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  1. Take a look at British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and their level 2 diploma. It covers what you need to know regards control of most vertebrates and insects. It's also the qualification that most if not all firms will want you to have before they even think about taking you on. It's worth saving up for a doing (it cost me just over a grand but that was nearly 20 years ago). Once you've got it it's a big foot in the door. Local authorities are worth contacting, same work but without being pushed for sales. Hope this helps. Feel free to message me if you have any questions
  2. +1 For Simon. He did an excellent job on mine.
  3. I'd imagine there will be some differences between the forces. The ones we had were handy as you could leave your mic open during a pursuit and feed info back to control (usually on a channel set up for that job and they would then pass the info out to other units on the standard channels) whilst having both hands fully on the wheel. They may have changed things now.
  4. As above it's for the comms. Pull it towards you to talk and when released it goes back to centre and if you push it away from you it stays in open mic position. Unfortunately it's a sod for pushing back with your knee when your moving about and you are on open mic without knowing about it..................not always good depending on the topic of conversation you and your colleague are having
  5. I bought a 31 year old Beretta A303 a few months back. Paid just over 300 quid and couldn't be happier with it. Cycles Lylevale 28g 6s no problem and is in really good condition for the age. Mechanically it's flawless. Plenty knocking about
  6. There is some truth in that. A lot of colleagues were disillusioned due to the staff cuts, budget cuts, workload and the sheer volume of mental health cases. A lot wanted out due to this. As for being soft; I never felt we were being soft but then most of our superiors were go get'um types and weren't too caught up in the politics of it all. I knew of other colleagues in other forces that were steered away from dealing with certain people/topics due to the media or political flavour at the time.
  7. As a rule I generally steer clear of commenting on emotive subjects such as this. Everyone has their opinion and that is fine. The world would would be a boring place if we agreed on everything or all thought the same. That said some of the comments/speculation are a bit wide of the mark. I was a response officer up until I left four years ago and I still have close friends who serve. Each force will have its own policies and procedures but they will all stem from the same national guidance. In my force the initial search of detainees is the arresting officers responsibility. If the
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