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  1. Thanks mate. Yeah definitely not easy and not really knowing anyone this neck of the woods doesn't really help, but fingers crossed.
  2. Thanks buddy 😉 Cheers mate 😉, I'm originally from Nottinghamshire wed a Derbyshire lass and moved to Grimsby lol. I think I've found 2 rangers one a couple of miles away and one near Market Rasen 15 miles away. Gonna give them both a ring. Be nice to make a few friends and see if I can find someone who knows where I might get permission to do pest control.
  3. Thanks for the welcome guys much appreciated 😉
  4. How did you find you get on with the rear stud being the the butt is hollow? I have the Gamo GX-40, I've fitted the front but slightly dubious about fitting the rear. Thanks in advance for any information you can give.
  5. Hi there, My name is Bryan I'm. New to the forum and would like to say hi to everyone. I own amongst others a Gamo GX-40 Pcp and a Kral arms N-05. I now live in Laceby a small village just outside Grimsby NE Lincolnshire and looking for a gun club / local range to join. I'm Originally I'm from Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire. Looking around the forum I find it very interesting, some good information and the members seem to be nice from the posts I've read. Looking forward to posting more and reading others posts. Cheers
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