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  1. That’s a really interesting point and I have to agree with your perspective. What I can’t understand is why most roosting woods are a lot quieter. You’d think that even though birds are spread far and wide, they’d still use their usual roosting woods.
  2. Ah ok makes sense What’s the best performing county out of curiosity on a usual year?
  3. That’s interesting so how does it work exactly? I’m just curious....do you stay overnight at hotels or just a lot of travelling? Does anyone else here have any experience on managing pigeons on permissions in multiple different counties?
  4. Good news! So do u have perms in different counties? I’ve always wanted to have the luxury of choice but haven’t worked out how to do it whilst still delivering for the farmer. Plus if there aren’t that many pigeons in Dorset why not go further afield!
  5. Hi all thanks for your replies to my post. Sorry for the delay, I thought I had posted this to the “talk from the field” section of the forum and when I couldn’t find it on there I thought my post had been taken down. Anyway, good to hear people’s own theories, I think a lot of it is down to the weather as many of you have said. What I don’t understand is why pigeons have decided to go awol when they’ve been living off OSR ever since their population began to boom. Despite the reduction it’s not like rape has totally disappeared. Plus there is tons of natural food about. The fact that they are
  6. So I’m sure many if not all of you will have heard of the pigeon maestro Tom Payne. I’m an avid reader of his articles in shooting times and if any of you want to learn more, I strongly suggest reading his book. Anyway back to the point, I follow his page on Instagram and today he put up a long post outlining his own theory and analysis on the current pigeon status in terms of numbers. I attach his theory below. I’m a firm believer in what he has said and I just wanted to hear all your thoughts on it. Let me know!
  7. Thanks to both old’un and marsh man. That is great advice, let me see if I can make contact with the gamekeeper. This will be difficult as I don’t know the area at all and have no contacts there due to it being a good 35 mins from home but I’m always willing to travel for pigeon shooting. My only fear now is that pigeons in that number may have moved off the cover strip but no doubt they won’t have gone far. I’ve got nothing to lose either way as you suggested!
  8. Nothing in my area and nothing on rape I’m just staggered, I’ve seen more birds sitting on top of my local village street lamps than my ground to be honest! Shot 3 birds last weekend - 1 had wheat and the other two had a mix of ivy berries, acorns, clover and some other weeds. However, I did find a load on my way to work which was really nice to see; apparently the video is too large to attach even at 8 seconds. Enquired for permission to shoot but was appreciative that the estate was polite enough to return my call to say that pigeon shooting is kept in house for the keeper. Must have been 4-
  9. True. Perhaps they’re letting numbers build then....if the pigeons even do. County is barren currently.
  10. Came across a bunch of pigeons on a standing maize game cover. Not huge numbers but most I’ve seen since last year! I suppose there were about 40 and this was 10am so my guess is there’d be more in the afternoon. It’s not my ground; however, do you think I should ask for permission since it’s only a game cover? Or should I wait until the pigeons are actually hitting a combinable crop? Haven’t worked out who farms the ground yet but guessing there’s a syndicate.
  11. Ahh I see ok that’s not a bad idea. I tend to just write my vermin count down as I go through the year.
  12. That looks brilliant. I’ll have to give it a go. I’m sure we’ve got a few of those knocking about that I can play around with. Thanks for ur help! It’s funny some areas have next to no jays. I’m sure they’re about you’ll hear em squawk.
  13. Great idea this is but how the hell do you add each person’s tally up at the end of the year?There are gonna be hundreds of posts every time someone kills a squirrel. Why don’t we all just post our personal tally at the end of the year? Forgive me for being facetious, I’m just curious as to how this whole squizzer count works?
  14. Thanks for all your guidance guys. I am well versed in the new conditions for jays and one of my concerns for controlling is the fact that we have plenty of endangered woodland birds that will need protecting this spring. I have two peanut feeders on the go for the tree rats but am switching to maize and wheat as peanuts are emptied way too fast. The fact I don’t use a hide is probably my main reason for not drawing jays. I will look into make some semi permanent hides. Thanks again for your help.
  15. Hi - just have a question for all you keepers and conservationists. Due to a large acreage of oak woods on the farm, jays have been particularly numerous this year. With the acorns drying up I hoped they might move on but they haven’t and are still as noisy as ever! With the days getting longer and spring approaching does anyone have any tips for controlling these egg thieves? I am also keen to catch one when I roll out my larsens. Has anyone ever caught one for a Larsen?
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