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  1. It did! To me, it looks ‘ok’, better than others for the price, and more importantly seems to go bang when the trigger is pulled. Purchased new, it will have a warranty, and if taken from existing stock can be visually checked prior to leaving RFD for marks etc. It’s just getting over the hurdle of “oh it’s Turkish”, “oh it’s cheap/won’t resell as well”, and “oh it’s not a Beretta/Browning/fill in gap here”! Think I’m still up for it as my first choice for first gun, but then we still have 3 weeks of lockdown for me to rethink, oh, 20 times or so!!!
  2. Thanks for the info... happy shooting! Don’t know about the handling yet, but agreed it certainly looks like a more expensive gun. Will have to try one out then decided! Appreciate your feedback on it. 👍
  3. Thanks taileron... I must admit, it looks as though there is more chance of getting a bit of a rough ride with them... more than 1 or 2 tales of woe which I rather suspect are in much less quantity (in terms of ratio to physical numbers) with, say, a browning. Damn... I’m on the roundabout again!!! My missus can pick shoes easier than this, and that IS saying something!!
  4. Thanks Wingman... seems the ATA is ‘holding its own’ amongst some, and at the price point, for a new gun, I’m more inclined to not worry too much about the odd dink, should it happen. (Would cry if I dinked a perazzi!)
  5. Lol ✈️ 🚁 ✈️ I do miss a pint or two down their with friends...
  6. Hi Udderly... your story sounds very much like my thinking! I’d always keep the gun even if I did upgrade, simply as a spare, or something for a friend/family member to use if they want to come along and have a go. how is the West Country? I’m often down that way... my wife comes from around that neck of the woods, so family visits etc.
  7. thanks John... appreciate the heads up on the action. I’ll be sure to check on that. Agreed on the wood, definitely better on the Turkish guns. Thanks For the info Button Scobydog - Not looked at Bettinsoli, I’m in a mind melt already! Thanks for the info re your pals ATAs.
  8. Thanks Jall, That was my exact short list to look at, primarily as 3 considered well-built solid guns that generally you can’t go wrong with, with added ATA Ssport as the ‘cheapest option’, and Yildiz PS as the nicest looking!
  9. As far as I can tell, ‘most’ motorway roadwork 50mph average speed cameras will allow up to 55 or 56 no problem... if they are actually connected at all! Generally, cameras will allow a tolerance of 10% before being triggered... much the same as ‘most’ police patrols will, if you are driving sensibly.
  10. Eek! 😟 must admit, I’m a bit of a ‘want it now’ type... I hate waiting for stock to arrive. Think I would definitely be looking for something ‘in stock’ that I can hold/see...
  11. Yes... I have quite a few goods comments re Potters. Luckily for me, only 45 minutes away!
  12. Thanks Eggy... appreciate the honest feedback. I think, as many have said, that I need to go and try a few different guns and see which ‘feels’ right, rather than looks great on the inter web! It’s like one massive roundabout this gun-picking lark eh... think you’ve made up your mind then, bam, you change again. Then, before you know it, 3 weeks later you’re back at your first choice! Decisions, decisions
  13. Thanks for the tip... will certainly look at the. Biggin Hill shop (was on their web site early today!)
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