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  1. Hi, thanks for letting me know but I have other priorities at the moment. Good luck with the sale
  2. Thanks MM, yeah the club have already said they would let me know and show me the ropes but because of the lockdown they are now not taking new members until next year. I already have a trained Lab that I take pigeon shooting and have a Springer that I am training at the mo. Good to hear I won’t need to change my gun as I quite like it. What shot size would I need? Appreciate your advice
  3. Hello folks, I am thinking about starting Wildfowling and have contacted a club on the Humber but wanted some advice on the kit, gun, etc I would need. I have a SxS AYA No 4 and will need to get it checked for shooting steel carts. However the choke is 1/4 on both barrels so good for pigeon but not sure if that would be ok for duck/geese? Also what basic kit will I need? I am guessing anything that is warm (decent thermals and layers) and waterproof for a start and maybe waders but due to the walking, I am guessing to keep everything to a minimum? Also what about the carts. I current
  4. Yep being having exactly the same with Google. I have stopped using it now and use anything other than it
  5. It was £130 - an Epiphone DR-100 - How much would something like that cost?? Around £30 but will vary from shop to shop...well worth the money in my opinion. I have a Epiphone Jumbo acoustic which I took in and it made a huge difference in playing, especially the height of the strings
  6. I am no expert by any means but do own a few guitars Depending on the cost of the new guitar, it may be worthwhile taking it to a music shop to replace them and get them to set up the guitar for your lad. This will make sure the string height, intonation and action are all how he wants them. appreciate in the current climate, this might not be possible. If he wants to do it himself, replace all the strings and just tighten them up enough before tuning, don’t try and tune a single string without all others in place. I would doubt that by removing the strings it has affected the n
  7. Thanks I will keep my eyes open for one
  8. I want to record some shooting days for my Dad who has shot for over 35 years but now in his mid eighties doesn’t go out anymore. That doesn’t stop him from asking about my trips, before, after and sometimes during. I have started a journal, like he used to do and have stories, photos and vids of my dog retrieving but I know what he would really like to see is some action of decoying & shooting woodies Any advice on a decent camera that I could use with a SXS? Thanks
  9. Thanks I will take a look Yeah there is that but also I spat my dummy out with the mods over a post and asked them to delete all info they held on me. All a bit childish really hence the new name
  10. Thanks for the advice and the welcome although I am a returning member with a different username. Thanks that sounds a good solution
  11. I was out shooting yesterday and despite the forecast being a dry day with 15mph winds, it turned out to be mostly rain and 30mph winds with gusts far outreaching that. I spent a lot of the time trying to keep my hide on the ground and holding the front two poles upright as the wind was gusting left to right. This gave me an idea that a pole or tension rod between the poles would be a useful bit of kit. Does anyone know of anything on the market that would work or have come up with their own solution to this? Thanks
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