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    Shame you are just a little too far away to nip you some over. Try and get them with their coats on, that way you can check for the dreaded myxomatosis. Must be a few people in your area keeping them off of the racehorse training grounds.
  2. Hi ... It will be about a 2 hour journey from St Albans to your area, so sadly a bit too far for me to give full commitment to the shoot. Kind regards Derek.
  3. I am looking to join a syndicate in Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire . Sadly after losing my working terrier i no longer have a dog, i am very willing to help in any way needed to run the syndicate. I am very experienced in all aspects of vermin/pest control be it trapping or shooting. Please PM if you need to know more or if you have a place in your syndicate.
  4. What a fantastic video and sight to see, I used get loads of "bootlace" size eels on the river Thurne in Norfolk, sadly only the odd one now.
  5. I thank-you for the reply, I wish I were a bit closer as I want to give total commitment to the shoot I join, I am also very experienced in all vermin control, this includes - Fox, Rabbits, Rats, squirrels, pigeon, moles, stoats, weasels and all corvids. I hope you get your shoot underway very soon. Kind regards Derek.
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    Do I need

    I think it should be supplied with a 1/8 BSP connector, but best check with the fit of your gun. It would also pay to purchase the Dry-Pac kit to remove any moisture going into your gun.
  7. Zeitgeist

    No Corvids?

    That is very strange as I cannot see them being eradicated that easily, if you find out how they have been got rid of please let me know as it looks like you have sent them this way down South ! Perhaps covid has hit the corvids.
  8. Game fair for me too ..... I hope ! Last one i went to was Hatfield house, it was very local for me too.
  9. Sorry i should have said that i am based in Hertfordshire and would consider Herts and Beds area, although can travel a bit further .
  10. I am a very experienced shooter who is looking for a syndicate place in an all aspect shoot and i am not worried if a bit of work is required either. I am BASC registered and hold both shotgun and firearms certs, current guns are - Browning 12g 3 shot semi auto m/choke / Laurona 12g s/s fixed choke 1/4 & 1/2 / .22 Rimfire / .17 HMR and .22 FAC air rifle. I am also experienced at lamping and mole trapping. If you have or know of any places, please feel free to contact me to discuss.
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