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  1. Leave it with me I'll dig them out this evening
  2. I've got some me spring spacers a hammer and bolt for it cheap if you need it not any use to me now
  3. He tried ripping me off over a hw99 that had been fully tuned and serviced it had been butchered when I opened it up and struggling to get power when I chronod it at home. He fired it in his garden but was only 12ft or so with **** alloy pellets he brought out so seemed faster than they were. Tried messaging him in agf but the snake blocked me
  4. Wouldn't give him 100 for it the man's a rip off merchant
  5. Interested in the wildcat pm me some info on it please and price I can come or meet tomorrow
  6. Swap a new hatsan at44-10 walnut stock version ?
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