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  1. Thanks very interesting, I liked the adaptors bought in the 70s , I was born in the 70s and 😀
  2. Hi I been looking at these just out of curiosity, has anyone ever used these? Being overbored that patterns would be good as to what I've read but unsure myself , moreover I got me wondering would a ten bore shotgun fire a 12 bore catridge , there is hardly any difference in size, I have asked my friends but just get the look they have no idea , so anyone any experience? Thanks andy
  3. I am just wondering about the law is there any point of him getting a cert. He not interested in airguns , he's been shooting shotguns for about 2 years. I though I would just ask here firearms licencing not open at the weekend. He asked me this morning , he would not be going hunting himself his mother and him would just be shooting clays, the wife on the trap lol , but if he needs a cert holder ie me there , then its just a waste of money. Thats why I asked. I don't even kown if licencing is open with this covid thing
  4. Hi I like to think I know most things about shooting and certs ect , but I anit really got a clue on this . I think I know but not for definite, so could yous guys keep me right. my son want to apply for his own cert, he's 15. 1 I work away sometimes and won't be there , so can his mother take him up to the farm and shoot she not got a licence to supervise him? 2 gifting guns and cartridges. Can I pay the shop and they can gift a gun and carts to him or do I need to buy one on my cert and gift it to him? 3 who can be his referee? Anything I not thought off as
  5. I only seen the clip of them swimming, was it a head shot?? , that's the only shot you have. I thinking how the hell you going to recover that! Without a boat. I've not shot any red but a lot of my friend have contract stalkers , game keepers ect and what they tell me is if you've never shot a red before you will not think how are you going to recover that but that's the most important thing. You could be hours and hours trying to recover , think before you pull the trigger.
  6. I dont usually join forums but my search results a lot of times ended up in pigeon watch articles, so I joined👍
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