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  1. Hi 8 shot. I emailed Bioammo regarding 20gauge cartridges, they will be available in late summer. More gauges of cartridges will follow. It’s not just the wad that is biodegradable it’s also the case . It may take a couple of years to (biodegrade) that’s better than plastic that could be with us for ever. I now use Eley bio 20gauge , the only difference I find is the price, I think we all new that was coming. You may have some good shooting available due to the lockdown, could end up buy one get one free. Good luck with your booking.
  2. Hi London Best and 8Shot if you look on Bio ammo website they make a cartridge bioammo blue. This may interest you. If you email them thay will send you information on them. l hope this helps.
  3. Hi Fellside the shot l use in 28gauge is 20grams of ITM or 18grams of TSS. In 20gauge l use 28grams of power shot. Hi Rbrownig2 yes l made cartridges to suit different situations . Twenty years ago I gave my 10 and 12gauge shotguns to family member and friends. I couldn’t manage many shots with them. I bought a gun I had never seen before a 28gauge . As a keen reloader l just loaded my steel and ITM into 28gauge cases. I’m still at it I didn’t give up shotgun shooting.l also use a 20gauge semi auto I fire 24grams of steel shot. As a pensioner I also know the cost of ( bio wad) cartridges
  4. Hi Clangerman. Lead wouldn’t be the best tool for killing woodpigeon it would be the person killing them. I kill many thousands of woodpigeon a year, I use lead air gun pellets, lead. 22 rime fire rounds, and steel shotgun pellets. I would say that my cartridges contain half the load of most shooters in the country. It’s me not the pellets that kills all of the woodpigeon many of them two at a time on the ground . If you look at the other topic l show photos of the cartridges I made. I don’t think that the woodpigeon l killed with them noticed the cardboard tubes flying at them. The woodpigeo
  5. Hi for many years I’ve read papers published on the effects of lead on wildfowl. When ingested by water fowl and wading birds it acts in the gizzard. It’s not instant death. The point every one is missing is the damage to eggs not hatching. The wildfowl breed in Russia or Greenland this is were to look for data. This is were a lot of birds will die more so when they are moulting .it takes a lot of energy when mounting. I’ve never been on a forum website before my 10year old great granddaughter gave me iPad lessons.I’m old old school shooter from an old shooting family. I have helped a lot of
  6. Hi houseplant the boat looks good.l would ask the locals for advice on the best boat. I also have done a lot of wildfowling on the river Mersey in different boats. It’s a different game when your on the water. Wildfowl doesn’t seem to be frightened by boats even though they can see you, a bit like wildlife and vehicles. I had an old wooden boat l would leave tied to the sea wall and take my outboard when I went out shooting. The old boat survived the Friday the 13th storm of 1984 that blew down the cooling tower of the nearby powder station. I also made a kayak/ flat bottom punt from ply and t
  7. Hi 8 shot wildflowers did use plastic wad and cartridge cases to fire non lead shot. They are now the first using biodegradable wads. The whole world uses plastic. Game shooter also use steel and plastic wads to shoot wildfowl and use far more cartridges than any wildfowl clubs. Lead shot in rivers or foreshore will wash away with the tide. But will still be on salt marsh’s or around inland flight ponds from more than twenty years ago. It’s not just this country that has been using lead for years it’s international when it comes to wildlife. I think all the topics are getting mixed toget
  8. Hi Harkom when the law changed some twenty years and wildflowers had to find an alternative to lead l would say we all understood spent lead pellets killed wildfowl. Wildflowers don’t sell what they shoot so this change in policy won’t affect them. Wildflowers are mainly solitary shooters, but we sat down and found alternative shot to lead. When you have 40 wildflowers in a pub , who would normally argue about what to argue about, we did a good job of it. Again with bio wads wildflowers are using them. Non lead pellets kill wildfowl. If you look to Tom Roster in USA he has lethality charts on
  9. Hi Scully the guns are not steel proof. I use steel proof chokes, improved modified for steel with plastic wads and cylinder chokes for steel with cardboard wads. I use cylinder chokes for TSS with cardboard wads. The TSS shot needs a lot of packing.
  10. Hi 8shot as a farmer you know a hay crop is expensive and often overlooked as just a grass field. I never shoot pigeons over growing hay crops as they do no damage. If I did in my area l would be put in the back of a police car at the gate. I understand plastic and hay don’t mix. If you use lead pellets on your farm no one can stop you but if you shoot game you wouldn’t be allowed to sell it to a game dealer. I use steel pellets and my pigeons go to animal feed. I now use bio wads in commercial cartridges or my own loaded cartridges.
  11. Hi Connor I tested Eley 20gauge bio steel cartridges. I found them good enough for me to use, l also made cardboard wads for my 28gauge to use with steel and TSS shot. I have fired over two hundred shots with steel 15grams to test them ,15grams of steel is the same as I would load up with a plastic wad. They patterned and killed pigeons just the same. I will enclose a photo of one containing 15grams of steel 2.6mm and one containing 18grams of TSS. The photos are before l split the wads. As this topic is about the market place would you know if an amended licence to sell to game dealers is re
  12. Hi Connor , to sell game including woodpigeon to game dealers for human consumption a license is required. The market will only accept game shot with non toxic or non lead pellets ,or ammunition. It makes sense to issue a new licence with new regulations and any one selling game will understand the situation. This is a commercial decision like it or not. Regarding the test on non lead shotgun ammunition twenty years ago wildflowers stopped using lead and the commercial cartridges were (not very good) . We loaded none lead cartridges to kill geese and got on with it.we had the die hards or we
  13. hi scully yes it’s single use plastic the wad and the case. Plastics have gone full circle now. Its all about wildlife and the environment if we fire plastic wads with lead or steel pellets or lead with bio felt wads we will never convince the public it’s ok and doesn’t do any harm. We need to try the alternative cartridges, it won’t be long before we have to. I have said before l have five great grandchildren they are back in school next week ,more learning about the environment. Children are environmentally friendly and they will let you know it.
  14. Hi Cookoff013 “lead shot is toxic to birds “ this is the problem as you say full stop. Why don’t falconers take lead shot pigeons. Why don’t we use lead on wildfowl. Wildflowers don’t use lead, they just get on with it. Some years back at an international clay pigeon competition before they were allowed to shoot nets were laid out to collect the spent shot, maybe Webber would know about it. Changing from lead is about wildlife and the environment, lead in game bird’s is between the market place and the consumer. It’s better for shooters and shooting organisations to stop using lead for environ
  15. Hi Old man I use quite segmented CCI , I’ve fired over two thousand, I have also used the CCI solid quite. The grouping is ok in my gun to fifty yards , you will have to zero for this round. I zero at thirty five yards Fifty yards will need hold over . I tested them on fresh shot crow and pigeons with a plywood board about two foot behind them. The round split into three and hit the plywood, the segments marked the plywood and I found them all. When I fired a level shot (safely) l am sure it fell a hundred yards about the same as a shotgun. It was a few years ago when I tested this round, I al
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