . No one is going to give step-by-step instructions on how to kill a woodpigeon. I wonder if any members destroy eggs and nests of woodpigeon. It seems the only allowable action not discussed. Shooting young rooks out of trees was/is a country pastime.
  15. Hi Sweet11-87 you shouldn’t be put off by the license, we have used it for a long time. If you have authority and keep to the conditions you can use it. No need to apply or register. I don’t think woodpigeon would have open season as they are a protected bird and native to U.K.. I shoot mainly urban woodpigeon , they time there breeding as the crops are ripening in summer. If pigeons have a shooting season l would have to apply for a licence to shoot them out of season. I have noticed less people shooting pigeons since the licence was suspended, and then renewed. When we had the warm calm spell a few weeks ago I shot pigeons feeding with a 22 rf and then were they were roosting with a shot gun. If asked I could explain my actions.
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