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  1. Brilliant for the money, I gave it a good coat and left it about 1hr15, that took 85% of the lacquer off, gave it another coat for an hour and it all came off with a washing up sponge.
  2. Afternoon, Previous O/U & S/A owner, just purchased a Mossberg 20g Hushpower pump. Bit front heavy, but feels fine, I have put a 20mm rail on the receiver that has a channel running down the middle, lines up nicely with the front bead. Cant wait to get out with it.
  3. Cheers,bud. Already caused a stir with the AYA, haha.
  4. Why not, I've just bought a mossberg 20 hushpower that I'm dying to take out. Wont be painting that one though. Tbh, I'm a big fan of the stock on the B525 SL
  5. Cheers, this was going to sit in a rack in the local gun store and waste away. It was a fun little project.
  6. Im sure I'll get plenty of grief when I go out with it.
  7. Gave my old S200 a bit of an airbrush.
  8. Bought a £50 AYA Yeoman and spent about £12 in materials to make this......... Stripped with Screwfix own brand varnish remover and a kitchen sponge. 400 grit paper. Bolgers Artisan Acrylic Wood Dye - Emerald Green. Blackfriars polyurethane gloss, couple of coats and sanding inbetween.
  9. Hello, New member here from North Shropshire. Been shooting and plinking since about 10yrs old. Recently back in to shotguns after a few years off. Been aquiring some new permissions over the last few months which has gone well. Mainly for crows, pigeons etc. Refurbed/customised a couple of guns this year just for fun, one of them my old AA S200, the other is a recently aquired AYA Yeoman from about 1978. I fancy doing a few more shotguns as the AYA cost about £62 including the gun to do.
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