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  1. Really appreciate all the advice guys. Cannot wait until all paperwork is completed and I can pick up my gun and do what I am looking forward to most Practice Practice and more Practice Stay safe folks
  2. Thank you - that makes complete sense lol and very good advice. Well dive in and see what suits .
  3. Hi there me again, now that I have decided the shotgun and awaiting application process the next piece of advice that I would benefit from is thoughts on cartridges, weights make and anything else useful really. Mainly clay pigeon shooting at the moment until I see how we get on. I realise that this is a rather broad topic and appreciate it will come down to personal choice but always good to get opinions. Cheers
  4. Thank you for that. I read loads around it and the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. I think it’s perfect to start of with and can’t wait for all the I to be dotted and t crossed and start learning the craft.
  5. Northern Ireland and starting off with ATA Supersport. Just waiting for application to go through the necessary steps.
  6. So hello and thank you for accepting me to the group. First post after eagerly reading and absorbing lots of information from the very many posts. I had been a couple of times before with friends but not for years until Friday night. A week later FAC applied for and with Police, safe bought and gun ordered. A few friends also taking the plunge and with a good club nearby, my father in laws land I am very much looking forward to trying the many different disciplines and getting out in to the fresh air and enjoying some craic with mates. I will look forward to checking the site often to get tips
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