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  1. My Review of the Schmeisser SP15 LMR Straight Pull AR15.
  2. Good job other videos are available.
  3. I disagree, what I do is a review what you are looking for is a test.
  4. its not my gun they just come in for review and I send them back.
  5. nope, don't have chrono... but assume within the range of 9.5-11.5
  6. My review of the Weihrauch HW110KT.
  7. it was nice, not picked out special it was just the one shooting sports had on the shelf.
  8. my review of the 1012
  9. Everyone needs one of these
  10. my review of the Remington 700 PCR
  11. My review of my new Beretta 694 Sporter Shotgun
  12. have you tried the bore tech shotgun blend? I didn't mention it in the video because i find it too strong for every day use, it will get the plastic marks out of the chamber but will also strip the varnish and stain off your cleaning rod. https://www.shootingsportsuk.co.uk/cleaning-maintenance/solvents-and-cleaner/bore-tech-shotgun-blend/
  13. Putting a .177 in any gun in cold weather while wearing gloves is going to be a challenge. but i get your point, the angle you have to load them on a under lever doesn't help.
  14. Something I knocked up for anyone new to shotguns
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