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  1. Good point. First light might be a bit keen especially as the second feed on this field doesn’t start until about 13:30. I’ll try and be set up by about 8am. Since it’s maize my guess is that most will be gone by then as they only need a handful of grains to fill their crop but I might shoot the odd one coming back for seconds!
  2. Finally found a promising field. Been watching an old maize stubble for the past two weeks. Only corvids have been feeding on it but the past couple of days, I’ve been watching about 400-500 pigeons hit it hard. Shooting it tomorrow in less than ideal conditions but it’s my only chance to have a go. The birds feed at first light and then not again until 12:30 onwards. Would you recommend setting up at first light or catch the later feed?
  3. Not far from Salisbury mate, I’m about 60 mins south. What the pigeons feeding on there?
  4. Well done you for finding a few birds. I’m surprised to hear that clover is being eaten by the birds at this time of year but if that’s where they are feeding I’d definitely have a go. Pick a windy day and hopefully they won’t all ****** off after the first shot. Look forward to hearing how you get on!
  5. Yes I’m sure you’re right. Being a brassica I’m sure pigeons would go for fodder radish but with other food sources available perhaps they’ll only eat it as a last resort. Probably not the tastiest thing on their menu! Definitely worth keeping an eye on like you said. Haven’t seen any in my area, all seems to be stubble turnips so I’m guessing we’ll have a few spring drillings going in💪
  6. That’s one of the questions I want to ask God if I get to meet him! Been seeing pigeons do the exact same round here. They fly for miles and then just turn back to fly to the exact spot they just came from! Perhaps they do it to work up an appetite - who knows!😂
  7. I’ve been hearing of lots of birds up north around Yorkshire and Durham. Can you send some down south please! Can’t explain why they have headed north with winter approaching: bizarre! Can’t find any in my area so I’ve just given up scouting for the moment.
  8. Thanks for your help. I suppose I’ll just keep an eye out. Like you said perhaps it’s of interest to the pigeons when the leaves are young.
  9. Anyone got any experience shooting over stubble turnips - when’s the best time of year etc? Saw about 30 birds on a field today and I can only assume that this number will build. I’m surprised they were not preoccupied with the acorns.
  10. Shot a pigeon on the weekend whilst I was duck flighting and its crop was stuffed full with 24 acorns - sure one of you out there can top this! Came across a couple of maize fields today brimming with kernels on the ground and not a pigeon in sight(checked the two fields twice today)! Could not believe it; just goes to show the lure of the acorns this time of year.
  11. Shot one early evening on the weekend and was stuffed full with 24 acorns! Not sure we are going to be seeing many birds anytime soon.....
  12. Thanks I’ll give it a go. Had a look at the forecast and going to hold on until next week. Numbers may build which will help too. Only difficulty is that they seem to roost and feed in the same wood which makes it difficult to come up with a strategy. Found a flightline, probably a false work but it’s steadyish not prolific. Hopefully a strong wind like you said will encourage ones and twos. Anyway could fail but thanks again.
  13. Seen about 30 pigeons on rape this afternoon but every other rape field - deserted! Tried to flight a few at first light this morning after seeing several hundred feeding on the oaks but it was hopeless. Fired a shot and they all moved on mass. Impressive sight but utterly useless. Turns out they are roosting and feeding in the same wood. Is there any way to get under them in this situation?
  14. True. No beet in my area so I can only presume the birds are in the woods and hedgerows like you said. Trouble is my whole farm consists of oaks dotted around and despite the heavy acorn crop there still aren’t the numbers of birds to shoot even a bag of 10. Most I’ve seen dropping in on the acorns is 9 or 10 birds.
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