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    Job advice

    Hi Paul My advice would be to add more strings to your bow, maybe DBA, Programming, cloud technology specialist or Technical Project Management before moving on but when you do move on, go into the contracting market. I have worked mostly in the private sector but also the public sector as a consultant and as a contractor and to be honest, apart from more bureaucracy in the public sector, there is not a lot of difference. You still get the same issues around promotion and it depends on whether your face fits or you are in the right place at the right time, regardless of the effort you put in. I was in a similar position to yourself years ago albeit in the private sector. Didn’t feel I was was getting the opportunities of promotion even though I felt I was good enough and out worked everyone in my department. I wasn’t the most academic but I worked so hard. I moved around the organisation over the 16 years I was there and in each dept I did well. I soon came to realise that due to the nature of the organisation (a merchant bank) and my cockney accent and lack of qualifications, unless I went to work as an FX dealer, which I didn’t have the aptitude or qualifications for, my only option was to leave, if I wanted more money and a better standard of living….glass ceilings. I was asked to work for a consultancy as I had moved to the IT dept for the last 6 years at the merchant bank and had been the implementation analyst implementing a new finance system that the consultancy had sold them. My money increased by £10k immediately (this was back in 1995) and I was given a company car….the downside was I had a 2 1/2 hour commute each way every day for the first 3 months. They then sent me all over the UK, over to the States and Saudi Arabia. I stayed with them for 10 years and I learnt something very quickly….as a consultancy, they hired highly educated young people and once again the only way I could compete with them was to out work them. I also learnt that if I was to succeed in this cut throat business, I had to be bold and after 2 years there, I started to demand promotion, rather than wait for it. This had the desired effect and I quickly moved up the ladder. When I left in 2005 I was what they called an executive consultant, one promotion away from being a director. Money was very good for each promotion and the company cars got much better…….but they demanded their pound of flesh and I lived out of a suitcase. When I left though, which follows on from @Jim Nealpost and where my point really is aimed at, I became a freelance contractor. It was the best decision of my working life and my only regret was I hadn’t done it sooner. Since 2005 I have never been out of contract, nor do I work every day that god sends. It’s not for everyone, it’s a massive step initially and you have to be totally confident in your ability and have to hit the ground running if you want to make a go of it. If you don’t, the contracts will very quickly dry up as contracting is an incestuous business. My advice to you is if you go contracting now and please accept my apologies if I have this wrong, you will always be an IT Support contractor. That in itself is not be sniffed at and will provide you with a decent income but that is what you will be marketed as. It’s difficult as a contractor to change your job title as the hiring company want proven experience. If you were to contract as a DBA, Programmer, Cloud Specialist, Technical PM or whatever the day rate for any of those roles is very good. Apologies for the long post but thought it would help you. Whatever you do, I hope it works out All the best and good luck
  2. Really good write up. Nice description of the setting, interesting and humorous. Well done and keep the stories coming. I write a journal, not everyday and not always about shooting but try to make it a factual but interesting read for whoever wants to read it. One entry, I posted on here. My Dad did the same (his was beautifully hand written) and captured mostly shooting trips since 1963 to 2010 along with photos. He gave it to my wife, who treasures it and often talks to him about it. As mentioned keep writing, you have a natural talent. 👍
  3. Hi Simon What’s your mobile signal like? If half decent, 3 offer SIM only unlimited data, unlimited calls (apart from premium numbers) and unlimited texts for £10 per month for first six months then £20 per month for two years. I have just taken this deal from £58 per month which included the mobile and tether my work laptop and iPad to it and it is great and now really cheap
  4. I had exactly the same problem with my SXS. Took it to a gunsmith who fitted a rubber pad to the trigger guard which cost very little and never had a problem since.
  5. Thanks but recently bought a Laksen, thanks for asking though
  6. Thanks for all your advice, especially Scully. I have now purchased a Laksen which should be here by Thursday 😀
  7. Thanks for this, just sent to our 4 year old Grandson....reckon he will love it
  8. Thanks Scully will take a look at those as well
  9. Thanks for the info and quite interesting. I can’t believe Musto advertise it as waterproof when it obviously isn’t. Appreciate your help and will remove that coat from the list
  10. I am in the market for a decent coat that I can use for Wildfowling but also use out walking. So it must be windproof, waterproof and warm. I have an army surplus camo jacket for pigeon shooting but don’t think it will be warm enough for fowling and don’t want to be out walking in camo. Having had a look around, there are a couple that I quite like and wondered if anyone has either of these and what their verdict was? Thanks Musto Highland Gore-Tex Ultra Lite DEERHUNTER Muflon Short
  11. Hi, thanks for letting me know but I have other priorities at the moment. Good luck with the sale
  12. Thanks MM, yeah the club have already said they would let me know and show me the ropes but because of the lockdown they are now not taking new members until next year. I already have a trained Lab that I take pigeon shooting and have a Springer that I am training at the mo. Good to hear I won’t need to change my gun as I quite like it. What shot size would I need? Appreciate your advice
  13. Hello folks, I am thinking about starting Wildfowling and have contacted a club on the Humber but wanted some advice on the kit, gun, etc I would need. I have a SxS AYA No 4 and will need to get it checked for shooting steel carts. However the choke is 1/4 on both barrels so good for pigeon but not sure if that would be ok for duck/geese? Also what basic kit will I need? I am guessing anything that is warm (decent thermals and layers) and waterproof for a start and maybe waders but due to the walking, I am guessing to keep everything to a minimum? Also what about the carts. I currently shoot fibre wad, 32g no 6 for woodies. What is the recommended fibre wad steel shot weight/size for Wildfowling? Any advice would be greatly welcomed Thanks
  14. Yep being having exactly the same with Google. I have stopped using it now and use anything other than it
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