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  1. Nar just the boss at the firearms dept.
  2. Contacted them again for an update and got the usual we can't tell you anything reply. Gonna ring again in a month and speak to the boss
  3. I gonna wait another 2 weeks and ring up this time and speak to the boss. The no communication is what's grinding my gears. Hope you hear soon
  4. Thats great going so far. I applied for FAC in august in south yorkshie. Heard nothing from them . I emailed them a few times they confirmed they had my application then 4th of december another email sent. Said my aplication was up next and should hear in 2 weeks. Not heard a peep emailed again this week and told they can't give anytime scale at the moment. I'm gonna cut a bit of the skirting board out so it sits flush with the wall.
  5. In South Yorkshire they are processing grants been waiting 22 weeks for the first letter off them. So even when they start it might be a long wait
  6. Been waiting 16 weeks for a grant from SYP and still not heard anything.
  7. Been waiting 16 weeks and not heard anyhting from south yorkshire.
  8. South Yorkshire police received my paperwork 2 months ago and still not heard anything. Emailed them today to see what's happening
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