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  1. Thanks a lot for all of your advice. I've just joined the BASC and I've set up a meeting with one of the courses. I too have tipped a few buggies over in my time. You've all been very helpful.
  2. Hi, I have been onto a few local golf courses about going shooting my air rifle (under 12ft/lbs) of an evening for pest control purposes. The club secretary has said he will need to see a licence and insurance. I know I'm covered under the new GL42 licence but is there a specific licence I need to get. Also re insurance, I'm guessing this is general public liability insurance? Any advice would be great. Thanks
  3. Hi, I am after a little advice. I have been in contact with a few local golf courses regarding pest control. A couple have got back to me allowing me on their course for pest control. However they have asked for a licence and insurance to go and do it. I know I'm covered by the general licence but is there anything specific and what kind of insurance am I looking at? Thanks Karl
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