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  1. Gave up on my Mossberg Hushpower due to repeated faulty ejector - sent gun back and got my money back. Now stuck with lots of cartridges! 4 full boxes (100) of Eley extra long 18g 6 shot, plus an additional 50+ carts in a loose screw top container mainly the same Eley and a few Fiocchi. £25 for the lot collected Thirsk N.Yorkshire.
  2. I’ve called this chap and let him know about the driving licence, he will remove it from the post.
  3. Hi everyone, selling a weaver and also QD sling mount for the front of a Mossberg 410 stealth. Also a 410 safety flag which is required at any clay grounds and for general safety. £20 posted for the lot. Let me know if interested. These are fitted like the below image
  5. Selling my old safe, sized for 3 guns. Two working locks with a different key for each. Good condition. Collection near Thirsk N.Yorkshire. £60, buyer to collect.
  6. For anyone interested, I shot 30 out of 50 clays this week using Hull Comp X 21g 7.5 - they were an absolute dream to use, gun handled perfectly. Would recommend. Going to get some of the 28g to try on the pigeons.
  7. Hi everyone, I have recently inherited an extremely well-kept 12 gauge side-by-side which dates to 1905. It’s a double trigger non-ejector boxlock, and my only 12g. It’s chambered for 2 3/4 but I’d feel more comfortable with 2 1/2. All in proof! Up until now I have primarily shot .410, a side-by-side and my Mossberg hushpower. I’ve put some old paper-cased 32g 6’s through it on the weekend and the thing kicks like a mule, would anybody be able to recommend a decent pigeon cartridge: 2 1/2 inch (65mm) cheap reliable reduced recoil! thanks in advance
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I have been offered a Mossberg 410 at a remarkable price so going to collect it this week before Christmas. Will see how I get on, still not convinced it’s the best calibre to opt for but I will hopefully be convinced.
  9. Hi all, my first post on here so go easy! Firstly to set the scene, I have shot my whole life, having had an extended break for a decade due to lack of money, and recently got back into this wonderful sport and purchased a new ATA O/U 12g which I am very pleased with. Years gone I dabbled in loading my own cartridges just to make basic shells, nothing fancy but did it just because I enjoyed it, so I have very basic experience in reloading. I have recently acquired some really good rabbit/pigeon/crow land which is near horse paddocks. The 12g scares the horses too much, so for fear of loosing the land I am wanting to see which hushpower options were out there. I have ruled out .410 because of the cartridge cost and limited availability, also quite frankly my shooting isn’t good enough in my opinion to operate a .410 to its full effectiveness. Also the load-your-own equipment for .410 would make it cost prohibitive as far as I can see (?). So this leads me on to the larger bores, 12 or 20. The Mossberg offering of both of these is far too heavy, I’ve tried both in gun shops and just felt far too unwieldy. So I guess my question is... Does anybody have any experience or thoughts of a basic pump action (e.g Hatsan), with a Hushpower removable moderator (the one where you send off an extended choke to them, £180 from http://hushpower.co.uk/Gunroom/SG_Hushpower.htm) and then also my ability to produce decent subsonic 12g which actually kills out to a decent enough range but remains at least ‘fairly’ quiet? Thoughts please from anybody with any experience in either reloading subsonic 12’s, or indeed anyone with a larger calibre Hushpower shotgun! Thanks in advance Jim
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