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  1. Yes already found a replacement I have bought a DT11 Gold sporter - which I can't wait to get my hands on!
  2. Thanks guys for all the replies, yes spoke to the dealer in the UK and explained the situation and my issues with the gun and they are taking it back and giving me a refund, good outcome. Thanks everyone for your help.
  3. Hi Guys Newbie here, and I need some advice. I bought a 12g shotgun from the UK and got it posted to Northern Ireland however when I looked at the gun it wasn't as described it has had the fore end butchered and changed from standard which doesn't look right also the barrels show **$ on both barrels which I'm lead to believe is skeet chokes the gun is fixed choke. When we looked closer we checked the chokes with a gauge and it shows 1/4 & 3/4 which is standard for miroku. I just need to know my options is it possible to return a firearm back to the dealer if it wasn't as descri
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