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  1. Hello, I have a MDT polymer magazine for sale. It was bought to test the fitting with another brand of precision chassis over a rumour that it may fit, however it didn't fit the chassis so it is in very good condition. I will accept £30 as a Paypal payment. Free P&P. I will offer a 10% discount (equivalent to $37USD) if I am paid in one of the following crypto-currencies (ADA,BAT,BTC,DASH, DOT,EOS,ETH,ETN,LTC,OMG,SC,TRX,XLM,XMR,XRP,ZEC,ZRX)
  2. For long, short or mini action?
  3. Ok, thanks... too far away for me. Shame, I would have taken a couple of tubs.
  4. Which part of the country are you in?
  5. Didn't you sell this on Ebay last month?
  6. I have 3, but only one has illumination and a 50mm objective. Are you looking for something specific? Falcon S18i 3-18×50 FFP Falcon S8i 1-8x24 Falcon M14 4-14x44 FFP
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