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  1. I've been looking for a .25 stutzen for a good while now. Good money waiting and willing to travel. Let me know if you have one or know someone who has. Thanks
  2. There'll always be takers of a freebie - well done for recycling
  3. Definitely 99s - it's in a different league to the lightening. Just search for some reviews on the lightening so you know what you're looking at.
  4. Nope. As is usually the case these days, it was me 😂
  5. Ah, sorry. Just checked back and you have the axsor. Completely different animal rendering everything I just said irrelevant, including my ability to be a great deal of help. It's a more common rifle and almost identical to some offerings from other manufacturers including Webley.
  6. The pellets are loaded into an oblong magazine, and then fed in to the breach via a piece of shaped metal. This shape needs to be set to the length and, to an extent, head shape of the pellet you're using. There are three gauges available. One for accupells/premiers, one for bisley magnums and one for air Arms. They are adjustable as long the pellet head shape is roughly the same. Just put accupells in it though - it's blindingly accurate with them. Any questions just ask. I've had mine for years and like to get to know my kit very well.
  7. Accupells or crossman premier as standard - though you can get replacement slip gauges for different pellets if you need to, or adjust the one you have.
  8. Yes that's my experience too. Few have really had a good with them and many dislike the inability to put any number of different pellets through it. Once set up properly it simply cycles like silk
  9. My favourite are great tits 😁. Rarely seen in my garden though
  10. Thanks everyone - hopefully I can help others out at least a little.
  11. I love these guns - very interested in getting my hands on one in .25 if anyone has one or knows anyone that does.
  12. Lucky you to be given one of these. I have a MK2 and it's fantastic. A bit marmite for some but it's superbly engineered!
  13. Hi to all Thought I'd join as I've been looking around for a while and this site regularly comes up as a useful resource. I'm an airgun shooter - mostly informal target at the moment
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