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  1. That would make a obvious difference if you have not got available land and type of cover to get a dog fit enough and develop stamina. But I do believe stamina is bred in a dog, I have seen dogs with ample ground but never have the stamina, They will have maybe 3 hour's hunting then battery runs flat. That type of dog would not suit me. but Alot of lads might only do 3 or 4 hours on a Sunday morning so a good hunting dog with 3 hour's in it will be 100%. It's all about what Is needed in a dog. I do alot of duck shooting and woodcock shooting.i expect my dogs to work as well in water,heavy Ru
  2. Hi Lioyd90, givensdale spaniels are being "promoted" as being old style, big springers. But I wouldn't class them as this style of springer. I have no doubt they are good dog's. But I don't know if they are the real deal if you are looking for big strong blocks of springers. To try and gauge a dog on it's hunting on video is also next to impossible, especially where drive, stamina comes into it. Only way is see a dog work for your self. Take a dog out at nine in the morning, heavy cover, woodcock shooting. When that dog is still working cover and flushing woodcock at four o clock or after, T
  3. Cesar geurini maxis chokes smoke clays at any distance. I bought a summit Ascent a couple of years ago. Mighty gun. Never had a gun that put clays into balls of smoke at any distance. Doesn't matter what cartridge either, it'll smoke them. I doubt any after market choke would be any better.
  4. Isis green pad or kickeez. Both very good, lots of configurations and easy to grind/fit. Although the kickeeze do add a little extra weight to stock.
  5. As a matter of interest, what steel cartridges are you using and are you happy using it? Do you find it as effective as lead on sub 45 yard pigeons. Thanks
  6. I'd only put a adjustable stock on if being used for clays. There just not the same when game shooting. Especially walked up, rough shooting. I mean, for quick mounting instinctive shooting. Two nice gun's,and if they are game model silver pigeons that might actually de value them if you get it done. Try a beretta gel tec comb raiser and see does it make much difference. They are cheap enough and can be put on removed easily,re used.
  7. Very good Post Lioyd90. the higher or lower COI is one thing to consider but definitely not the most important in your chosen gundog. It's horses for courses, Springer spaniels for example have such a big variation, pets, highly bred field trial, or what I call proper working springers. If you sat a field trail dog down beside a springer from pure working breeding they look like two different breeds. A field trail bred dog looks good and flashy, when working, but has not got the strength or stamina to keep working hard in heavy cover all day. They are not bred to do it. But a springer bred f
  8. I understand jDog, but I have watched fields covered in beans when drilled, and again when harvested and pigeons won't be on them, crows yes.. the same fields when barley, wheat or rape are in you'll be guaranteed pigeon shooting. Beans are never productive for me, yet I read you lads do be getting great shooting on them, especially in the harvest. It does be hard to fathom it cause there could be a carpet of beans on ground. A pigeon wouldn't have to spend long on ground til his crop would be full!
  9. Can any one explain why pigeons ignore drilled beans?? I have seen fields covered in beans drilled and harvested and maybe not a pigeon on them. Hard to understand...
  10. Mother and son I would consider way too close, and unnecessary. if you want to keep your breed strong, it takes year's. And a one time cross like that won't do it. So many things to consider. But if you have good working dogs you need to try and keep that breed going. But it takes time and is always a ongoing process. This lockdown is going to damage alot of working breeds, because nearly everyone (except the real shooting men that care more about breeding good working dogs than money) with a bitch will have bred with any dog to get a litter so to get a Chunk of the extornorite price's bei
  11. So I managed to get some steel shot. 5 boxes of express supreme steel 32g4's and 5 boxes gamebore super steel 32g3's.. I got to fire a box of the supreme 4's at a round of skeet this evening. 24ex 25. Turned clays into black smoke with them. I know skeet is absolutely no test for any cartridge, especially 32g of no.4's steel or not,but I wanted to see if any difference in just shooting them. I found no difference,and no amount of recoil either. I'll hopefully get to try a few on pigeons on some drillings soon. I've no doubt that they'll do the job on them as well. Looking at the gamebore supe
  12. Thanks everyone for your feedback.. I can get all major brands here in ireland, rc, fiocchi,eley, Nobel spot, cheddite etc. But to buy steel shot in any of them would be hard found. As we don't need to use it (yet). But I might be able to get some from northern ireland. I understand that I'll have to go up a couple of shot sizes. Compared to lead,as it hasn't near the density But I'm sure 4's or 5's will have no bother out to 40_ 45 yard's, as no.6or 7 in lead will kill anything that ever flew at that range. And I understand that steel patterns tighter, Want to try some on pigeons and see ho
  13. Hi all. I'm looking at trying some steel loads. Have very limited options available as I live in rep of ireland. But I can order in GB's (spanish cartridge) and possibly nobel sport. I'm looking to try 32g. I want to try on pigeons first, to see how I can get on with them. Have any of ye lads experience with either makes or recommend a good all round 32g steel load to try. Don't want to bother with 36g hp stuff. Not yet anyway. See how I go with standard stuff first. Thank you.
  14. Thanks scully I shot one and only box of Old steel cartridges at pigeons last year, they were at least 16 years old. Hull steel game 32g 4's. They surprised me how hard they hit pigeons. Since I read alot of negative about steel and it's poor performance. They were shot at around ranges between 30 to 45+ yards. As you say non toxic is coming if we like it or not. But it is a bitter pill to swallow as there is no real evidence to back the banning of lead for the reasons why they want to ban it. And the Powers to be ignore the evidence NOT to ban it. The whole thing is hopeless situation. I
  15. Hi scully I'm from republic of ireland and non toxic shot is becoming mandatory in a couple of year's time. Which most shooting men will be reluctant to use. I never had to use steel or any other form of non toxic. Do you really see much difference in lead and steel for pheasant, duck etc out to say 45 yards? Alot of lads will be doing as you ,stock piling lead! But if steel is as good Is there any point??
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