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  1. Worrall26 I'd really appreciate an invite next year ill still be around so any help would be really appreciated, I really am a beginner when it comes to game shooting but I really do appreciate any help and advice and would be very grateful for any opportunities given to me. Ian
  2. Hi Walkedup It shows how much I know about game shooting 🤣 Like I say I'm new to shooting in general and maybe a lot of the publications/adverts I have read the last few weeks dont target the likes of myself with their adverts , hence the reason I thought other forms of game shooting would be beyond me financially (maybe I just read the wrong things) That's one of the reasons I joined the forum so I could actually talk and learn from people thank you for the offer , ill still be around.. and like ive said before would really appreciate any help from anybody
  3. Thank you rapid.25 , ill travel anywhere if it means gaining some experience, I work shifts so have some decent time off mid week so I'll keep in touch if it is ok? Hope you're up on your feet soon. I was just attracted to pigeon shooting as I think maybe once I've picked up some knowledge and basics it may be more accessible to me than walked up shooting etc..financially and and gaining permission in mindm Id really like to learn everything I can and would happily serve my time learning. Thank you, take care Ian
  4. Thanks clangerman will try and find some as soon as I can , never know I may fall lucky Thank you mate
  5. Hi Walkedup Thanks very much id really appreciate that any help regarding pigeon shooting or shooting in general would be a big help, I do quite a bit of game fishing but had hoped to begin shooging but not knowing anyone it can be quite difficult but I'm determined to start from the beginning and learn as much as i can
  6. Thanks for the welcome and advice, ive got a lot to learn but hope to get there somehow
  7. Hello all Hope everyone is well Glad to be on the forum and enjoying reading through the posts so far. I'm sure beginners may have asked many of the same questions I have already so will try and use the search function as much as I can. Basically I'm hoping in the coming weeks/months/years to learn all I can and hopefully begin pigeon shooting , joined the forum as I dont know anybody who is involved so hoping to gain some knowledge if I can, im based on the border of North wales (flintshire) not sure if there is anybody local on here...? I come from a game fishing b
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