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  1. No not really, mainly pigeon grades, field grades and every now and then a grand european or diamond grade pop up, lovely gun
  2. Very nice, a 6500 is next on my list, bsst money you can spend in my opinion
  3. Indeed, top lever is nearly on the wood, no blueing wear anywhere tight as a nuns, i pick them up whenever find them at decent prices, lovely bits of kit the 101 line of guns
  4. Was lucky enough to find this few weeks ago, appears to have been shot maybe one time in it's life, £290 very well spent, i love these old 101's, every bit as good as the miroku of same vintage, and you can find them for half the price of a new ata sp
  5. Not really a cheap 101 has probably done it's life of shooting took me 5 mins to cut the springs down, few loops, cost zero
  6. I consider it more a preventative measure than a fix, the coil springs in fore end are strong and oversized to say the least, which is why it's not hard to find stories of broken kickers in them, i'd rather snip a few coils off than ever need a kicker tig welded and reshaped, each to their own, i love my 101s and whatever lengthens their life is an improvement to me
  7. Hi Lads, any owners of the kodensha built 101s who have done the ejector hammer mod of cutting some of springs down? Just wondering how many they cut, i have a few 101s and have never had a kicker fail touch wood but am considering lessening the spring pressure by cutting some down.
  8. Yes it's sad but also good as it means more for people who know how amazing they are to buy haha, happy shooting
  9. Beautiful guns, count yourself lucky you won't find many 101s over in Aus under 500£ and if they are they have shot 1million shells, i just picked up an unfired 101 black action waiting on it to arrive, i'll take a good cond nikko, 101, early miroku over any new gun today
  10. I like Jonny and his channel, has passion for our sport/game and being younger that's a good thing, as for the longthorne it is beautiful even though i'm no fan of sideplate ou's, but with that money available i'm probably getting a grade 5 miroku and few years of cartridges, i don't really understand their sales tactic based around barrels that can withstand a nuclear blast, it's overengineering at it's best, guess it's a sales tactics to be able to say my barrels can pry open a bank vault
  11. I've seen that action design on a 6000 skeet and 7000 trap, so it's a 6000 or 7000 special edition 🤷
  12. If there is no lateral or vertical movement with fore end off wouldn't worry about trying to tighten anything as about only thing they could do to tighten opening is build up fore end to put more friction on reciever face- which will just add wear, the 101 line of guns are looser opening compared to guns like miroku or beretta, beretta sits on ejector springs when opening, and miroku action gets resistance from it's trap door design, 101s have nothing after top lever is opened, so if no barrel play just enjoy her mate, 6500 is an absolute classic have a f/c version myself
  13. This is the thing though i didn't post to ask for a debate haha i just thought it may help someone, the debate came to me 😅, understand both sides to the argument, i myself use them as it's cheap piece of mind knowing i can release them without a chance of damaging a pin, yes the chances of that are low as are the chances a spring failing, but when a set of pins and springs is 10 fold plus over a set of snap caps i look at it like why not, takes 2 seconds of google to find stories of pins chipping etc without caps so to me its worth the 1minute it took me to make a pair. Each to their own
  14. I all too well understand the for vs against debate mate- not really why i posted to start a debate so 👍, yes theoretically there is always a set of springs under pressure, but as i said my 70s miroku is main v spring, and a set of snap caps gives me piece of mind that they can be released- just like it says in the book that came with my gun, from the people that made it, and if you understand a v spring if kept under tension for long periods they can fail, not so much coils. If an ejector spring fails whoopty do gun will still work, if a main goes you are done for the day
  15. Possibly if you have very long pins? Havent had any puncture yet
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