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  1. Ive found the heavy barrel does help stability when standing and shooting.
  2. From a safe distance with an appropriate backstop. DistantWildFishingcat-mobile.mp4
  3. I used the dirt cheap screwfix stripper, worked fine on my AYA. https://www.screwfix.com/p/no-nonsense-paint-varnish-stripper-500ml/17091
  4. In the embassy siege the SAS shot 2 terrorists that had already threw down their weapons. The gov had intel that they could be carrying grenades so they shot them. Coroners verdict was justifiable homocide as they couldnt take the risk that they could have grenades. Either risk the their own lives and the lives of the hostages or takenout the bad guys that had made their decision. No other call to make, they did the right thing.
  5. I remember watching the doc about the SAS storming the embassy and Mac said when they first went in the first 2 terrorists got just a couple of pops each but when the terroist tried to escape with the hostages and he had a grenade Horsfall said that terrorist ended up with 27 shots in him. Might just be SOP. If in doubt, flat out.
  6. I love how lazy they can be, my GFs old neighbour had some in an outdoor run, he made them a hammock and they would just sunbathe in it all day.
  7. Cheers, hopefully get some more this week. Floured and fried next time.
  8. If both parties are willing and its somewhere out of the way, then yes.
  9. Nah, again this sucks all the fun and convenience out of using them and you'd also have to do the same to electric bikes. This is what I meant about Britain being stuffy, tax and regulate the joy out of anything. Just a case of the law being out of touch/date and amendments need to be made for these types of social convenience vehicles. No different to beind undertaken by a push bike though? I never wear and never have worn a helmet on a pushbike so I wouldnt bother on a scooter either, people can make their own choices. I dont think it matters if they have any protective gear at all.
  10. Turned out well, the meat fell off the bone, especially on the front legs, there were a couple of tougher bits but it was fine. The loins were very good tho. Need to get out again this week and bag a few more.
  11. Shot a pair of rabbits on Saturday night, butchered them, marinated in port, thyme, fennel and garlic for 24hrs. Browned them off, made a soffritto and deglazed with port. 1hr20mins in the oven. Shredded the meat, pan fried the loins, served up with some streaky bacon and tagliatelle and a leg on top.
  12. Hahaha, it was a selfie.
  13. Just used them to nip around the main streets and to the cathedral etc, when we found a bar we just parked them somewhere sensible and walked to them but nobody had any issues with them being used as far as we could tell. Got the odd ####ing off the Polish police if you werent being sensible.
  14. People seem to hate them but they are great fun. I look forward to them when I go on holiday, they were my main transport in Warsaw and Seville, nipping from tapas bar to tapas bar on warm sunny evenings. Love them, Britain is too stuffy towards things sometimes.
  15. I did think that you meant household uses but the gas doesnt always last long so theyre best kept to food or the odd emergency pipe solder. Suppose you could try some small scale shou sugi ban.
  16. As @Rewulfsaid, LG HG2 batteries have always been good, I have used them in my vape and torches for years.
  17. Creme brulee or a bit of meringue
  18. Pangolin

    5G, worth it?

    Yeah, I dont need 5g for anything I use, 4g is absolutely fine. 5g is alot faster and will have valid applications. Im in rural Shropshire so its wasted on me.
  19. Kitchen are my quarters here, cant let the gf cook, good lord.
  20. Yeah but if you ever run out of liquid, fire lighyers etc in the future. Yes, I make those to take fishing for fires. AA battery and a chewing gum wrapper? Haha, that works.
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