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  1. Here's a stupid question. What do you do if you run out of space to write stuff on your SGC?
  2. Had a response to my chaser, they are currently processing apps from end of Nov, mine was start of December, so hopefully only a week or so till some progress!
  3. This is nuts really, they aren't only there to process grants and renewals. They are they to answer any queries you have about safe storage, usage, legalities of weapons/licenses, etc, and for them not to make themselves available is terrible.
  4. Under a week is pretty good. I wonder if they've started to get on top of things if a variation can be done in a normal timescale. I've sent off a chaser for my SGC, see what response I get.
  5. Almost another 4 weeks since my last update....will chase again in a few days! 😤
  6. You should contact professional standards about that!
  7. Tell me about it. Covid is a convenient excuse to hide behind for inadequacies that were present well before the pandemic happened, at least in Durham's case.
  8. It will be 4 months next week. Had a reply from them - yep, still awaiting vetting checks.
  9. Emailed today and asked for an update. It's been 5 weeks since I last chased to be told there was a background check backlog...
  10. I paid £30 and they'd completed it and sent it back before I'd been to pay. Still waiting for my grant though........4 months on.
  11. Been almost 5 weeks since my last update, I think it's now time for another chase to get the standard "we don't know" response...
  12. Great you have some movement! I'm stuck in a backlog of background checks with no ETA...
  13. Thought about contacting the PCC?
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