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  1. The ascent has a raised fixed rib..brilliant gun. Geurini throw awesome patterns.
  2. How have you got that gun so long, and not fired a shot out of it, when I buy a gun, I have to shoot something ASAP with it!!
  3. Ring anglo Italian arms( Cesar geurini) and arrange to bring it to them or courier it to them. It may only take 5 minutes for their gunsmith( alister is his name I think ) to sort out problem. Or if more serious they will advise best action and carry out work at a very very reasonable price. Do not bother sending to other various gunsmiths that will work out more expensive. They are top class customer service. Doesn't matter what age the gun.
  4. The ones from lidl are good.. they will do your job no bother. But Buy plenty of extra vacuum bag rolls , can't have enough.
  5. Yes we are very fortunate to have to have ample ground to shoot. Woodcock and duck shooting is what i spend the winter at,especially woodcock (woodcock shooting with springers is addictive) when im not working!! Work is a awful interference to the shooting man 😕.. but the few times I stood at a peg on a driven pheasant, partridge shoot it was more a novelty than anything else. The prices quoted on here per bird for a driven shoot now is absolutely eye watering crazy. But different people live in different worlds, as you said Lioyd90 nothing compares to good quality rough shooting with hard working dogs.. I've often wondered how many that shoot driven shoots often ,would go pulling themselves up rough hills, briars, bogs, etc with their own dogs?? Its definitely at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to shooting. But every bird you shoot is earned by you and your dog, you are a team, when you come home after a hard day's hunting/shooting you are tired and content, and you spend the rest of the evening reflecting on the day, and make plans for next day out!And no amount of driven birds no matter how good can compare to that in my eyes.
  6. Wow that does sum it up really.. there is few driven shoots over here in Ireland, but absolutely nothing compared to England. I'd say there is 3 times the amount in one county in England compared to the whole island of Ireland. But the few there is ,do be well booked. I have done a few, but would only ever be rare, in my younger years. Mortgage, children, life, soon knocks the any thoughts of a driven shoot. Even small 100 bird days are too much money now. But over here rough shooting is our tradition. And rough means rough. And Anyone doing regular driven shooting are wealthy boys. But the few I did, I always enjoyed them.
  7. I have 2017 skoda yeti 2L 4x4. Its 150bhp.. it's also a commercial model. If you can find one of these, it will tick all your boxes.
  8. Its funny how it goes with guns sometimes! The lad that I know that has bought grand european has no real passion for one, but has found one immaculate so has purchased, now this could all work in my favour because if he doesn't get on too well with it, I'd get first refusal on buying it off him 🙂.. but it would be too good a gun to be dragging through briars and bogs,the crack i do be at, but I'd obviously buy it all the same. It's a "field" game version, is yours a field, skeet or trap? Its ment to be a bit low in comb, that's what man from gunshop told him.
  9. It amazes me too, a old Winchester is unique to any other gun. And its only when you handle them can you appreciate them. I have a 23 supergrade xtr bought it in mint condition 17 years ago. It has done serious work since that. In that time only right ejector has given trouble. Ultra reliable, shootable guns, old winchesters are very up there with the best for their handling abilities. Anyway to the OP best of luck with your light weight, and I'm sure there'll be no hidden problems. Why don't you use your grand European Scully? There ment to be cream of the crop when it comes to Winchester. A friend of mine has bought a pristine in original condition, with original grand european case. Lucky *******...!! He has purchased in uk, has to wait for paper work etc.
  10. Dummies for a dog that has had a busy season is like us having to shoot clay pigeons sat on a fence post after shooting game, ducks all season..
  11. As everyone else has said , leave dog. No cure for hard mouth, if its puncturing, crunching birds. older that dog gets worse he'll get with hard mouth. I have seen springers fierce hunters, but hard mouthed ********.. So basically good for nothing. So you have no chance with a lab that most of his work is retrieving!. But I bet hes a mighty dog for marking, and finding game.
  12. Another vote for maxxis ap2 all season. I have on 4x4 yeti. Brilliant grip on and off road, I go up some rough spots, no bother to them. I bought them more for their grip, for off road than for snow. No extra road noise, good wearing. I did consider Michelin crossclimates but the difference in price was too much. And the maxxis were highly rated.
  13. A 28" 325 is lovely handling gun. Very shootable. The 30" can be nose heavy. Well made guns.
  14. Woodcock are very easy plucked so pluck whole, remove head,feet,wings and remove guts.. they can be done both ways. Rub some olive oil into them season with sea salt, put onto roasting dish, slightly cover with tin foil put into preheated oven high gas mark 9 for 10 to 15 minutes, then remove tin foil and cook for another 10 minutes gas mark 7,take out oven leave to rest for 5 mins, season again enjoy. Or another way prepare woodcock, preferably 4 or more, put in pot like a cast iron pot, WITH LID. Cover woodcock generously with smokey streaky bacon bacon. Put in pre heated oven gas mark 3 , leave for 2 to 3 hours, low and slow. Top class, fall of the bone. Wee legs,thighs are sweetest meat you'll ever eat..Spatchcock woodcock is top class on a charcoal bbq also.. And yes this has been bumper year for woodcock, thank god , long may it continue.
  15. Prices over in uk for working dogs are much higher than here in Ireland. " as low as £700".. that's close to a €1000 euro here. That's big big money here for a working pup,Now a pup that money would want to have serious credentials for most lads to even consider. Up to £3000!!! Not in a million years. Doesn't matter what breeding, hip scores, or anything, the pup could turn out useless. I have a young Springer bitch, this is her first season,she shaping up to very good,honest hard working bitch. She is a daughter of my dog. I intend to breed her in future, but it won't be for how much I can command for pups, but to keep breeding going, as we have it 30 years. And a few lads will get the chance to buy a pup, but definitely not at extortionate price. I'd be more concerned that they would be going to proper working homes, and well looked after.
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