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  1. Maybe you didn’t hear of any one being prosecuted for shooting over stubble fields using the general license because the licenses were illegal. Now we have legal licences it’s also the first time we have stubble fields to shoot or not. The Northern Ireland general license is about to be changed chances are it will be similar to the Welsh general licence. It’s up to the individual how they use the license for the country they will be using it. The licences give advice it’s common sense to use it. The simple answer is to have individual license with the users name and the user to be informed of any updates ( licences have already been updated). It shouldn’t be long before this happens, the sooner the better. Then if anyone is prosecuted they will have the licence taken and it won’t affect any other licence holders.
  2. A friend asked me if I could identify birds in a photo on his computer. It was a photo of dead pigeons laid out in neat rows on a stubble field. The top rows were woodpigeon and the bottom row had about six stock doves. He showed me two more photos that had stock doves in the rows of pigeons. He told me that the stock doves were described as feral pigeons in the story that went with the photos. The photos were from this website and it was the first time I had seen this website .
  3. He was driving a vehicle ,about to go onto the road to get supplies ,when he was stopped by the police. He was wearing a cartridge belt when stopped . I don’t know why he explained that he was 200 metres away from a boundary. I have been stopped by the police when shooting or carrying a gun for over sixty years from the local police man who would always remove his bicycle clips before he spoke to police in panda cars firearms police and police in helicopters. No one ever told me to drop the gun/ weapon. People and times have changed and will change even more.
  4. It was bad timing been stopped in the car on the field. It would have been different when shooting over the field. I don’t know why you had to show you were 200 mts from a boundary .
  5. Hi yes the person who reported the shooting will have been informed of the outcome and may well be questioned. I would ask walked up to google earth the (rural ) area where he was shooting . And google fatal shootings in the area. The police should ask the person who reported shooting why they reported shooting.
  6. If people choose to live near farmland they should know that farming is a business it’s an outdoor factory with large noisy machinery. Shooting pigeons over crops and using gas guns is part of farming. I’ve had problems with noise over shooting and gas guns going off at the same time but it was the local environmental department that were involved. Clay pigeon grounds will be regulated when they can shoot. sporting rights will be to use the land for specific types of sports. Shooting pigeons doesn’t have to be in rural countryside were no one would be reported. Lord Lichfield’s rural Norfolk is light years away from this field, more suburbia than rural. The problem with these places is that some people think they own the fields and no one should be shooting. The police would have stopped the vehicle the way they were trained to and it will be on film. When this happens it puts shooters off but it also keeps dog walkers away for a while.
  7. Hi it is scary stuff. And it has stopped people shooting in the area. I’ve had local police and armed police come out to me. When someone reports someone with firearms the firearms police will come out it’s their job. I find when people see police with guns come out and shooting continues and no one is taken away in a Black Maria like it or not it’s legal and they keep away. Some fields may not be shot for a years depending on the crop then one day hundreds of pigeons will be shot . People go on the Facebook have a moan and then someone calls the police. The person who called the police will be told of the outcome and maybe told off at the same time.
  8. 8% reduction in registered firearms owners but numbers have been increasing over the years, maybe because clay pigeon shooting is more popular now. There is more hassle with shooting now. Laws rules regulations health and safety. I live in a built up area in a large town and I have shooting on nearby farms and my local estuary and I have shot all my life. I have shot over areas that are now built over . Large housing estates (new towns)1000s of houses including shops and pubs, factories ,industrial estates,motorway,farm buildings converted into homes, power station,supermarket,fire station, driving test centre, 2 country park ,3 cemetery ,2 golf course ,2sports ground ,sewage plant, and council recycling centre. There is a lot of wildlife in some of these places. A lot has changed in my lifetime but it doesn’t stop me shooting . I never realised how many areas I shot over until I read some of the comments on this topic. It’s a lot of land that’s been recycled. It didn’t stop me from shooting .
  9. Hi Holloway I have.410 loading data with csbo powder but it’s with plastic gualandi micro h17 wads and 19.5 grams of lead. I have loaded 28 gauge with csbo power and bismuth. The data was for lead shot. I just used the same weight in bismuth .
  10. No one should have a problem showing the police there license or firearms. If you have issues with doctors regarding cost or time limits when asking if you are safe to use sporting firearms good luck if the doctor asks why do you want weapons and what are you going to do with them. Your vehicle will be flagged for firearms that’s why you were asked about firearms, to make sure they were secure and not loaded. I don’t know how showing a dog to the police officer explained what you use firearms for. If firearms license is changed to weapons licence they may have asked have you any weapons in your possession or a pit bull dog in the vehicle. This bma doctor referred to firearms as weapons it’s ok to be not overly fussed about it, the same as a lot of shooters but I have done something about it as has wymberley.
  11. Hi old’un wymberly has shown the part of the government news report. I’m not good with links. Dr Peter Holden BMA said about doctors patients owning weapons that can be used with lethal outcomes. From the 12th of July when we ask our doctor for a medical report will the doctor ask are you safe to have an arsenal of weapons or are you safe to have a gun safe of sporting guns. The country had enough trouble the last time someone in government said Iraq had weapons. It’s important that license gun owners are flagged with doctors but licences for weapons is misinformed. It’s important for doctors and patients to understand what the flag is for. Maybe BASC could question this before someone changes the wording on our medical request forms.
  12. Hi Holloway l only have 10 TPS left over you can have them. Can l ask what you will be loading in .410 as I have some plastic wads in.410
  13. Hi Conor O Gorman has put a link at the top of the page for the Government News website.
  14. Hi Holloway l might have some left. I have.410 loading components put away somewhere. l will have a look tomorrow for you.
  15. Hi wymberley it’s on the government news and communications site page 5 12th July. Dr peter Holden said it in his first paragraph.
  16. Yes l thought if you had a certificate it was already marked up on medical forms and on vehicle registration. It seems common sense for doctors to know about patients who have guns. When l got my first police licence in 1968 my doctor signed it for me. I noticed on the government website that the name gun or firearms was changed yet again to , owning a (weapon ) that can be used with lethal outcomes. Applying for a weapons certificate is the future may be more than a privilege. Every gun owner wants safe ownership the same as everyone else. The minister referred quite rightly to safer streets, if the same applies to driving licences then we would have safer streets, and pavements .
  17. Each year a lot of certificate holders must cancel or not renew. Could be age or financial reasons. If certificate grants are delayed as well this would make a difference. I think the numbers certificate holders have been on the increase for a few years.I had the post office license it was to use a gun outside your property not to own one.. When l got my police certificate in 1968 l was informed that, I just had to apply for one, as said now it’s a privilege. Would anyone know when it became a privilege to own shotguns and firearms.
  18. Hi yes that’s why we stopped using lead pellets. Shoot a duck, hit with say half a dozen pellets, the other three hundred or so spent pellets fall to earth and kill more ducks. As you rightly say facts and figures behind them, but even now shooters ask were are all the thousands of dead wildfowl. The HSE are looking into lead in the environment and lead for human health. What ever the outcome it won’t be the end of shooting. Ammunition may change but shooting will carry on. ammunition and guns may change
  19. If the HSE declares lead ammunition is safe to use can l ask the BASC,who started the topic, would it change the position for wild Fowler’s using lead shot. I don’t think any Fowler in U.K. or USA would ever use lead shot again. Commercial shoots and supermarkets are business and treated as such by the HSE. Business looks after themselves or they go out of business. Farm type shoots, target shooting and wild Fowling are recreational totally different from commercial shooting .more to do with the environment. The legalities of shooting woodpigeon or not should be on the GL channel . This is the lead shot channel with some very interesting replies.
  20. Shooting woodpigeon or any other birds for fun or a laugh is not what shooting people want to hear about, but Wild Justice and a lot of people like to quote. If lead shot hasn’t been used by a lot of shooters over a lot of the country for more than 20 years because of the environment and wildlife it’s going to be difficult to convince the HSE that it’s safe for the rest of the country to use. It’s safe or it isn’t safe.
  21. Woodpigeon can’t be killed for health and safety reasons. I don’t know of any wildflowers that have asked for lead shot to be used again for wildfowl. If lead ammunition doesn’t get (banned ) it would mean it would be safe for shooting wildfowl and over wetlands and SSSIs . But would wildflowers use it. Would any Fowler on this forum use it. As for no exemptions a lot of wildflowers said this 20 years ago.
  22. Hi it was the Secretary of State who called the HSE for the review on firearms lead ammunition last year. Lead ammunition could be prohibited by 2024 with a 18 month transition period. Lead is not used by wildfowlers or fishermen any longer. The HSE have to protect human health and protect the environment. The shooting organisations are asking for 5 years (good luck to them) .if lead ammunition isn’t a problem in the countryside why aren’t the shooting community asking for lead to be used again for fishing and wildfowl shooting. When lead was prohibited for shooting wildfowl we got on without it. Now it’s like the end of the world.
  23. Hi some of the older loading data stated for new or once fired cases. Some ballistic products loading data for steel cartridges are for rto and finish with gaep BN and give the tool number to use .
  24. Hi yes there can be pressure increase, the BN are numbered for this reason. I use a brass gaep in 28gauge for steel cartridges I use the cartridges in a semi auto. I use a mec loader and I get a good crimp and the gaep gives a good taper for a semi auto. Some semi auto guns have problems because of the cartridges crimp. My friend had a lee loader for years and when he got the height of his cartridges right he made a lot of good cartridges with it.
  25. The general licence, pest control, in nothing to do with field sports. Killing birds to protect named species of birds is now limited to when they are breeding. Sparrow and starling are still on the Northern Ireland licence, they came off the English licence years ago and not many people noticed. The consultation for the Northern Ireland licence is still open, for all U.K. to respond, the same as the Welsh licence was. Chances are that the Northern Ireland licence will follow the Welsh license. Licences can be issued for birds not on the general licence. It’s easy to blame shooting organisations or any one else, but its a license to use lethal control on protected birds, and it’s been took for granted for years. It’s a good thing they are reviewing them as one way or another they are black and white and not grey as they were often referred to. Maybe the people that used the license should have sorted the grey areas themselves before someone else did.
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