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  1. I've seen that action design on a 6000 skeet and 7000 trap, so it's a 6000 or 7000 special edition 🤷
  2. If there is no lateral or vertical movement with fore end off wouldn't worry about trying to tighten anything as about only thing they could do to tighten opening is build up fore end to put more friction on reciever face- which will just add wear, the 101 line of guns are looser opening compared to guns like miroku or beretta, beretta sits on ejector springs when opening, and miroku action gets resistance from it's trap door design, 101s have nothing after top lever is opened, so if no barrel play just enjoy her mate, 6500 is an absolute classic have a f/c version myself
  3. This is the thing though i didn't post to ask for a debate haha i just thought it may help someone, the debate came to me 😅, understand both sides to the argument, i myself use them as it's cheap piece of mind knowing i can release them without a chance of damaging a pin, yes the chances of that are low as are the chances a spring failing, but when a set of pins and springs is 10 fold plus over a set of snap caps i look at it like why not, takes 2 seconds of google to find stories of pins chipping etc without caps so to me its worth the 1minute it took me to make a pair. Each to their own
  4. I all too well understand the for vs against debate mate- not really why i posted to start a debate so 👍, yes theoretically there is always a set of springs under pressure, but as i said my 70s miroku is main v spring, and a set of snap caps gives me piece of mind that they can be released- just like it says in the book that came with my gun, from the people that made it, and if you understand a v spring if kept under tension for long periods they can fail, not so much coils. If an ejector spring fails whoopty do gun will still work, if a main goes you are done for the day
  5. Possibly if you have very long pins? Havent had any puncture yet
  6. Don't know many cars with v springs, When your gun has v spring mains and you don't like the idea of firing a pin against the breach wall they are cheap peace of mind, my miroku 1970s handbook recommends them and thats all the info i need. Not sure if you read it but a cartridge cut in half with kitchen roll isn't exactly hard to see, and if you are not smart enough to keep live rounds away from the gun when its not at a range or field you probably shouldn't own them I have v springs , i would rather use them when miroku themselves recommend them who built the gun, each to their own they cost nothing and thats all that matters to me
  7. Hi guys, just thought would share this as it's saved me 100£ on snap caps with my 6 shotguns, an easy perfect snap cap recipe All you need is an empty hull, kitchen roll, pencil with eraser on end, and a soft eraser cut hull 2/3rds way down, Punch the primer out over a gap in a vice etc, Then take the eraser section of a pencil off and push the rear of it through the eraser, it takes out a section of rubber the same size as primer hole. Push the rubber you removed into hole and stuff the hull with kitchen roll just to add weight/ or oil. And there you have it
  8. Its actually quite easy to grade steel you should do some research rather than flying off your hot little seat because you are offended that lesser quality steels with harsher wear patterns due to tolerances means lesser lifespan clap clap basics of mechanical lifespans, And yes i do know of the guns we pass on as they are mostly bought by people who become members, i have worked here for a long time see a lot of guns come and go. They are built to last their warranty as in they are not overengineered like lots of newage things- you take things so literal. What do you think i meant oh this here gun will last exactly 5 years and 1 day , you just sound so hurt that your ata is not seen as quality to me and a lot of other people who know these guns well as say a miroku, It isn't sorry, its an ok gun for the money, there are other options, you just can't accept that , good luck to you, enjoy your ata as i will mine. And i have had it 2.5years has done maybe 800cartidges at a guess, and yes i have had an issue an ejector overode the cartidge from early on, the ejector was splayed they replaced it over a month. Best wishes
  9. Well for starters all of my personal guns cost around the same money, so show me where i said my multi thousand dollar gun is better than anything else? And for your information my father is an aerospace engineer who knows a little more about metallurgy than you and when it comes to opininons like yours over facts on material qualities i'll take facts everyday of the week, We replace the mk70s every 3 years as we have a contract with our firearms supplier to do so, we support their business by doing so of that is ok with you??? i know of 15 guns that have been sold on and have never had an issue whatsoever, There you have it you just admitted the major influence is a nice warranty of comfort zone. I won't disagree the 686 series has gone backwards hence why i said they are overpriced, If it offends you personally because you have an ata that people disagree that for the money it is a better buy due to the only fact it has a longer warranty over a better made gun that is your issue. I own one, i like it for what it is , they are decent value 100% but it isn't snobbery to say a gun is made to a higher standard when it is, its simply pointing out there are other options than having to only go for a new cheap gun if you are entering the market with that money, amd more people need to know that than just being told no buy new cheap as uou have a warranty for longer. Plus i support local businesses more than importing companies.
  10. I was replying to the other person who was basically being offended by basic engineering and steel grade comaparisons in regards to longevity of mating faces etc between a miroku and an ata. But thanks
  11. Actually my knowledge comes from what i have witnessed first hand at my club over my 15 years there and my time pre working there, what is your experience? our club uses mk70 miroku's as loan guns, they are kept for 3 years and will shoot somewhere in the area of 60,000 conservative figure in 3 years, serviced and sold on, the only issues in that time have been lower firing pins pitting on small number of guns and a cracked stock from being dropped, we purchased 2 ata's in 2019 and both had problems, where moved on early due to ejector wear and gouging in receiever/fore end mating faces , if you get offended by someone stating facts thats your issue. There are massive differences in steel quality and geometry- hence why so many mirokus etc last so long, if you have an ata thats fine they are a decent option for someone who needs to buy a warranty but there is a big gap, if you believe they are better than a miroku of any age in good condition you are showing what little knowledge you have of these guns, and actually no my ata is my rain gun/ or gun i will allow a friend to use with respect on a game/trap day. Anybody who actually knows miroku will laugh at you saying a new budget gun with warranty is a safer bet, 600£ gun post warranty you have sears fail or the likes, then you will understand why i said the gun is a replacement item
  12. I've commented on a few of these posts as its basically a question i am asked every week, what gun to buy/first gun, so for anyone else looking at this choice- i own an ata as a loan /backup gun and several older miroku's /winchester 101s, The ata is well specd for the money- can get an adjustable, palm swell , looks ok shoots ok, multi choke etc.etc. So as a first gun its an option- Now that being said i will only compare it to what you can get for the same money/ as new silver pigeons are over priced for what they are. But if you can shoot the ata or even strip it down and compare it to an 80s/90s 680, miroku, even a lanber. They are a fair way off in levels of finish, metallurgy, geometry material quality, coatings, balance, trigger pulls etc. I am not rubbishing them as they are a decent option and yes the warranty will sway many, but don't be afraid to look at used quality guns. An ata is a decent gun for the money, but for that money you are open to some very very exceptional guns.
  13. They never made parts for beretta, the connection is stoegor who beretta own. And stoegor has been plagued by barrel issues I have an ata as a backup gun, Doesn't get shot a whole lot, It shoots ok and handles reasonably enough- nose heavy, If you plan on doing high volume shooting i would say go a used miroku , 680 etc Ata fills a gap in the market well, but they are built to a budget and side by side with a miroku etc the quality gap is decent. They are an ok gun for the money, and if only shooting 1000 or so a year they are a good option for people who need a new gun big warranty, but take them for what they are a budget built gun, if it fits you and you like it buy it. But older quality over new with warranty is sound advice
  14. Pointing out the gap between them is stating a fact, lots of owners of them seem to think there are no differences, like i said compare them all and see for yourself. I said they shoot ok and handle ok, don't remember saying they are overall a **** gun, they are ok for the money, but there is a quality gap, i wouldn't own one if i thought was total rubbish would i?
  15. Three thousand cartidges is only just broken in, there are 30plus year old mirokus, beretta, browning, winchesters out there with 100s of thousands of shells through them, I own an ata as a loan gun,people just need to accept them for what they are- a budget built gun that is made to look like a beretta. i have stripped the ata and my winchester and a 680 special and compared everything. And what i found was They are good for the money in spec terms for a casual shooter etc, but they are a long way off the likes of the other guns mentioned, differences being Lower quality steel and tolerances Machining is ok but overall geometry and finishing is much lower cheap coatings The wood although can look nice is not dense at all. wouldn't be surprised if they stained them to appear a higher grade than they are. Paper thin top rib weird mid rib design. Front heavy Triggers are very budget. The gap is decent between them new silver pigeons are over priced, but the main thing here is these atas will not last a lifetime so you can't compare them to guns that will. they are built as a throwaway item, built to last their warranty period. Sure some guys will get 10 plus years of good service of casual use, me personally although i own one as a loaner i always say buy used quality over new cheap with warranty if intend to shoot once a week plus These guns go bang and shoot decently enough, and i am not trying to say they are rubbish- but they are built to a budget and the gap is decent. If you come into shotgun market with 600£ they are an option, i would take a used miroku etc over one as i shoot a lot and i like to know the gun i am using can handle it for a long time. None of my guns has cost me over 700£, sure some can't walk passed the warranty offered and i get that
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