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  1. Little bit of advice people I learnt the hard way. I brought a ferret finder finder off of preloved, seemed a very genuine man on the phone offered me to collect it but I was about 3 hours drive from me so I said if I pay will you send it down. So I transferred £160 the day after boxing day rang him he said he was sending it the day after. Waited about a week nothing arrived so I thought I'd call him it came up number not recognised. So I lost £160. I send the account they give me the odd £1 every now and then with a reference saying scammer or a swear word hoping the bank may pick up on
  2. I got my son 2 sets off of here the other day hes soo in love with them he keeps asking for more to collect them. Hes got them hung in his bedroom and puts all different colour tape over them. Hes out the garden shooting can for hours. I would never have thought he would have liked them so much. Hes cost me a fortune in tape haha..
  3. Just reading the comments and if you want it for a driveway dig it out put a membrane down put 4inches of big crushed concrete then 2 inches of fine crushed concrete over the top wacker that to death then put the gravel down level it to the best you can and wack that it will be a good job to last. We call that romsey red around my way it leaves a nice finish but it will go to pot holes Were from the same are lol
  4. If your looking for something for a road I would recommend type1 road plannings wackered down will last a long time get a double drum sit on roller and vibrate for as long as you can . If not as some1 else said crushed concrete is very good for hard standing I use that as sub base for driveways alot better than scalpings they just turn to mush. Thats my living this kind of thing so feel free if you want any tips. If you put tar over road plannings is goes like tarmac we did a farm road 3 years ago and believe it or not it's still perfect to this day. Resin is a fortune as you probably
  5. Mike's too small thanks alot mate
  6. I do love a mornings ferreting when the rabbits are there as you said nothing better then hearing the bumbing you know to get ready then. I dont shoot I only use nets I did it 1s with my uncle and I didnt like it it ruined my ferret in my opinion but theres nothing wrong with it. Good days ferreting well done lads
  7. I'll buy the lot if you can do a better price. I dont want the strimmer. PM me
  8. No problem I wouldn't blame him they are very handy and can carry more weight then a transit truck. Thanks for asking ninja
  9. Could you ask him please ? I'm not on facebook I hate that bloody social media too many busy bodies on there
  10. Mikeyalbie

    Deben collars

    I did hear the other day somebody has taken over and by next winter there be realising them. Dont no how true that is
  11. Mikeyalbie

    Deben collars

    Just see some on ebay whilst looking at the.locators seem to be expensive tho
  12. Southampton. Have you got one for sale I dont mind driving the something I'm after.
  13. Cheers lampro I will have a little look now.
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