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  1. I was about to comment how fast that was until I realised it’s 1 year on πŸ˜†
  2. Good going! Got any purchases lined up?
  3. Why do you think biting your tongue is the way? Why do you want to accept a sub par public service? I wouldn't say I pestered my force, but during the "backlog" period before anything meaningful happened, I made my thoughts on their performance known, and asked for an update once per month. It did not speed up the process, which wasn't the intention, but I was contacted by senior management in the department to explain the reasons behind the delays and that they always take feedback onboard, so they do listen to you.
  4. For my force that was the process, background checks complete before it goes to the FEO.
  5. Charging is only one outcome of a crime. If he admitted the offence there are other disposal methods, restorative justice, caution, etc, none of which result in "charging" but doesn't mean he's not guilty (by admission).
  6. Skeet is great fun, but much harder than it looks!
  7. I think so....when you know you've been 'approved' by the FEO and it's just a wait for the cert to arrive so you can go shopping.....torture! I have myself a nice Browning 725 now though, and hitting around 20-25/50 on average at my local clay club, not too bad for a beginner I don't think!
  8. That sounds like a positive story, be great if you get it in the next couple of weeks while we still have good weather to enjoy it!
  9. Not sure, haven't asked to be honest. It's in a small quarry with a rock face wall and boulders kicking around, so I can only assume ricochet is the reason as per above poster!
  10. You're not wrong, used about 100 in one evening. Could have used more easily. Local ground is plastic friendly, but not steel friendly. Cartridges I have are Gamebore Velocity+ fibre which at full price at the shop are Β£220/thousand, I paid less as I got the gun at the same time. I will be buying fibre I think as I like going to Thimbleby which is fibre only!
  11. I was just thinking the same thing πŸ˜‚
  12. Gun has been purchased and I've been for my first round of Sporting with it, Browning 725 πŸ‘
  13. SGC has arrived, 8 months! Now time to join my friends and enjoy some clays πŸ‘ /thread
  14. Ouch. Only 2 weeks since my FEO visit, guess I might be waiting a while. They said they had over 50 applications at the same stage as mine, so who knows how long it will take them to get to mine.
  15. I didn't question it, as it was easily done by the friend I shoot with, but still, you're right. His point was along the lines of he needs to be comfortable that I'm able to handle a shotgun safely before he will send my application over to be granted.
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