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  1. Cjbram


    Best let people like that get on dont have time for them
  2. Cjbram


    Very true you get people like that tho Thanks bud
  3. Yeah he was my first lab and the first gun dog I trained but life gose on I will train my mams and just use that
  4. Iv had dogs all me life it gets no easier but when they love it like he did and he was only 8 its hard all the lads on the shoot were asking where he was they mist him as well as he worked for everyone not just me
  5. Yeah it was a funny day went to the butchers at dinner time and nearly bought him some sausage rolls i had to stop my self false of habit Yeah know what you mean bud I was doing the same even went to the butchers at dinner time and nearly got him a sausage roll had to stop myself just false of habit
  6. It was a good day but very different didn't enjoy it as much my mam has a lab pup so think I'm going to train and use that
  7. Today is the first shoot of the season on the syndicate im on im happy and looking forward to it but not at the same time its the first day I've been out shooting since I lost my lab in April its going to be so much different
  8. The was a couple of huskies and one attacked my cousins dog she had a boxer numb but harmless anyway I went for a walk one day with her I had a lab and a bull x lurcher soft as you like but had an aggressive streak bumped into this bloke with the huskies off the lead I had put mine on started walking towards him told him to get his dog on under control the dog started coming for my dogs with its tail straight with aggressive manner told him to put the dog on a lead or I was going to let mine off he didn't so told my dog to go on he lunged for the huskies they ran off then he said he was gettin
  9. Cjbram


    Hi anyone shoot up on lindisfarne thanks
  10. I used black gold for years kill very well shot some of my best birds with them I load my own now but if I was to buy it would be black gold
  11. Hi can anyone point me in the right direction for some trulock invector chokes for a browning citori please
  12. Thanks guys may have to try some any load date for themthanks
  13. just rang him today going to ring back on Thursday he was driving at the time lol thanks bud
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