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  1. Evening All, I live in Suffolk and I’m currently trying to seek permission for pigeon shooting in and around the Suffolk area. I’m fully insured by BASC and have over 20years experience of shooting all types of vermin with airguns/shotguns. I have all my own equipment. I have been “knocking on farmers doors” locally but to no avail as of yet. I would be more than willing to help out with general farm maintenance at weekends and such like that could possibly re pay the opportunity if one arises. I would also like to get involved on a local shoot, so if anyone needs a beater for next season please get in touch as I would be very interested. All the best.
  2. The instructor works at my local ground but I think I may ignore his advice on this occasion. I will follow this up with opticians as well. Thanks Westward
  3. Hi Rob, Funnily enough I watched this video at the weekend and certainly has “opened my eyes” luckily enough I have an eye check up this week so will ask the question whilst there. All the best
  4. Thanks for the feedback scully, much appreciated! Sounds like you have a challenging set of eyes.. I also wear contacts but only have a small prescription. I think my main problem is that I’m super keen and competitive and I just need to practice more. The eye dominance thing is something that plays on my mind but wether I actually have it... who knows All the best
  5. Lovely shooting and video 👍🏻
  6. Thanks for your reply guys, I have had a few personal coaching lessons and the instructor seems to think I have an eye dominance problem. It was only whilst making conversation on booking in at clay ground that another chap mentioned he had one. I will continue to look into this. Thanks again
  7. Evening all, Does anyone have a honest review on the eye dominance rail or rails that are very similar to this as there are a lot of variants available. My scores before Covid closed my local shooting ground were very intermittent and a fellow shooter had mentioned that it had helped him no end. Im not at competition level yet and may not be for some while but I have been told they wouldn’t be allowed to be on the gun anyway. All the best.
  8. +1 for Pellpax, always found their sample packs to provide a good range of pellets
  9. Hi Newbie to this, thanks for the reply. It makes sense I guess. All the best 🙂
  10. Evening All, I am a new member to this forum, lots of interesting threads I see. I am trying to post a thread in the Shooting/Ferreting/Beating Wanted section but don’t seem to have the option to do this. Is this because I’m very new to the forum. All the best.
  11. I own both and would definitely say 99s. HW95 is also worth considering, BSA build quality is not as good as HW in my honest opinion.
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