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  1. Result pics Pulled pork shoulder Beef brisket Burnt ends Bacon Mac&Cheese
  2. A mate is bringing a gazebo for kater on and then we will get the fire basket on the go.
  3. Im risking the weather and having a bbq tomorrow, meat is going in the smoker tonight. Pork shoulder and beef brisket ahoy. Brisket is trimmed, shoulder is skinned, injected and rubbed (no jokes please). The brisket is off a Welsh Black so isn't the biggest.
  4. It does go well, pretty much butterscotch vodka.
  5. Save yourself the effort, get a couple of cube delivered.
  6. Pangolin


    I have some XRP Ripple.
  7. I do love a cigar, especially sitting in the sun with a beer or whilst driving the canal boat. I'm also quite partial to pipe smoking now and then, I have a fair collection of pipe tobacco.
  8. Haha, 60 a day, christ. When I smoked cigarettes, I wasnt a heavg smoker. These cigars will probably last me 2 years.
  9. To be fair, as much as people hate the word, I do love the word Yeet.
  10. Dont you mean "totes emosh" = totally emotional haha
  11. Rae yuo srue thsi isnt fkae news?
  12. I wouldnt say theyre all horrible, depends what youve tried I suppose. There are plenty of shockingly bad cigars about. These Java Mint I have there are great with a stout or espresso martini, they taste like an After Eight.
  13. King Edwards? Haha
  14. Yes but in Nicaragua instead.
  15. Pangolin


    My latest haul of Drew Estate cigars from the US. All of these are infused cigars except for the Swamp Thangs (the brown and green ones) they are Kentucky Fire Cured. Kind of food and drink I suppose.
  16. Are they damaging any neighbouring crops?
  17. They are a dream to use in Europe, flying around Seville in 30c weather, tapas bar to tapas bar. I love them. They were also my main mode of transport in Warsaw. I think Britains attitude to fun is a bit stuffy.
  18. I dont mind if I whittle them down a few a day, I enjoy walking the grounds anyway. Might have to travel a bit to the next RFD but it isnt far for ammo.
  19. Just picked up some carts from my local RFD, we had a chat about the CZ 457, he can get me one with a few days lead in but he said they have no 17hmr ammo and haven't been able to get it for about the last month, is this a common issue at the moment, a shortage in 17 ammo?
  20. I think it was TGS15 and they have previously used TGS10, these may have expired though.
  21. I have the CF Switch, used a discount code from TGS on youtube. £100. They've been really good, gunshots are not loud yet you can hear people talking and you dont that thudding in your head from your footsteps. When I had mine made, I asked them to use a softer shore material for the inner ear part and they did it with no problems. Process took about 6 weeks in total.
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