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    shooting, gamekeeping, deer and foxing.

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  1. hi martin, is the hatsan escort still for sale.

    cheers mark.

  2. yeah your right, oldy, a bit of wind to get em flighting to the woods, as ive seen plenty on the move already.
  3. Now that tier 4 has been placed upon most of the UK, and game shooting has has been given an early bath. Will shooters be heading for early roost shooting this season.
  4. Dunmow, know it well. Luv that part of Essex, there are some cracking shoots in that area. Cheers mate, thank you. Cheers mate and thanks.
  5. thanks for the welcome. Essex, my old stomping ground, left there 35 years ago.
  6. Hi everyone, new to this forum, should have joined a long time ago, but with the present climate i have some time on my side. Been keepering on a part time basis for a number of years, but recently took on a shoot of my own. Im sure i may a few questions to ask the forum members as time goes on.
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