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  1. Thank you Thank you . Cheers bud ill write to them see what they say Had about 10 of them lol have 1 at moment Yes i want to keep it just bought it and love it so going to sort it . Many thanks for the help
  2. What is / where is the AFG forum ? New to these sites. sorry
  3. Barrel is free of pellets and yes i was thinking firing valve , i took the air cylinder off and the pot does not seem right the threaded end is solid bit the end is lose if you know what i mean , it comes apart but should not .. Many thanks though Cheers ill ask . Cheers.
  4. I am trying to figure out if it is what i need , When i pull the bolt back the air leaks out the cylinder into the barrel until the bolt is loaded then i can put air in the tank and fire it but reload it empties . So was going to buy this kit s492 . my pot is lose after the thread and i see it does come apart . Has anyone had the same issue and if so what did you do to cure it . Many thanks in advance
  5. Hi im looking for a s400 mag Rowen Engineering please contact me if you have one as i do not want to pay for a brand new one if i do not get on with it or if i sell my gun for one that is a multi shot. Many thanks for your time in reading this . I am based in Upton upon severn Worcestershire
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