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  1. My SCT finally arrived this week. While I can't get out and buy a gun, I can sort out insurance/association membership. There appear to be a few options on the table (BASC, CPSA, SCTA, just insurance with someone like Gunplan, etc.), so thought I'd ask for some opinions here. My primary use of the gun will be clays - local club and probably some pay&play further afield...some competitions perhaps?. I would like to be able to bring my family along to shoot with me. I have no current plans on shooting any game, but wouldn't want to rule it out in the future. I'm also based in Scotland.
  2. My SCT came in the post this morning (28th Jan). I think that's not too bad going for having applied mid-November. Inspection was the week before Christmas with no issues. The only problem I have now is that everything is shut! That was Police Scotland - Forth Valley.
  3. I'm perfectly happy to just hide the keys (or keep with me) The doubts were sown from suggestions that the local FLO preferred keys to be locked up in one. Will take a steer on it from the FLO when we meet. Also, the keys fitted inside the safe...with about 0.5mm to spare.
  4. Thanks for replies, that helps put my mind at ease
  5. Hello - my first post here, been entertained/educated reading the posts so far I'm applying for my SCT and have the FLO visit in under 2 weeks, and I've got a couple of questions. I've got my gun safe installed in an out of the way cupboard, into a stone wall and floor joists. What do you all do to keep your keys secure? Someone at the club suggested a small key safe (see image) which I've got...but I'm struggling with where to put that. It's wall mountable, but just looks so ugly...would it need to be mounted, or would keeping the key safe locked but unattached to a wall, sitting o
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