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  1. Hi yes I’ve noticed pigeons flocking up more over the last couple of years. I was shooting over wheat drilling’s this week and they were old and young birds in flocks. There was a lot of feral pigeons from a nearby factory feeding on the field and the woodpigeon just followed them back to the field when I shot. The factory is just across the road and I can see them take off from the roof, when they land in the field the woodpigeon came back and landed with them. Two buzzards and two sparrow hawks were flying around the field while I was shooting,they caught one coming in to my decoys and the buzzards took shot pigeons , but the woodpigeon wouldn’t go far before they came back. Two or three buzzards around that field would stop woodpigeon feeding , but not the feral pigeons. The young pigeons I shot weren’t squabs but they were very healthy. It seems like they just abandon a field and all move to the next one but not the nearest one. They have definitely changed feeding habits around me , when the crops are ripening they fly over them to a field maybe a mile away and even when shooting them hard they keep coming to it . I took photos of them this year to show my friend as it’s unusual, I will try and put them on .
  2. Hi Shotkam yes speed does have an effect on the energy of the pellets. When I load cartridges l go with ,the velocity at 50yards would be half of the muzzle velocity. The ft lb at 50yards would be a quarter of the muzzle ft lb . This was my rule of thumb, I load wildfowl cartridges but I have loaded lead number 7shot an ounce or less, a fast load, l didn’t have a crono then so I can’t put a speed on them but they were very fast and killed pigeons. this light load was a lot better than the factory 5s or 6s game type loads. I was given some Baikal 12gauge AAA cartridges, they had a very tight pattern out of my single barrel Baikal ,up to 40yards I don’t think it opened up to 30 inch, It’s about balance, pellet weight and energy for the quarry you will be taking. When pattering your cartridges at 50yards, if you are near a freshly sown dry field fire your shot gun level across the field and you will find the pellets drop about 100yards .That’s 50yards further than you are pattering.You can only do your best with shotguns .
  3. Hi shooting at a pattern paper will tell if enough pellets hit it to suit a type of shooting. Components for making cartridges have come a long way Hard shot and powders to give speed and lower pressure it all helps. Tom Roster does give minimum shot counts , he does a lot of field testing. In the U.K. we use calculators and percentages and ft lb , the US use penetrating test for different quarry. Testing cartridges at this time of the year cartridges should be at the same temperature, maybe room temperature. The US call it the cold weather testing when they test again in cold weather. Wildfowl cartridges are advertised as passing the cold weather test. Kent tungsten cartridges were advertised as passing the cold weather test in US years ago. 20gauge cartridges are limited compared to 12gauge. Testing 12gauge would take a long time, and cost a lot more. There must be over a hundred different types of 12gauge cartridges out there. Shooting at paper will tell if enough pellets get there, l don’t think it matters if some get there before others. Over the years l have seen shooters work on 700 square inches to a 30inch circle and trying to load cartridges by percentages , we have good cartridges and screw in chokes to use now. Shotkam you will find the best combination for your gun. And it will give you confidence. Many shooters will just use the cheapest cartridges, some will use the (best,) and some will use what they have always used. Shooting a few cartridges at a piece of paper might surprise a few shooters. Rifle shooters will zero there guns before shooting at targets or live animals.
  4. Hi Shotkam reloading can be time consuming and addictive. The USA reload more than U.K. They have a lot of data and are well ahead of us. With 20gauge they use ,time to target ,fast speed light load cartridges. Stone park is right about shot size and hardness, its the only way compare different cartridges. The size in mm should be on the box. I don’t think half size of shot will make a difference at 50yards but increasing the speed will.remember that it’s a small lead pellet it’s not going to fly straight for 50yards or more. Try Fiocchi cartridges I don’t know about lead in 20gauge but in steel they are very good, also in.410. Keep at it you will find the best combination for you. Wildflowers keep loading a better cartridge every year ,or hope to.
  5. Hi that’s a nice gun. My friend has a flint lock shot gun, it’s a good sight watching him fire it. He puts fine powder in the pan sometimes it doesn’t ignite and he will change the flint . We once made lead pellets and used them in his gun, this is as basic as you can get. He shot rabbits with the pellets, no mention of chokes or plastic wads. We once shot pigeons across from a large sports field and when he fired the gun the lads playing football stopped to watch and cheered when he fired with a trail of power in the air. He thought they had scored a goal. He would slightly damp the pan with his fingers to help the power stick. Good luck with your gun.
  6. Hi Fellside I’ve used steel cartridges for pigeons for 10years in 28gauge and longer in 20gauge . Yes they do kill pigeons, l changed shot size and chokes to suit the guns. In 20gauge l now use Eley bio steel cartridges 4 shot,I did use them in plastic wad 5 shot . If fiocchi make bio wad steel cartridges l would use them they are hard hitting but high performance cartridges.My son and friends use bio steel in 12gauge for wildfowl, wigeon and mallards. They say that they are ok. They have been using Eley and l think they are trying Rio bio steel now. I will ask how they are doing with them and what chokes they are using. I load steel 6 shot in 28gauge .We are lucky with cartridges the local cartridge dealer can order cartridges he doesn’t have in stock and will arrive on his next order. He also sells small amounts at the 1000 rates . It wasn’t long ago manufacturers said they couldn’t make bio wad cartridges, l think they all produce them now. Some steel cartridges are a lot louder than others, but they all make what ever you shoot with them bleed a lot more. I always take a pack of baby wipes, if they clean babies they will clean your hands and gear. It’s just getting used to a different cartridge. I would wait and see what happens with the cartridge manufacturers and then try them. With prices going up it can be expensive testing them all , l would wait and see what wildflowers use for duck .this is my experience with steel l hope this helps.
  7. Hi Blueflame I agree with you about pattern quality. With your fixed chokes you tried different cartridges and found the best for your gun. number four shot in lead gave me the best even pattern in my 20gauge. The best even pattern in my 28gauge was with lead number three shot. This was a few years ago with hard shot, it patterned better. I don’t use or load lead now. I use 50mm extended chokes and I found them better, and I don’t change them. Top gunmakers would polish the chokes of a new gun to get a better pattern, or give the new owner confidence. I was taught it’s confidence that kills not just a good gun. When Shotkam patterns his gun and decides what cartridges to shoot with confidence that can only be a good thing. Good luck to him.
  8. Hi Shotcam this may help give you some ideas. Don’t go to far with your testing, so it’s not fun to do. These are old patterns from almost twenty years ago. They got a bit wet in my shed. Each segment is the same area. I made a wire template the same as the segments ,to put on the pattern paper, now I just look at the pattern paper. Are you using a metal plate, if so take photos of the pattern. I would try 28 grams of different size shot first. Good luck with it. I found number 4 shot in lead gave me the most even pattern.
  9. Hi I was shooting pigeons this afternoon on a couple of fields with a main road on the boundary with houses along the full length of the road. Behind the houses is a newish housing estate. I’ve shot this field for many years. When I was coming of the field a young couple came across the road from the estate and I thought they were going to complain about the noise, but they were very polite and asked could they have a couple of pigeons. I gave them six pigeons and explained they are shot with steel and they went away happy. It’s a long time since I’ve been asked for pigeons maybe times are changing.
  10. Hi I’ve owned a few Baikal shotguns over the years. My first brand new gun was a Baikal single shot my brother and my self bought from l think it was called Freeman’s catalogue in the late sixties. I owned side by side and over under Baikal.I bought a new single shot in the early eighties, when it arrived by post my friend commented you should bin the gun and keep the box it will be worth more than the gun in a few years. A few family members did well with this gun as I did with the first one. Reading this about Baikal shotguns l remember l kept the box and instructions and it lasted just as the guns do.
  11. Hi what is the size of your lake,it must be a good size if you want to use decoys. what time of the day do you shoot and how often. What type of duck are using the lake, are they resting during the day. You don’t have to shoot by the lake you can flight them coming and going. You may have over shot it, it doesn’t take much shooting to move them. A few decoys in a lake should be easy to do with a small weight and a string line.
  12. Ask Bioammo . I emailed them an enquiry for 20gauge steel cartridges. He informed me they will be producing them at the end of the year. They will be making other gauges as well. I didn’t enquirer for 12gauge cartridges as I don’t use them. The dealer in U.K. is shooting star l think . Maybe they don’t know there is a market for two and a half inch cartridges. It’s a company in Spain. Hope this helps you. Another company makes steel cartridges with a cardboard wads l think it’s called jocker you could ask them.
  13. Hi a photo of Tom Rosters chart. Tested in the field and laboratories on shot birds .
  14. Hi I would ask your farmer for any advice regarding any neighbours. Some don’t get along with the farmer. I found the anti shooting people are not to bad. When new people move in to neighbouring houses I introduce myself and explain I’ve been sent to look at the damaged crop and will be using gas guns and shooting in the coming weeks. I tell them that it has to be done and if is to loud just let me know and I’ll do what I can to sort it. This is why I shoot in gardens (large) the owners said they do or did a bit of shooting and I would be better off standing ,or now sitting ,in the garden and shoot them coming over or coming in to the trees. If they don’t get along with the farmer it doesn’t mean they won’t get along with you, l have experience this, they have someone to complain to. You don’t need permission from neighbours to shoot but it’s better to have their (approval) .my son just said to one neighbour who just moved in , your in the countryside now and this is what we do. She just said ok. It’s harder now with anything to do with shooting but we are legal.
  15. Hi Crown foreshore is a public place. The crown allowed wildfowl shooting on the foreshore for a long time. It’s still allowed in Scotland (Recreation) . When the firearm act changed, l can’t remember which one, the Crown allowed BASC members to shoot on the foreshore . Now BASC affiliated clubs lease the foreshore for shooting, ( with a watertight lease) . I also shoot in urban areas and know the 50ft law. (50 yards 50 meters) I’ve got to know the local people over the years and I often shoot behind their gardens or from their gardens shooting pigeons from their trees with shotguns . I think some of the rules about not shooting for hundreds of yards from dwellings maybe to do with the recommendation for using gas guns.
  16. BASC can’t pass laws. Laws are passed on expert evidence. Up to date the evidence doesn’t look good for using lead pellets in shotguns. I grew up in a house with lead pipes, the water heated on a stove for the tin bath in front of the open coal fire. I had lead toys to play with, adults in the house smoked, every house I went into some one smoked. I’m still here, l have five great grandchildren, but I wouldn’t smoke in front of them or give them lead toys to play with. Using lead cartridges or not is voluntary. Wildflowers use large type cartridges for geese, and also use light steel loads for duck, teal and wigeon. A lot of wildflowers have never used lead to kill wildfowl they only know none lead. When lead is eaten by birds it’s not a quick death, not like when they are shot with it. Thousands of wildfowl have died, and are still dying from eating lead shot fired over twenty years ago. We have plenty of buzzards , it’s a sign of a good wildlife area. Lead effects the hatching of eggs and if the birds are affected with lead how long will it be before they die or stop breading. The USA have been testing non lead cartridges since nineteen seventy , and study’s on lead shot and wildfowl. We are playing catch up , we should look at what they have done and are still doing. They look to the future, we look to the past. It’s easy to see who’s making the most progress.
  17. Twenty years ago lead was (banned) for shooting wildfowl. The commercial cartridges were not good but we loaded alternative cartridges that were better. None lead cartridges are killing wildfowl a lot bigger than pheasants or other game birds. Lead can be loaded with a (bio) type wad as non lead can. The lead (ban) is for the environment not for the sale of wildfowl. Spent lead shot will and is still killing wildfowl ,and birds of prey. The sale or disposal of shot game is governed by regulations and the market for it. The lead shot (ban) is for environmental reasons not commercial. I’ve been told many times over the years by bird watchers lead dead pigeons kill buzzards.
  18. Hi marsh man when we shot pintail on the Mersey we would shoot mainly drakes when they first arrived. I don’t know if they migrate first or just more drakes. When l was first taken widgeon shooting I noticed the birds shot were mainly cocks , next time they were mainly hens, when I asked why l was told that all the cocks must have been shot. I don’t think they interested , they still came in to the whistle. We had many teal on the Mersey and it was the same when they arrived mainly drakes or hens shot.
  19. Hi marsh man that’s a good start to the season. It reminded me of when I was at school and dad’s cousins and the older wildflowers would take me out on the marsh, it was because my young eyes could point out the duck coming . I know what it’s like now on dark. The old boys would carry a bag of feathers to the marsh and put them in the flashes they didn’t want to shoot. One day I said that the marsh was cleaned by the spring tide and there should be no feathers on the flashes, l was told don’t tell them that. It’s a nice clean marsh you have there, good luck with your season.
  20. Hi Scully a few farms l shoot have railway lines running through them. One has one on the boundary and one running thew it. The railway have controlled the rabbits on them. The farm and one nearby had hundreds of yards of electric netting to keep rabbits off the crops. The network rail help line is 03457 11 41 41 good luck with getting them to clear the rabbits it’s pot luck. Killing rabbits is more involved than most shooters think, it’s done under the 1954 pest act, fire arms are granted for pest or vermin control. David is right about insurance ,the rabbits , or game you shoot can be sold so long as it’s not your main income . If you charge people to shoot pigeons, rabbits ,then it’s commercial with commercial insurance, health and safety rules. BASC insurance covers a lot. I wouldn’t go by a U tube video I would look at my insurance policy before I went shooting or if a BASC member ask them.
  21. Hi shooting rabbits at night can be done by a farmers (servant), employee , or one other named person only .Payment can be keeping the rabbits that are killed. Farmers are bound by law to control rabbits. Only one person can shoot at night. It’s not sport it’s pest control for payment. If a neighbour has rabbits on their land and they are coming onto your land and causing damage the neighbour has to control them. If not the government used to control them and the land owners had to pay the cost. Because this law wasn’t used enough it was abolished and now has to be done in a civil court. The railway has to control the rabbits, they have a contact number to deal with rabbits. I think this law is from the 1940s or 1950s . A farmer showed me this many years ago and l am sure it’s still law I’ve never heard that it’s been changed. It’s the law l use when shooting at rabbits at night.
  22. Hi plenty of foxes to shoot. I see you shot a few with TSS , I could see your wraps flying. How many shooters are out when you shoot fox. Do you have a season for fox, or are they classed as a (pest). They like running along the fences.
  23. Hi I Centrepin it’s good to try something different. I still use goose silhouettes my friend made for me over thirty years ago. He used plywood and the neck swivels with a bolt and wing nuts. He made hard wood pegs but they were heavier than the decoys. I use bamboo canes now. I show a photo of them when I used them last month still going strong. And a photo of the pigeon decoys
  24. Hi Jim it is about respect for the quarry whatever we shoot . If the pigeons or whatever we shoot are not wanted or we shoot to many we have to decide what to do with them. Friends would take pigeons and rabbits for ferrets, but they don’t have ferrets now. I breast pigeons and geese for family and friends. I’ve never kept pigeons or carcass after breasting them for decoys, I cut off the wings and use them . A lot cleaner than dead birds. I’m turned seventy and this is the first forum I’ve been in. I don’t know if it’s representative of pigeon shooters. Family and friends a lot younger than me don’t shoot pigeons now. It seems to be about gadgets and numbers shot now. We all enjoy shooting pigeons or we wouldn’t do it. Over the years I’ve noticed less shooters,but more pigeons shot. With numbers increasing it must mean more shot. I can’t see the demand for the food chain increasing. It would be interesting to know the numbers that went into the food chain each year. Shooters will have to decide if they will keep shooting pigeons or not.
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