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  1. Probably should have submitted it in August 2020 given the speed a lot of forces are working at....
  2. Question being, what is a reasonable amount of time to leave it before contacting the police and crime commissioner? In my case, it's not like they can use the lockdown therefore no visits excuse, my application is in a queue for background checks!
  3. I think it's one of those things they've just made up that they think they can do, until challenged. The legislature says they *shall* provide a certificate unless they have a valid reason not to.
  4. They finally wanted the grant fee yesterday, paid! I'm so impatient 🙃
  5. As it happens I chased it today! They said I'm currently at background check stage, and there is a big delay at this stage so not to expect to hear from them for some time.......not great. I'll give them another 4 weeks maybe, then chase again. They are very efficient at answering emails though, usually respond within a couple of hours!
  6. Slightly off topic, but I plan on shooting at Spenny when I get my SGC, might see you around! 👍
  7. Last contact was on 14th Jan RE providing my GP report which was provided same day, so I plan to ask for an update next week if I hear nothing as it will have been a month In other news I have now fitted a solid oak box underneath the cabinet, I think it looks decent and saved chopping skirting out, the wife is happy!
  8. They would need to run you through PNC or another local system to find out, obviously they would get your name from checking your vehicle. But firearms certificates (as a matter of course) do not go against vehicles on PNC.
  9. No it doesn't. It flags up on PNC that you are a firearms certificate holder, but against the person, not any vehicles. They'd have to check you for them to be aware.
  10. Indeed. I'm all for GP checks, because who doesn't want to ensure that to a reasonable extent a license holder is fit to have firearms? I'm also all for paying a fee, after all, this is a service. Reasonable fees for what it is they are doing though, not £200 to tick some boxes on a sheet of A4.
  11. Good luck I wouldn't be that lucky!
  12. I certainly understand it's difficult, but as you say it's a requirement to process these applications (and indeed a service you're paying for) so if it does get a bit too long I will complain. That being said, that's hopefully worst case. It's 2 months today since I put my application in, heard nothing since my last update a couple of weeks ago (GP sending back report) - so will give them a couple of weeks and ask for an update. I assume I'm just waiting for a visit/interview, so they may be waiting for covid restrictions to reduce - but communication is key and if they just say that t
  13. Plenty of shops doing a "click and collect" type service with guns. Private sales.....I guess if it's a purchase for essential reasons, i.e. vermin control, work, etc, then that would be legal. If it's a recreational gun then I doubt it would constitute an essential journey. But then again if you say it's for vermin control, therefore essential, it'd be difficult to disprove.
  14. Mine was a grant but I sent everything in via email. Scanned in the forms, attached the pic that was taken on my phone, job done.
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