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  1. The second part of my introduction to bullet casting
  2. i think that's true for shotguns in general, a silver pigeon 1 (£1600) vs a 687EELL (£7000) is essentially the same gun, just much nicer to look at.
  3. what am I not supposed to be doing....... posting about shooting in a shooting forum? is there a set number of text posts i have to make to before posting a video? like i said before, i have nothing to gain from making these videos, in fact it has cost me money. all i want to do is put them out there and hope it help people and shooting in general. Not handled the new silver pigeon 1, but against the older silver pigeons the wood is defiantly a step up and the engraving is a little better but not much. the action is thicker and supposedly more robust and balances better. the
  4. What do you think I have to gain? do you think I make money from this? Maybe I Just want to make nice videos to help people, promote shooting and tell them about guns.
  5. My review of the Beretta 691 sporting
  6. I've just started a new YouTube channel. ive just put up an Introduction to bullet casting. hope it helps someone. https://youtu.be/il3r5cNK26A
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