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  1. Hi, new genuine umarex part arrived this am. Fitted it and inserted 88g co2 and it’s now working. Umarex e mailed me and said I have done well to get 6 years out of the gun without any servicing at all. Hoping to get another 6 with a bit of luck. Thanks for all replies.
  2. Hi, best gun I have ever purchased. It’s really accurate and quiet as it comes with a silencer and it also comes with sights and a bipod. i paid £325.00 in 2014 brand new from a gun store in Boston. I have read where some people have had some problems but that’s life.
  3. Hi, I’ve spoken to a guy at umarex in Germany and he’s convinced it’s the valve as he reckons after 5/6 years I’ve done well. Also after trying a couple of times with different o rings I have ordered a valve at £96.00 and hoping that cures it. Thanks for your reply. I will update as soon as I have fitted it in my gun.
  4. Hi, I have fitted a new o ring for my gun and when I insert cartridge 88 g umarex co2 it spurts gas out the cylinder not the gun. I tried a different one that’s also supposed to fit and it’s done the same? I have owned the gun from new in 2014 and never had any problems with it especially putting in new gas gas. anyone else had the same or similar problems? could it be the valve the o ring fits in? I purchased some from e bay and some from a gun shop both are slightly different to my original as it seems more stiffer unless that’s over age that’s caused it. Any solutions w
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