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  1. Lidl had charcoal starters in, theyre great, just need a bit of paper in the bottom. They were like £6.
  2. Yeah, I seen the top rail with the stupid, odd hole spacing, why they didnt keep the spacing the same as the 3,6 and 9 o'clock rail holes I dont know. I might just chuck a pictatinny somewhere for the torch.
  3. Pangolin

    5G, worth it?

    It is very different, if you are in an area with good coverage its much faster than 4G.
  4. Gave this a good clean out, it was filthy inside and kept failing to cycle, all sorted now. Took it on the rabbits this eve. Bagged a couple, the big one was tough as anything to skin, must be an oldie.
  5. Pangolin


    I meant the privacy terms as signal was mentioned, the signal hype was due to the privacy setting, not the group adding.
  6. Pangolin


    Werent the change of terms only for the US and not Europe or has it now changed?
  7. Not just a hobby for some though and its not like the FEOs are out on the beat policing pub goers in the beer garden. They should get the cert back to them in good time, covid isnt an excuse especially as we are less than a month away from potentially have restrictions lifted.
  8. Very pleased with the CZ, first shot I grinned and a "whowhoooooo" came out, fun gun to shoot. Zeroed it roughly at 80m, going back out tomorrow with a tape and a bench/to proper dial it in at a longer distance but I managed to group 5 shots within a 2p at 80m. Took it around the perm after that, got a squirrel at 60m, the exit wound made a fair hole. Got it from The Countryman in Derby, great prices there.
  9. I'll be keeping hold of these. They work well, they feel good quality.
  10. These are my dads, he bought them in the 70s, I remember using them in the late 80s and early 90s, borrowed them for the perm today, they have a couple of clip on colour filters. Anybody know anything about them, except being Russian?
  11. Picked up the CZ this morning, time to go zero it in.
  12. I think a lot of the Marlin levers in 45-70 are used as PDWs against bears when out in the wild on hunting trips.
  13. I think they do a 60 without the hogback.
  14. Yeah thats what i thought, as the 17 is smaller it should be fine. Hopefully it will be hours of fun, not very traditional but youve seen my green AYA haha. Will I get lectures about going out in the field and the police being called, ha. I was going to buy a new, cheaper AR clone but then would need a scope, mod etc, extra cost on top of the gun.
  15. Yes bud, its basically a 10/22 in a new chassis.
  16. Picked this up today, in very good condition, came with a Hawke scope, Wildcat Whisper, 3 mags and ammo. Will have to give it an outing tomorrow. Off to get my CZ 17hmr on Saturday. Will the 22lr Wildcat mod be fine on my CZ 17hmr if I want to use one mod for both guns, I have slots on ticket for a mod of each calibre, or legally does it have to be a 17cal mod as written?
  17. Wonder how many people doubting steel would be willing to let someone shoot at them from 45yds away haha.
  18. So it would seem most RFDs are out of stock for the CZ 457 Varmint 17HMR, all waiting on sportsmanguncentre to ship them out. When they do the price seems to have gone up from around £540 to £610, but I've managed to find one at the old price and picking it up on Saturday. Thanks for the buying advice.
  19. I started buying some pipes a few years ago, that can easily get out of hand.
  20. Do it. The mac and cheese cooker is the smoker turned out well.
  21. Yeah as half the people invited bailed as they thoight it would rain. We had sun, so no brisket for them next time.
  22. Burnt ends were the best. Tender as you like and charred.
  23. @D_shooteras promised.
  24. Cheers pal, brisket turned out well, I have a vid of all the juices in it when it was cut but cant post it. Very tired after the overnight smoke though.
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